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Wolves open scrimmage


According to the Wolves Facebook page, the Wolves have an open to the public scrimmage at the Target Center today. It is at noon with free admission. The entire roster will be on hand. I plan on meandering over for a look.

Interesting article on stadium funding


The Arden Hills site has a funding problem because the state refused to waive the state referendum requirement. The Metrodome site has problems of its' own. Some of the Metrodome's funding problems also apply to the other Minneapolis potential sites.

McKinnie to return to the Vikings?


Sid Hatman says it is a possibility. Oh my.

For all you Matt Blair fans


Matt Blair is a very good photographer. He will be at the Apple Uptown Store on Wed. July 27th at 6:30 share/talk about his passion for photography. The details are located on this link above. It is the first story on the left. At least that is where it is located when I posted this.

Racetrack slots are back in the stadium mix


It seems a special session and maybe another alternate funding option might be in the works for the potential Arden Hills stadium.


We are drafting #12.

That is according to I checked a few mock draft sites* and they had...


Jealous? You betcha, I am.

My brother called me earlier today. He is heading out of town for a conference on Thursday. Normally, I would laugh at him for having to attend one of these things. But his conference is in...


Baseball reality games before electronic games

Many of you youngsters grew up playing baseball reality games on your TV or computer. EA Sports, Wii and all the others that I don't know the names of; are staples of my nephew and his friends....


Joe Mauer vs. LeBron James

These two sports heroes were both drafted #1 overall by their hometown team in their respective sport. Both are considered the best at their position in their game today. Both are considered one of...


My one and only Lambeau Field experience.

First of all, I am a lifelong Vikings fan. Born in Minnesota and raised in the Purple People Eaters hey day; I can be nothing else. But my dad's side of the family are all Wisconsinites. So I am...


2011 Mock drafts

I will take a break from the legal and political, and swerve into the surreal. Yes, some 2011 NFL mock drafts. It is never too early to speculate about something that is so ridiculously irrelevant...

Williams Wall case to be decided today?


We could know the fate of our strting DT's by sunset today. Unless some one appeals the decision.


O-line players at pick 100

We are at the point of the draft, where semi-rabid draftniks like me, really have no idea about the skill level of the remaining prospects. But that won't stop me from opining. Here is a list of...


Big Ten to expand?

ESPN reports that the Big Ten may expand soon. An announcement could come as soon as July 1st. Actual expansion may be as soon as 2 years from this summer. I guess the BIG Ten Network is a big draw...


Why I would not draft a QB this year.

I know this will tick off some people here at DN, but I do not feel we should draft a QB this year. (This assumes Grandpa Favre returns.) The reason is simple: Our window of opportunity for a Super...


Big Ten represents

The Big Ten has sent three teams to the Sweet 16. That is more than any other conference. The Big 12, SEC and Big East each sent two teams. Seven other conferences sent one team each. Not that this...



Our Favre-ther who art in Mississippi hallowed be thy name.Thy bowl will come, it will be won, In Miami as it is in theDome. Give us this Sunday, Our weekly win. Give us touchdownpasses, but do not...


Hail to the bye week.

I love this year's bye week for our beloved Purple. It occurs on the most important weekend of the year. Yes, I am talking about the Breeder's Cup weekend for horse racing fans. I have handicapped...

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