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CSR2 If You Don't NSFW Me By Now

All right Douche nozzles, the season begins now! Three of you have not signed up yet, and Oldy seems non-commital. So here's the deal, If I don't get responses from the 3 guys by Thursday (Oldy,...


New Charlotte Hornets Court Unveiled Before Draft Party (Spoilers)

Hello fellow Hornets fans, I've popped up here a few times, but many of you may know me from CSR. I just wanted to throw up a quick shot on the new court for you guys. Whelp, the wait is over....

Jimmy Clausen takes his talents to Chi-Town


Looks like Panther fans lost another whipping boy.


#Limeyfest14 News (Updated)

Alright folks, the Panthers ignored my multiple requests to purchase group seats for the Detroit game, and now they are all sold out. Limey got tickets from his Travel Agent (Woooo, Mr. Bigpants is...

Deadspin calls out Peter King's Tweets about Cam Newton during Sunday's game


Deadspin (finally) says something nice about Carolina, and tells our favorite media monarch to shut the hell up.


CSR2 NSFWellThanksForFinallyGettingToThis

OMG I'mGonnaCam fell to the ignored team of Sippin' Ginn N Juice 82.00 to 78.02 If a team falls and the winner isn't around to see it, does it make a loss? Jim Skipper stuck with the run beating W...



That was a disappointing, mutherfucking, week. So the Panthers won? Big Fucking Whoop! Yeah I said it. Fuck you. You got something to say? Say it to my face! Bitch. OMGI'm Gonna Cam fell apart...


CSR2 NSFExpectations.

There comes a time in a man's life where he takes stock in his life. What has he accomplished? Who has he become? Did he grow into the man he wanted to be as a child, or just an old child? T...


CSR2 Movin' on Up(NSFYour Chin)

Sometimes it is just too easy. Sometimes it is just too right. Sometimes you sad sacks of shit have to be taught a lesson about humility. Class is in session. Kuechly is Beastly tasted the deep...


CSR2 NSFW (Which means I can't write it at work)

Sorry Guys, this week has made it impossible to do the recap. But Limey still has his "Pathetic Effort" ready to go. So if I can amend this later, I will. For now, we can at least talk smack for a...


CSR2 NSFCongress (Cause we never take a BYE)

I know it was scary. I know I let you down. I will do my best never to let if happen again. Your Commissioner will make everything all better by continuing his run thru you butter dicks and regain...


CSR 2 NSFRonRivera

Alright, we got the Rivera Joke out of the way, so now if all you dickbags could get out of my way so I could actually win a game, that would be fucking fantastic. Seriously, I feel like a second...



Is it 2009 again? Because John Fox FUCKED my team! Between Eric "Upper" Decker and Monte Ball "Gag", I was dead in the water before Friday morning. I cannot believe after all these years that fat...


Panthers Cuts Show Shift in Team Philosophy

The Panthers have made some surprising cuts. Does it show a change in philosophy?


CSR2 We Get Results (NSFBW)

Good job cockstains! We made it thru an entire draft with very few hiccups (fucking Yahoo). Anyway, let's fap it to the good work I did while the rest of you sacks of crap decide whether or not...


(We full up!) (Now With Draft Updates)The CSR2 Try not to clog up the other FF comments section (NSFW)

I know you animals want to tear each other apart. SO I have made this open thread for you. Am I not a benevolent master? BW, I see you lurking,so just say what you have to say. Edit: The...


CSR 2 Email (Slight edit)

If you played in CSR 2 last year and did not get an email from me on Tuesday, please leave your team name. You must be a team that finished the season. I need to know how many spots I will have...


CSR 2: The Dream is Over (NSFX-Mas)

As if I didn't have to apologize enough to America last week, the gob slobbering Tigres won the whole fucking thing. It wasn't even close, Out of Bounds thought he could wear the big boy pants...


CSR 2 Smack Talk Page. I'm Sorry America (NSF... You Know What? If I have to Tell You at This Point You Deserve to be Offended) And This One Is Offensive

I'm sorry Toby Keith. I'm sorry Teddy Roosevelt. I'm sorry Jesus. America lost today. A Brit (not Daniel) and an Indian (not feather topped) will be playing for the CSR 2 National World...


CSR 2: CSR So Hard (So CSR 1 Got Theirs Up First. I Was Installing Cell Phone Systems on Top of a Building in DC. Do You Know the Freaking View I had While Their (NSFW) were Writing That Automatically Front Paged Drivel? Check out Cyberjags Article)

CALM THE FUCK DOWN LIMEY!!! I know you want to have your squeak of the week skipped by everybody, but I had to fucking work! I'm up here for weeks with out my wife... MY BALLS ARE A SHADE OF BLUE...


