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Thirteen years and counting of diehard following for my Angels. 2002 was a dream season, now I'm faithfully waiting for this team to return to that glory. Nothing compares to when YOUR TEAM wins it all, and though a struggle may lie ahead, I'm confident that the Angels can do it.

Maybe it helps if I attend more games--after all, the team has a 23-10 record when I'm in the stands (including 2-0 in the playoffs).

Retire #15 and #34. Nobody's ever going to touch them again.

(Currently seeking jerseys/shirts for Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, Grant Green, Kole Calhoun, Ernesto Frieri, C.J. Wilson, Hector Santiago, Tyler Skaggs, David Freese, Joe Smith and Raul Ibanez)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
User Blog

Ian Stewart: Our New Third Baseman?


At the cost of a minor-league contract, Ian Stewart is making Jerry Dipoto look like a bargain-hunting genius in the early goings of 2014. At least, he is when compared to David Freese. Is the third base job now Stewart's to lose?

Angels Get OakChoked in Extras; Team Falls to 6-8


An eleven-inning heartbreaker. Clearly the bullpen still is not getting it done, as Oakland scored half of their ten runs off the Angels' relief corps. Is there TRUE relief in sight?

What HH Thinks, According to Facebook


Been doing some opinion polling and such things as of late. Wanted to share it with you guys--at least, those of you who don't already know.

Halos Heaven Nickname Database


For your convenience, a place where any and all HH nicknames of remembrance will be stored.

Could the Angels Be the New Braves?


The Braves went militant in locking up their young core of stars. Should the Angels do the same?

2014 MAICER Projections


Otherwise known as the Halos Heaven Angels Projections, these now have their own identity and are the deepest numbers I've yet produced. We'll see how they stack up!

2014 Angels Projections, Part 5: BULLPEN


The most problematic part of the Angels' roster in 2013. Are they back and raring to go, a la mid-2000s? Or are they at least better than the atrocity of last season?

2014 Angels Projections, Part 4: Starters


The five men who comprise the Angels' newest ensemble of starters. An enigmatic and troublesome bunch in 2013, have they improved enough to give the team comfort?

2014 Angels Projections: The Pine Riders


It's like watching a cruiserweight match in the WWE. This year's bench competition is the battle of who can be the most mediocre and slither onto the team's bench come Opening Day. Who makes the cut?

2014 Angels Projections: Starting Outfield/DH


Next, we take a look at the four men comprising the outfield and designated hitter roles for 2014: two young guns and two seasoned vets, all four hungry for October glory.

2014 Angels Projections: Starting Infield


Iannetta, Pujols, Kendrick, Freese, Aybar. We begin the annual tradition of projections with the starting five that will hit the dirt of the diamond this season.

What's Left in the Bargain Bin for the Angels?


Are the remaining options Plan A for anyone? No. But could any of them have the upside to be bargain of the year? Possibly. Let's see what's left.

Should the Angels Get Into a Deep Freese?


Yes, the Angels need to extend Mike Trout. But with the sizable gap in arbitration figures submitted, could it be smart to extend David Freese?

The Troutzilla: Coming Soon to a Payroll Near You?


Mike Trout could soon find himself rolling in money. Hopefully it's from the Angels. What kind of future money should our future Hall of Famer expect?

Angels Sign Raul Ibanez to One-Year Deal


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a stopgap--and still significant money to sign Garza or Tanaka.

What Happens After the TrumBlockbuster?


The dust has settled and what was once speculation is now official. What is the outcome of this on the Angels' end of things?

Angels Acquire 2 Young Guns for One Big Boomstick


Jerry Dipoto spins away the Trumbomber for young and controllable pitching in a crazy three-team trade.

Angels Winter Meetings Wish List


There are many things that we're in need of. As well as a few things we want. Let's prioritize.

How Will Freese Do Next Season?


After much of my own calculation and deliberation, this is what the math and I have yielded for David Freese's 2014 season.

Additions in Anaheim: Halladay, Fister, Peralta


A wide array of options in this one: one was baseball's best as recently as two years ago, trying to prove he still has it. One is on the trading block, and one is hoping to prove he's more than the 'roids. Who fits here?

Additions in Anaheim: Santana, Ellsbury, Hughes


One wouldn't actually be an ADDITION, technically speaking, but why mince words? Let's see how they all could fare.

Additions in Anaheim: Garza, Salty, Balfour


The second name in its entirety didn't fit. So go off of his nickname. Anyway, three more guys that might somehow wind up wearing Halo red next season.

Additions in Anaheim: Price, Choo, Wilson


The next three on our list could all have a decent shot at wearing an Angels uniform next season, outside of this discussion. But what would the substance of it all be?

Additions in Anaheim: Cano, McCann, Hudson


Taking a look at guys who could potentially find themselves (even by remote chance) in an Angels uniform--and how they would do.

2013 Angel Killer All-Star Team


The guys who owned us get their due.

2nd Annual HH Awards: Wrap-Up


It was another fun awards season; let's hear what YOU thought of it!

2nd Annual HH Awards: Mr. Halo


The best. The most valuable. The prime guy on the team. Who?

2nd Annual HH Awards: Dean Chance Award


Our pitching sucked this year. Let's be frank. But someone's always the best--who was it this season?

2nd Annual HH Awards: Vladimir Guerrero Award


Who had the best hitting season for the Angels this year? And is that a rhetorical question?

2nd Annual HH Awards: First-Time Halo Award


Rookies and acquisitions alike, hear, hear! Which among you had the best Angels debut season?

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