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Top 50 NFL draft busts?

With the NFL Draft merely days away; many fans are eagerly anticipating the event. The influx of new talent always brings bright hope and in many cases great expectations as NFL GM's try to fill...

Ken Pomeroy blogs the holiday tourneys


The lead of today's blog is the Battle4Atlantis the percentages say the Noles to play UConn in the final. The splashy promo vid is here.

ESPN's Sport Science: Year of the QB Christian Ponder and the 'touch' link This is a repost from...


ESPN's Sport Science: Year of the QB Christian Ponder and the 'touch' link This is a repost from Tomahawknation PS: would be nice to have a preview feature for these.

Former Seminole Douglas will lead the Knicks vs Celtics Tuesday


Billups limping today presumed out. "Billups, 34, walked with a limp and said he still felt really sore. Coach Mike D’Antoni said he was preparing to play without him Tuesday, with Toney Douglas moving into the starting lineup at point guard, and the veteran Anthony Carter backing him up"


Douglas not getting his due?

While some get it that DWTDD means great things some may doubt. Douglas is not known for his ability to play above the rim. Nevertheless we have the final pre-season game from the Nets when TD made...

Tra Thomas retires


The former Nole was taken at number 11 of the first round by the Eagles. Lending credence to the size matters argument Thomas was listed at 6'7 and 349 lbs. He played 12 years and went to 3 Pro Bowls.


Know the Prospect: Solomon Alabi

"Good game last night" I told him as I offered a hand. He grinned and mine was swallowed like a guppy going in a grouper. It was startling. Not because of size but because it was like shakinghands...

Deluzio's 'sister' is Duke center


As FSU continues it's second ACC title chase tonight against a ranked Virginia team a little segue into the life of RS Freshman Alexis Deluzio's route to the Noles. The Noles would appear to have little chance of catching the Blue Devils but seem certain to be a NCAA tourney entrant This story reminds us that however big the stage maybe; life behind the scenes is what is really important.

Upset in the making?


RealtimeRPI has a 'Gamer' prediction feature and it is quite good. It correctly picked FSU's two mens team losses. Of note is the page today shows FSU's women's BB team upsetting #1 UConn the predicted score is 72-70. Hmmm not that would be worth being there. ;-) to see.

"We've got a few people who can dunk here," Dulkys said. "A lot of wannabes."


Dulkys has a 40 inch vertical...and is one of those considered to be a favorite. Alabi declared himself the champ Dulkys's take on it is in the quotes.

Knicksblog "Can Curry be cut?"


Really the guy drops 30-40 lbs and is trying hard or he would nopt have gotten that far. Hope Walsh gives him till Christmas to be NBA ready frankly. The guys practically been out for the last two years.

Jordan has an uphill climb


But could contribute in a month or so according to D' Speed adjustment ahead. Like a Wii on fast forward?

"Even if we lose I'll take what we got"


"He was considered an offensive genius and a star in the coaching business -- but of course he had All-Stars like Nash and Stoudemire."

D'antoni digs Darko's potential


NBA/Knicks post. Some shot blocking and some rebounds please? Run the floor and pass? Hmmm

Big East #rd toughest conference in NCAA football?


The latest Conference ratings from This the 4th weekend in football. The comparisons I've heard of BJ Daniels to "Chaulie" scare me. Seminole secondary toasted so far in 3 games this year.

The ACC is a little uptight


Now somebody mentioned ACC referees..well seems there is a bit of disagreement about interpretation on some issues.

First Exhibition Game


How many times last year did they score a hundred?

Ghost Dance


Ghost Dance

Worst NBA Draft Picks All-Time


See Darko at #5 hope he finally reaches his potential under D'Antoni


Statistical Links

In order to increase the value of posts and arguments I do herewith include helpful links hoping others may do the same. Perhaps someone could make a nice listing of the best from the replies and...


A better measuring stick?

Much has been made of turnover to assist ratio's as a measure of guard play as well as other positions. This stat doesn't come close to telling the whole story. Often offense is disrupted by a...

Strip. Got any change in your pockets?


Strip. Got any change in your pockets?

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