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Born under a blue-gray October sky, Melvin "Inky" Marsh began writing at a young age. His first paid gig was the Jess Willard/Jack Johnson title fight, about which Marsh famously quipped: "Punch drunk and loaded with moonshine, gentle giant Willard finally gave Johnson the business in the penultimate round and then did a two-step on the gassed champion in the 26th round."

Marsh spent 17 years at the Detroit Free Press and then did a stint at the New York Daily Mirror before landing a "real swell gig" at

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Detroit Tigers
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • Golf Bobby Jones
  • Boxing Gene Tunney, Jess Willard, Primo Carnera
  • MMA What is this?
  • General St. Louis Browns, Boston Braves, Athletics of Philadelphia
User Blog

Old Timey Spring Camp Report: Week 2


An interesting lede here this time, intern. —MM

Spring Camp begins: An old timey perspective.


Have intern insert nifty lede here, please. —MM

Old Timey Spring Report: The conclusion


Spring camp is winding down, but we've still got the goods. Pipe down and read up.

Old Timey Spring Report: The boys are back in town


The boys have returned from their Spring jaunts to Pensacola or wherever it is the young men are going to race their hot rods and such these days. I too have returned, evidenced by this article no less!

Old Timey Spring Report: Week 2


Week 1 of Spring practice is in the books. Melvin Marsh here with the rub.

Shake a Leg, Bronco Nation: March 13, 2013


Your regular link man, Nate Peters, was indisposed this morning so he asked for a bit of help with his daily constitutional

Spring Camp begins: An old timey perspective.


Melvin "Inky" Marsh here again with a real scoop: Boise State football has returned. Here are some observations so you don't feel like a dumb egg.

Old Timey Reporter arrives just in time for Spring


Old Timey Reporter Melvin Marsh here with an important bulletin. I'm here to talk Bronco football not beat my gums—so let's get to it, fellas and dames.

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