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Lipscomb Visits Oxford: Rebs Need Sweep for SEC Momentum


A recent three-game skid has some fans on the brink of hysteria as baseball season was supposed to be the beacon of light for Ole Miss athletics this academic year. And with some good reason, the...

SEC Basketball Tournament: Ole Miss Faces Long Road to Big Dance


South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama/Georgia and then most likely Florida or Vanderbilt. That's the road to the NCAA tournament for Ole Miss. I know coaches preach the "one game at a time mentality"...

Mid-week Preview: Memphis, Arkansas State


I really wish we still played Memphis in every sport. Yes, their fans are annoying, sport wife beaters to any occasion, gel their hair and buy football tickets at Kroger for $5. Granted, if I had...

Ole Miss sweeps Wright State: Is it great pitching or bad bats? Neither.


Ole Miss swept a pesky Wright State team this weekend in front of the expected fantastic attendance considering great weather and a wantonness for Rebel victories in ANY sport. The Raiders and...

RCR Baseball Preview: Predictions


Each year, Brian Walker's Elbow and I meet up to discuss baseball predictions and how we think the team will do. Usually I am more positive than he and the discussion is usually over a meal (oyster...

RCR Baseball Preview: Who's the new guy(s)?


Mike Bianco has had a penchant for producing significant contributing freshman in his ten year tenure at Ole Miss. His three SEC Freshmen of the Year speaks for themselves to that. But are there...

'Bama Brought Defense, Rebels Handed Another Loss


Alabama's defense is good, but Chris Warren just wasn't right on Saturday. The deep 3's weren't falling. The drives to the basket didn't seem nearly as efficient or explosive. As one of our...

Anthony Grant to Death Stare Rebels into Submission


If you happened upon the live telecast of the Vandy-Bama basketball game on Thursday, you most likely saw Bama coach Anthony Grant prolifically shouting at referees, staring them down at every call...

"Trent Johnson looks like a parrot"


Our headline pays homage to the great Brandon Bolden whose Tweet last night sums up the likeness of LSU's coach to Toucan Sam. Chris Warren and Co. plucked, tarred and feathered Johnson and LSU...

Kentucky upended by Ole Miss: Turning point in the season?


Chris Warren's 25-foot jumper with a mere 2.9 second left in regulation lifted Ole Miss over No. 10 Kentucky Tuesday night in front of a fairly full Tad Smith Coliseum. I'm sure some of you are...

Ole Miss vs. Kentucky: Red Out edition


Nine thousand red t-shirts will be tossed onto the frames of 5,000 Ole Miss fans or into the nearest trash receptacle by opposing Kentucky fans in a short two hours. Basketball season has been...

Season Teetering on a Cliff: Ole Miss vs. UGA


Our beloved Rebels lost to a semi-pro team from Starkville on Thursday in very frustrating fashion. Renardo "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGERZ" Sidney and Dee "League" Bost (get it? like D-League b/c he...

Ole Miss loss to Florida: Didn't this happen Saturday?


Yeah, it did, sorry. I've been busy shoveling ice off my car, playing NBA 2K11 and having spotty internet the past three days. So yeah.... really important stuff. Also, I got wasted after the...

SEC Play Begins: Ole Miss vs. Florida


The Rebels biggest challenge of the basketball year thus far will have home court advantage, a roster with length and a coach with national title credentials. Florida and Ole Miss will tip off at...

SEC Basketball Enters First Weekend of Play: PICKS


Our preview of the SEC as it matters to Ole Miss' chances of an NCAA berth is complete, so now we move into conference play for realz. The first weekend of SEC action is not without some...

SEC Basketball Preview: How Ole Miss Could be Dancin'


Now that the Rebels have been virtually eliminated from contention in the Big Dance by national pundits, it's time to really take a look at the map for how it could still, theoretically, happen. W...

Ole Miss eventually finds rhythm, beats SELA


Ugh. Did you watch this game? I couldn't decide what was worse: how the Rebel offense operated or the quality of picture CSS beamed to my Birmingham home. Slight edge: CSS picture. A win remains a...

Ole Miss Rebels vs. Colorado State Rams in Round Two of the CaNcUn GuBnAH's CuP!!1


The headline demonstrates the proper level of enthusiasm we should all have of this tournament or, at least, the fact that the rest of the games of this tournament are, in-fact, on...

Southern Miss Basketball: Undefeated Until Saturday?


I really hate Southern Miss. I mean it. I'm not from Mississippi, so I'm not one of those "oh, I cheer for USM and State when they aren't playing Ole Miss" kind of people. And being from Georgia,...

South Beach Welcomes Road Un-Tested Rebels - A1A BEACHFRONT AVENUE


The thought pervading most Ole Miss brains heading into a Tuesday game with Miami in Coral Gables is not one of confidence or assured of leaving the Sunshine State with victory. This is the Miami...

Are You Ready...for Half-Court Offense?


There are fewer things less adrenaline-pumping than watching a Big Ten basketball offense at work. For example: Watching paint dry, grass grow, etc. Shaving regularly Paying MSRP for anything W...

Q & A: Ole Miss vs. Dayton basketball


The Blackburn Review, which I believe is a fairly well-run and snarky blog, invited us to a little Q & A session with one of its esteemed bloggeurs, "Don Donoher." Dayton is most known for its...

Chris Warren Farewell Tour: Game 2 (Murray State)


I know what you're thinking. "Farewell tours make me sad." It's true. But all of the greats have farewell tours: country music group Alabama, The Who, Cher and Phil Collins. Yep, all great, all...

OMGCAMNEWTON & TENNESSEEGAME ... oh yeah, and basketball starts?


Yes. Basketball. Pete Boone hasn't completely dismantled the program yet – we still play D-1 basketball. Yes, men AND women. So minimize your window currently focused on Cam Newton rumors and...

2010-2011 Ole Miss Basketball preview


Juco All-American and I have been chatting basketball for the past month, so we figured it was about time to put something down for everyone to partake and share in. Chris Warren is the face of...

Scoreboard is up


New basketball scoreboard up and running in time for women's game tomorrow night. Really much better looking than I first imagined after seeing the initial rendering that was cut and pasted onto a previous photo of the Tad Pad.

No worries about Rebel basketball?


Really? I've got a few. 1.) Two of our experienced bigs weigh about 200 lbs. Are they getting enough to eat? 2.) We've only got six players with any kind of valuable experience. 3.) I'm taller than our returning leading scorer.

Ole Miss-Auburn: Can Rebels knock out #2 to beat #1?


As fans, or fanatics, it is our responsibility to think irrationally and unreasonably positive about any aspect of our team. "We can still turn it around!" "Beat #1 for the 4th week in a row!" "...

All Eyes on Warren at Ole Miss – SEC Media Day


If there's any more prevalent example of how much Southeastern residents care about football moreso than basketball, it is in the sports' respective media days coverages. For football, we have the...

Pete Boone announces $1.8M video board improvements


Apparently the Tad Pad will get an HD video board. Not sure if these are multiple boards for the basketball arena or if there are other facilities getting improvements as well. My hope? HD video boards affixed to the back of right and left field walls at Swayze.

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