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Thirteen years and counting of diehard following for my Angels. 2002 was a dream season, now I'm faithfully waiting for this team to return to that glory. Nothing compares to when YOUR TEAM wins it all, and though a struggle may lie ahead, I'm confident that the Angels can do it.

Maybe it helps if I attend more games--after all, the team has a 23-10 record when I'm in the stands (including 2-0 in the playoffs).

Retire #15 and #34. Nobody's ever going to touch them again.

(Currently seeking jerseys/shirts for Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, Grant Green, Kole Calhoun, Ernesto Frieri, C.J. Wilson, Hector Santiago, Tyler Skaggs, David Freese, Joe Smith and Raul Ibanez)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
User Blog

2nd Annual HH Awards: Buttercup Award


An award nobody wants to win. But someone will always be undeserving enough. Who this year?

2nd Annual HH Awards: Trout-Salmon Award


An inaugural honor to be handed down to the most outstanding rookie. Who grabs the prize?

2nd Annual HH Awards: David Eckstein Award


Who was the most underrated Angel this season?

2nd Annual HH Awards: Introduction


After the initial response last season, we've decided to bring the awards back! And with two new additions, too! Time to have some fun.


What Needs to Happen this Offseason

A few brainstormings of my own as to what this team could do to better itself.

Angels' Next Manager/GM: Who You Chose


We're looking at not just the winners of these tournaments, but also now turning a very realistic eye to what lurks ahead in this offseason.

Marlins fire possible Halos front office replacement


Larry Beinfest is gone from Miami, in another scumbag Loria move. Bill Shaikin of the LA Times wonders if Arte will be tempted to jump on the possibility of Beinfest as a GM, though I'd prefer to see him brought in as PBO to replace Yankeeholic John Carpino.

Angels' Next Manager: Maddon/Scioscia


The final bout to be had. Joe Maddon won the challengers' bracket, so he's earned this. Does he trump Scioscia here?

Angels' Next Manager: Vizquel/Maddon


The finale of this entire bracket is upon us. The winner of today's match takes on the Soth tomorrow to conclude the tournament. Choose wisely.

Angels' Next Manager: Erstad/Maddon


Two of the favorites of this tournament match up NOW. Who wins?

Angels' Next Manager: Vizquel/Bochy


The semifinals are upon us, dear friends. Today and tomorrow our finalists will be selected. Thursday we will choose the opponent of the almighty Soth. Who's it gonna be?

Angels' Next Manager: Maddon/La Russa


The final quarterfinals match, and it sees two heavyweights duke it out for the right to face an Angels legend in the semifinals. Who advances?

Angels' Next Manager: Erstad/Oquendo


Two more matches until the semifinals! This one features two men who played the game with the same style...but whose post-playing baseball lives went very differently. So which wins: favoritism or...

Angels' Next Manager: Bogar/Bochy


In the next quarterfinals, could a Bogar classic be in the mix for the Angels? Or is it just a good game of Bochy ball that they need?

Angels' Next Manager: McDowell/Vizquel


WE'RE BACK! After a two-day lull, the tournament continues into the quarterfinals!

Angels' Next Manager: La Russa/Ripken


Two legends. One match. Who advances?

Angels' Next Manager: Ebel/Maddon


One is cementing his place as one of the greatest managers in recent history. The other could just be our very own coach next in line to do the same. Who moves on?

Angels' Next Manager: Backman/Oquendo


While far less of outliers than the last match, these two definitely make for an interesting match given their coaching experience and constant presence in the managerial rumor mill. Who advances...

Angels' Next Manager: Erstad/Konerko


An Angels legend, or an almost-Angel? Could it be so--that either would be considered to manage this team?

Angels' Next Manager: Horton/Bochy


One of the more interesting and thought-provoking matches of the gauntlet. Does the seasoned vet advance, or the collegiate heavyweight?

Angels' Next Manager: Griffin/Bogar


Both are already here. So who deserves the fancy title more?

Angels' Next Manager: Vizquel/Wallach


The next match of the preliminaries. Who faces yesterday's winner in the quarterfinals?

Angels' Next Manager: Foley/McDowell


The new tournament has begun. We announce the winner of the previous tournament for new general manager, and begin the next one to find the team's new clubhouse leader.

Angels' Next General Manager: Beane/Dipoto


It's the final match. You've selected the challenger to our current champion. Who gets the belt--and the job?

Angels' Next General Manager: Friedman/Beane


The semifinals are here! Who faces off against Jerry Dipoto?

Angels' Next General Manager: Friedman/Servais


The quarterfinals conclude today, after a four-day weekend break. Who moves on this time--a dreamy pick for the front office from Tampa Bay, or a diamond already in our rough?

Angels Next General Manager: Beane vs. Ng


The quarterfinals begin now! Who moves on?

Angels Next General Manager: Friedman Vs. Levine


Andrew Friedman and Thad Levine have both helped lead, respectively, Tampa Bay and Texas to new roles as perennial contenders. Who is more worthy of consideration as general manager of the Angels?


Who Begins the New Angels Era?

Want a darkly humorous way to speculate about who replaces Mike Scioscia and/or Jerry Dipoto? Let's settle this as reasonably--and as light-heartedly--as possible: through a tournament. I'll...

When We Go Green, Where Does Green Go?


We landed one of Oakland's best prospects in exchange for Alberto Callaspo. But what do we do with him, and who moves at his expense?

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