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Ohio-On-The-Gulf Dog ("OOGD") spent 17 of his first 18 years living in a South Georgia village Lewis Grizzard once called an "outpost of civilization." The only kid in his high school class who wasn't kin, his one burning lifelong ambition: Get the Hell out!

So, when 18-year-old OOGD moved his prized 8-track player and meager belongings to Milledge Hall: His life's goal achieved!

The next weeks though, as he perambulated the Classic City contemplating his next objective, he realized a potential nightmare: If you graduate, you have to move back!

OOGD then seized on and pursued with gusto his new life goal: Avoid graduation at all costs.

But, all good things must end. His parents decided, after only four years, that OOGD should self-finance the balance of his Athens reverie. A job is in order, too, they said.

To work he went, completing maybe a class a quarter. Then OOGD realized all of his friends had already graduated. Things weren't quite the same at UGA.

OOGD then resolved something completely different: actually enrolling in mandatory, required courses, leading to summer school of Spanish III and 5 PE classes.

Then "The Quarter of Spanish IV." All OOGD needed was a D in Spanish and he'd be done. By December, he’d earned a sheepskin signed by Fat Fred himself.

OOGD soon learned his liberal arts AB was outmatched in over-qualification to clerk at Golden Pantry or to drive a Clarke County cab by a plethora of competing liberal arts PhDs.

It occurred that a professional degree might present a competitive advantage. But the years avoiding graduation pretty much wrecked his undergraduate GPA. Besides, he didn’t much like math.

So, what kind of professional school would admit an undergraduate GPA-wrecked math-hater? One that’s located in a hilltop former insurance building resembling a famous historic structure? Jackpot!

After three years on Coleman Hill, OOGD left for the city formerly known as Cowford. JAX turned out to be a small town with a huge bunch of people. But you could always tell which way the wind was blowing depending on which odor predominated.

OOGD then joined the Midwest in an Oklahoma-style land-rush to an erstwhile fishing village on the Gulf, Buckeyes predominating. There, he married a distant cousin of "Bo Gator," the University of Florida’s namesake and 1911 undefeated season UF football team captain who hailed from the depths of the big swamp.

With his Gator gal, he’s raising four kids and blogging when he should be working.

OOGD is mindful of former Nicaragua President William Walker’s fate. Walker’s autobiography is also written in the third person. A successor Nicaragua government cut short Walker’s life story minutes after the Royal Navy handed Walker over. Walker's autobiography understandably lacks the cautionary tale inherent in his last day, though.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL Atlanta Falcons
  • NCAAF Georgia Bulldogs
  • NCAAB Georgia Bulldogs
  • NHL Calgary Flames
User Blog

Attorney assesses Tech’s chances with NCAA


For the record, I hate Tech. My Daddy hated Tech. My Daddy's seven brothers who also graduated from Georgia hated Tech. My Granddaddy hated Tech. Although I live in a different state where our neighbors are wholly unaware of Tech's odiousness, I taught my children "To Heck with Georgia Tech!" from the cradle (we also tried to raise them in a Christian home, so "To Hell" was kinda out of the question). Having said all that, THE Georgia Institute of Technology ought to sue the Hell out of the NCAA! Tech sucks at cheating, yet the Jackets get slammed. THE Ohio Shame University Blackeyes cheat like a sonnofab you know what and they get their wrists slapped. Lightly! Lightly! There is no justice in this world! Gordon Gee had no institutional control whatsoever over THE O SHAME U’s athletic program, yet it gets away with the NCAA’s version of murder. I’ll join with my nerdy NATS brothers with the refrain "To Hell with the NCAA!" Back to hating Tech!

The Final Chapter in a Sad Story


Ereck Plancher was a great kid from a great family. Maybe now they can find peace and closure in thier loss.

I thought you guys might enjoy this


An empty stadium....long-forgotten ancient history against an unidentifable foe memorialized in grainy black and white....the litany of coming losses which looks all the world like a 3-9 season....a really poor facsimile of a never-won Heisman. This gem is priceless!

Two DGDs!

Dang if Aaron Murray doesn't look as big as Herschel!

Low asks "Fast Start for Georgia?"


ESPN'S Chris Low says "Keep in mind that the loser of that Georgia-South Carolina game has never played for the SEC championship." No kidding, Sherlock! USCe has only played for the SEC championship ONCE! Last year! On the rare occasion that they beat us! Low's statistic is as meaningless as would be "The loser of the Georgia-Ohio State game has never played for the SEC championship." Low is correct, however, that those first two games of this season set the tone for the rest of the season. Beating South Carolina is statistically more important for Georgia than beating Boise State. But unless we play hard enough to beat the Broncos in Atlanta, we won't be ready to play true SEC-style football the following week. Simply put, the Boise State game will show us whether things have changed in Athens sufficiently for us to compete for an SEC east title. Consequently, beating Boise State is as critical to us as beating us is to them. We'd better arrive at the Georgia Dome ready to kick some horse tail, or else we will lose. If we do lose to Boise State, there'll be no confidence we'll be able to stop Lattimore and Jeffrey the next week. The Boise State game is critical!

Georgia's Drew Butler Named Again To Playboy Preseason All-America Team

And Coach Richt's Sunday School class won't even let him read the article.

I think you look at a person’s whole body of work. And I think the whole body of work by Mark Richt...


I think you look at a person’s whole body of work. And I think the whole body of work by Mark Richt the last 10 years is very strong. We have very high expectations at the University of Georgia. We didn’t meet them last year. But I’m pretty confident that we’re going to spring back, that he made the kind of adjustments in staffing that needed to be made. Now we’ll do what we always do with every coach every season; we’ll sit down at the end of the season.

Should college football scholarships cover the full cost of attendance?


Interesting ESPN poll results. Most SEC states say No. Why is that?

"He’s not your normal football player. He’s a little different and has always been that way. You...


"He’s not your normal football player. He’s a little different and has always been that way. You could say that’s Jake." -- Vince Dooley What are the chances Jake Scott could play for a Mark Richt-coached Georgia Bulldogs?

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