UPDATED CSR 2 weekly smack talk board. (This week we are not safe for pets or the elderly. This week I recomend going to MMO and complaining about the draft spots this win may have cost us. [You are welcome James])

Posting this from my phone, so there will be some errors (Mostly Fixed). I am sure CamDaBatteringRam will call me out for all my mistakes due to the FUCKING EPIC BEATING I laid out on that...


CSR 2: My but it Feels Good Being a Gangster (NSFGK [According to Jaxon]) If You Are Easily Offended, This Week May I Recomend Reading any of the Informative Articles by Son of a Newton

Can the Crazy 88's win with the biggest blowout of the week for a second time? YES I CAN!!! Sorry guys, but I am out of town so it has been hard to get this up. (That is most certainly not what...


FFL Smack Talk Thread: CSR 2 Shudder under my heel!

I hope that I calmed all of your fears from when I stumbled against the paper tiger that is Limey's Redcoats. The Crazy 88's dominated, not only their opponent, but the entire league this week....


CSR 2 Week 8: Walking Dead (This is NSFW, I Am Not Kiding. If you are easily offended, please enjoy any other article on this site. PanthersRoar generaly has some good information in his posts)

I am calm now. I am collected. I am on the second day of an insomnia attack (so excuse me if this goes off the rails). What can I say? BALLS!!! Crazzy 88's failed like a Marty Hurney second...


CSR 2: Talkin' Trashy (Updated)

And then there was one. A leader falls, but I still stand tall. An ignored lineup (AHEM!) beats an established franchise. One team wins with the narrowest margins I've ever seen, and the bye...

CSR 2 Week 6: Cheap Shots at Cheap People


Well here we are. Another week, another group of winners and losers. Those of us with brains know who is who, but for you slow kids out there. The Crazy 88's showed they can score when necessary by laying a beat down on Out of Bounds. 110.12 to 87.52 Try To Catch 89 made 4th and 20 look like a Panthers 4th and 1 with a score of 132.36 to 88.58 (I may have used that joke last week) Queen City Catz showed as much love to The Olsen Twins as Newton did to Olsen this week with a score of 95.86 to 60.50 CamDaBatteringRam was MADE this week over A Licence to Kalil 100.80 to 80.20 Dakota had no option but to win against AE for QB3 100.90 to 77.24 My Step Dad made the previously undefeated Limey's Redcoats Whiny's Redcoats 106.76 to 103.90 Now I will turn it over to Limey, who has exercised his "I did a write up so I get a favor" to do a squeak of the week. Squeak of the week Limey's Letdowns 103.90 vs My Step Dad 106.76 Slow clap for Alac on this one.... well done sir for taking my losing cherry you sicko. Couple of points on this one..... Drew Brees is the only reason this one is even close. 36.60 points is just epic and stopped this from being blowout. Ballsack (sorry, I mean Alac) had a fantasic day at WR. Wayne, Cruz and Marshall accounted for over 70 points, outstanding effort that utlimatley made the difference in this one. Worst performance of the game goes to our very own DeAngelo Williams with a mighty -1.40..... .... ... wow. The redcoats suffer their first defeat and are 4-1, My step dad continues to improve with two impressive victories in the last 2 weeks to take themselves to 2-3. We see if this mini revival is for real next week with another tough game against an under performing Queen City Catz. Congrats to ALAC who eeks his way through LP Alright jokers, here is your chance to puff up and make some noise. P.S. Congrats to Try to Catch 89 by getting his first win and doing it with the highest score of the week.

Week 5 CSR 2 Smack talk page


Well another week in the books and another win for me. Anyone who is surprised shouldn't be, I am that good. Now the rundown: Crazy 88's were quiet as a mouse as they squeeked by the Queen City Katz 97.16 to 89.46 Out of Bounds Caught Try to Catch 89 with only one foot in bounds 128.90 to 91.06 My Step Dad is hungover with power with the win over The Greg Olsen Twins 100.96 to 82.34 AE for QB3 Showed why he belongs here after beating A License to Kalil 124.80 to 113.08 CamDaBatteringRam had no debatable calls against 4th and 20 126.52 to 100.56 Finally, the FF virgin Limey's Redcoats conquered the desolate Dakota 124.54 to 110.36 That's it bitches. This is now an open thread.


CSR 2 Smack talk board

Hello CSR 2. Thanks to a steady supply of pain killers and pudding, your King is recovering nicely and is now ready to dominate the rest of the season. Next week I promise to do commentary again,...


CSR 2 Week 1 Results and S### Talking Page

All Hail Your King! Week one is over and us winners have begun to distance ourselves from...well... you know what you are. Results after the break.

CSR 2 Draft results and S### Talking Board


I will say terrible things about you all later. Off to rosterbate! ; ) Edit. Since the page is giving people problems, I have removed the draft results. They can still be found at the link.

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