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How Awesome is Craig Fitzgerald?

Please vote in the poll after looking at all of the exhibits. If you watched the game on TV, then you saw Exhibit A. This is Fitz taking off his shirt (note that he only began with a T-shirt and...

A person should mean what he says or else he should refrain from comment. That type of individual...


A person should mean what he says or else he should refrain from comment. That type of individual is the bigot upon whom we must concentrate our efforts. . . The forces of intolerance and hate are on the march today. The seed of hate and discord is being sewn all around us. It is our task to inculcate our worthy ideals into the warped minds of weaklings before this seed takes root. - Angelo Paterno, 1945


/Exasperated sigh

Guys, I don't want to tell you how to react to this because that's not my steez. But I'm going to pretty much guarantee that your first feeling will be RAGE. Take a second. A friend of mine sent...


"...we need to provide accurate information"

The title quote comes from Joe Puzycki, currently a university assistant vice president and formerly chief disciplinary officer under Vicky Triponey.  The full quote comes from an AP article I...


What is a Grand Jury Presentment?

  I found this in the comments section of the PennLive article about McQueary saying he didn't just turn and run, by a commenter named MediaConsumer.  I've been wanting to write something like this...


Let's All Feel Superior

I don't know how many of you have read David Brooks' November 14 article titled "Let's All Feel Superior" but it's a very good and informed take on some of the psychology behind why the media's...

Story of Similar Child Sex Abuse in Red Sox Organization in the 1970's


Very good article about a strikingly similar case that I had personally never heard of before. Focused on one of the victim's who was abused by the Red Sox former clubhouse manager, this article gets a little deeper into the psychological effects that such crimes can leave on the victims. Very sad, but worth the read to improve understanding.

Early Mock Drafts


Still is currently being predicted to be taken in the late first round. as the 2nd or 3rd DT off the board. One would think there is room for his stock to continue rising with some good showings against the big boys of the B1G.


Lessons learned from Alabama?

No, I'm not talking about "Trent Richardson is a beast."  I'm talking about lessons we, as college football fans, can glean from the Committee on Infractions/Infractions Appeals Committee opinions...


Dohrmann Article Live Blog

Alright everyone, I wanted to consolidate threads and create a new post specifically for this momentous occasion.  It should be posted any minute and I trust that we'll all be here, lounging with...


Who would you part with?

I know sometimes people get pissed about fantasy questions, but this is also general interest to some extent.  I'm in a keeper league with 8-man MiLB rosters and since none of my guys are on the...



After hitting .439/1.107 in 98 AB with a BB/K of 19/16, Mr. Eric Hosmer is preparing to bring his reign of terror to the American League.  Hold onto your butts!Here is a link to Royals Review's...

Emails forwarded to Pryor's "Mentor"

[BH: We'll obviously have much more to say about this as time moves on, but for now, here is your post for talking about the lessons of Dick Nixon that Jim Tressel never learned.] I'd have to think this can't be positive. But whether it's just kind of bad or pink-slip-portendingly bad, I don't know. Anyone care to weigh in?

Jason Grey's take on some Pirates bounceback candidates

5. Kevin Correia, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2010 ERA: 5.40. Last season, Correia focused more on throwing a cutter, which showed promise but was inconsistent. Although he might rely on it a little too...

He did what now?


Best line: "Davies was one of Fredette's favorite targets in the post, ran the floor well and gave the Cougars length and size inside."

He's baaaack


Check the left column, about 3/4 of the way down.

Good Lord, people


At least we bear out our hatred for one another somewhat civilly. Killing trees?


Prospect makeup thread

No, I'm not talking about Bryce Harper signing an endorsement contract for L'Oreal's new "face smear" cosmetic product.  I wanted to start a thread where people can cut and paste or link to...

It feels strange being jealous of Utah State for anything involving student sections, but this is...


It feels strange being jealous of Utah State for anything involving student sections, but this is awesome. Also, check out this video


Rudy Owens

Over at fellow SBNation Blog Bucs Dugout, there's a story about some statements that Pirates President Frank Coonelly made during a bloggers info session regarding Pirates LHP prospect Rudy Owens....

Oh, Phil Taylor


McShay has him going in the first round.


Been away since Jan. 2 - What did I miss?

Hey BSDulace, I just spent 8 days in New Orleans without much internet access, so I wasn't able to keep up with the goings-on of our beloved Nittany Lions pretty much since watching us give the...

Penn State's Hertzog at #7 on Latest MLS Draft Big Board


from Soccer by Ives (one of the biggest soccer blogs in the US). Hertzog has accepted a Generation adidas contract (meaning, in a nutshell, that he won't count against a team's salary cap) and will forego his senior season in Happy Valley to enter the draft on Jan. 13.

Wait, does this mean they're starting to get it?


This is from Fox Sports Ohio. From all the Buckeye drop-ins here at BSD, I thought they'd never come around.

Not that anyone cares about soccer


But anyway, Corey Hertzog from Penn State is #10 on Ives Galarcep's (who runs the best US Soccer Blog out there) MLS Draft Board. I don't think we have anyone playing professionally, and he's only a junior so this is big news. Good luck!

So I was watching highlights of Peyton Hillis today, and immediately something came to mind. Aaron...


So I was watching highlights of Peyton Hillis today, and immediately something came to mind. Aaron F-ing Harris. For no real reason, I've been thinking about the teams from 95-99 a lot lately. I remember Enis being great and getting the attention, but no one ever left an impression on me watching a game like Aaron Harris. He was a pro-style running back and I think he would have been an absolute force on Sundays if not for his terrible and untimely injury. I'll never forget the way this man ran. It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it, and worth another if you have.


In Which I firejoemorgan Livingston

Alright, I pretty much shirked all other responsibilities today to write this.  I really can't control myself when I'm faced with the confluence of the unholy triumvirate of rage-inducement: poor...

Others receiving votes


Wow. And these are the same people who used to actually determine the national champions (see: Nebraska, 94) One of these things is not like the others: Others receiving votes: USC 51, San Diego State 42, Miami (FL) 39, Penn State 29, Baylor 23, North Carolina 20, Kansas State 18, Pittsburgh 14, Northern Illinois 9, Florida State 6, Temple 4, Navy 3, Syracuse 2, Delaware 1


Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle

Turns out someone helped RA out a little bit and went ahead and did some research.  Might have even figured out what elite means.  From an ESPN Insider article at h...

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