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Thirteen years and counting of diehard following for my Angels. 2002 was a dream season, now I'm faithfully waiting for this team to return to that glory. Nothing compares to when YOUR TEAM wins it all, and though a struggle may lie ahead, I'm confident that the Angels can do it.

Maybe it helps if I attend more games--after all, the team has a 23-10 record when I'm in the stands (including 2-0 in the playoffs).

Retire #15 and #34. Nobody's ever going to touch them again.

(Currently seeking jerseys/shirts for Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, Grant Green, Kole Calhoun, Ernesto Frieri, C.J. Wilson, Hector Santiago, Tyler Skaggs, David Freese, Joe Smith and Raul Ibanez)

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
  • NBA Oklahoma City Thunder
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
User Blog

When We Go Green, Where Does Green Go?


We landed one of Oakland's best prospects in exchange for Alberto Callaspo. But what do we do with him, and who moves at his expense?

CHOPPED: Downs Traded to Tomahawk Country


The Angels' sale (and subsequent devolution into the New York Mets) has begun.

Dropping the Trumbomb: Extension Time?


Mark Trumbo is powerful. He's also about to rake in the big bucks after this season via arbitration--should we buy those years out (and then some) with an extension?

Angels Projections UPDATE


We're a third of the way through the season. Some things have changed. I reflect that in my projections from before the season, which I amend here.

An Angel's Demonizing Prospects


YIKES! Josh Hamilton is off to a horrific start that I bet he himself couldn't have imagined in his worst nightmares. It's worse than how Pujols started. It's worse than almost any pundit could've...

Fire from Heaven? BRIMSTONE and Fire.


Not enough fire in round one? Make it rain with round two. We're looking at the real possibility of turning restocking into true rebuilding.

Fire Raineth Down From Heaven? It's Possible


A fire sale. Nah, only the Marlins do that...maybe? Who knows. If the Angels continue down the current road of 10-18, they could very well be trying desperately to restock the system without...

Is Lucho Ready for the Smackdown?


He's given us a nice five games at the plate and on the field. Is Luis Jimenez ready for the full time just yet?


An HH Group Letter?

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: In Review


The dust has settled and the Top 15 have been voted on and decided, summarized and noted. Now let's just review this first HHVB countdown and discuss, relax, and enjoy the fact that baseball is...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #1- Express to Success


The wait is over! As if you didn't already know, take a look at who the Halos Heaven Voting Board ranked the number-one Angels acquisition ever. Four no-hitters and over 2,000 strikeouts are hard...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #2- Just Call Me Daddy


The second-greatest acquisition in Angels history, and arguably the most easily recollection amongst the current generation of Angels fans, and even still arguably the most impactful amongst any...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #3- A Hulking Presence


Looking at the selection of the third-greatest player in team history--one who loomed large with the team for thirteen seasons, the longest tenure of any player on the countdown.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #4- Salute the Bobby


Taking a good look at the fourth-greatest Angels acquisition in team history--arguably the team's iconic second baseman (yes, even ahead of our future batting champion).

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #5- King? Machine?


Taking a look at a rather surprising high rank on our countdown--the number-five ranked player whose numbers don't tell much of the story.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #6- Jim Fregosi


Taking a look at the number-six acquisition in Angels history--the only expansion-draftee on the list, and arguably among the most productive in history.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #7- Two-Eyed Hunter


Coming back to the modern-time briefly, we look at the number-seven acquisition on our countdown--a fan favorite, cheering section in right field to boot--who brought more than a bat and glove to...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitons: #8-Hot Rod


Cruise on in and take a look at the eighth-greatest Angels acquisition ever! He did not "convert," as Adam Sandler so famously sang in his Chanukah song, but when he converted to an Angels...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #9-X Marks the Spot


Sorry about the blue laws yesterday, folks! Not only was it Super Bowl Sunday, but I was WORKING as well. In any case, we're back at this countdown with grit, heart and determination--much like...

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #10-MVP Dons a Halo


Come take a look at the tenth-greatest Angels acquisition EVER! Our first MVP ever.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #11-Red October, Found

The 11th-greatest Angels acquisition, as voted by the Halos Heaven Voting Board. There wasn't enough mustard to cover him--or his batting average.

Maybe Arte cursed him...


Dipoto's gem wasn't my first letter. In 2006 I wrote to Arte himself and complained about the release of Bengie Molina. In this second paragraph he explains the optimism about not just Jose being the starter...but about a certain other catcher bringing his big, beautiful CERA to the show.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #12-An Ace, Perchance?

Taking a look at the 12th-greatest acquisition in Angels history, as decided by the Halos Heaven Voting Board--and, perchance, yes, he was an ace.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #13-Worth a Fig Newton

Voted the 13th-best acquisition by the Angels is...who? Well, I find him worth more than a Fig Newton. Much, much more.

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #14-Added Mark-Up

The countdown continues as we profile the player that voters selected to be the 14th-greatest acquisition in Angels history. Did you catch him in his brief stop here?

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: #15-A.K.A. The Opener

Who's been voted the 15th-greatest Angels acquisition by the Halos Heaven Voting Board? Tune in and find out!

Top 15 Angels Acquisitions: The Ones Who Got Away

The countdown of the top 15 begins Monday; here, I'll explain the rules and procedures of how voting went down, and reveal the players that got votes and did NOT make the top 15.

The projections are finalized! At last!


Remember those projections I did back in December? Well, since then I've been working to clean them up and finalize them to adjust for other factors, and one other little surprise I've thrown in...


Calling All (HH) Angels: Halos Heaven Voting Board

A few months ago, I got the idea to hold the first-ever Halos Heaven Awards, in which I gathered a body of people to vote for several different honors. The awards went over well, but they also...

Angels Projections A-Z: THE FINAL FOUR


If your favorite Angel isn't in here...well then, you don't have a favorite Angel.

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