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CSR 2 Draft results and S### Talking Board


I will say terrible things about you all later. Off to rosterbate! ; ) Edit. Since the page is giving people problems, I have removed the draft results. They can still be found at the link.

CSR League 2 Draft Question and DRAFT ORDER


Limey has asked that we keep the draft when it is. Others said they might have problems. I prefer to keep it when it is, but I understand if the majority are going to miss it then we need to change it. So, if you CANNOT make the draft, please let me know, and I will try to schedule it for another day and time. Also, any ideas on a league name? I like to customize the leagues I run. EDIT: Draft Order 1. Crazy 88’s 2. Out of bounds 3. Dakota 4. Try To Catch 89 5. Queen City Katz 6. My Step Dad 7. 4th and 20 8. Limey’s Redcoats 9. The Greg Olsen Twins 10. AE for QB3 11. A License to Kalil 12. CamDaBatteringRam


CSR 2 Fantasy Football Signups (full)

This league is now full League Name CSR 2 League ID 232873


New(ish) Fan

While I've been lurking here for a few months, I have to admit I haven't kept up with a lot of basketball in the past 10 years. Outside of the play offs I rarely watch at all, but I am absorbed the...

Thomas Davis Restructures Contract


Looks like TD is gonna be a Panther for a while. Took a huge pay cut to stay with the team.

Panthers Part of Bountygate Investigation Now


This looks pretty serious guys. Information like this could tarnish the organizations reputation longer than Rae Carruth did.


Is the Panthers Selecting DeCastro at #9 a Reach?

I did not play football growing up, so I only have a rough understanding of some of the positions and their duties. Also, I do not watch college football, so I'm getting most of my info on players...

Cam (and the Panthers) Finally Get Some Love on Deadspin


Obviously not written by Drew Margary (who seems to have a hate-boner for the Panthers), talking about how Cam is better than Tebow.

Carolina Panthers Do a Play 60 Comercial


Finally we get to see BAMF and Cam on gameday, rather than Evil Fox and the Dirty Birds.

CSR Lucky Number 7's Week 1 Smack Board


With the season starting this week, it is time for the trash talk to begin as well. Here are the match ups. Crazy 88's vs.Cast or Tab Cardiac Cats vs. there is only one! Legion vs. Mr. Front Page Turd Ferguson vs. Green Eggs and Cam FC Carolina vs. Toronto Blakmombas Blahbla vs. CaptnSquad Good luck everybody. (except for Cast or Tab)

Mr. Richardson and Jerry Jones on Charlie Rose


This is an amazing interview with Big Cat and "Coach". Now we all know Cam has no tattoos or piercings.


CSR 7's Draft Reminder and Order

Sorry guys, I screwed up. I thought that we were supposed to randomize our draft order 30 mins before the draft. I apologize if you guys don't have time to research like you want to. If you want to...


Cam Newton's 1st Under Armour Commercial

You can find the commercial here. It is exciting to see a Panther as part of a national campaign. I'm sure they will make one that is centered around Cam in the future, but right now it is good to...

Jerry Richardson Optimistic About Deal


Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal is reporting that Jerry Richardson is now optimistic a deal is going to be worked out. This may have something to do with the recent court ruling, or this could just be an extension to allow the CBA to continue and allow for free agency. Either way it is good to See Big Cat being positive about a new CBA and next season.

Remember that Football Trick Shot Video?


It wasn't smoke and mirrors, it was just some guys on a Saturday. Sorry I'm linking to Deadspin's crappy new layout.


Jerry Richardson is My Hero

Tell me if this sounds familiar. He's a man who funds his projects with his own money, not the money of the taxpayers. He's a man who took a young man and gave him the direction to be a model,...

Proehl's a Panther again!!!


Ricky Proehl was just hired as the offensive consultant of the Carolina Panthers and will work closely with the WR's.

Carson Palmer demanding trade


Think Cincy would take next years first for him. Remember, we can't trade unless there is football so we probably wouldn't be trading the first pick.

Panthers 2011 Opponents Announced


While we won't know the schedule until later, the home and away games have been announced. Very excited about next season. (Scroll to the bottom of the story)

Now can we try Davidson?


Come on Mr. Richardson, let Fox go and let us see what we can do with what we have. Let's see if we can turn this team around.

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