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First game, LA Coliseum, 1958. I went through the 1958 Baseball Reference for Dodger games, and I cannot figure out which game was my first. I thought Carl Furillo got the GWRBI, match.

When I was eight/nine years old, I played baseball in Southern California. The coach's son, carrying the bag with the bats and balls, to all my games and practices?? A chubby little 5-year old, George Horton, who was to become NCAA championship manager/coach at Cal State Fullerton, now resurrecting the Oregon baseball program. George Horton is now a member of my high school's Hall of Fame, along with Karen Carpenter, JoJo Starbuck, James Hetfield of "Metallica" and many "unknowns".

I've been an A's fan since 1977, when I permanently moved to the Bay Area from Santa Barbara. The ol' Detroit Lions linebacker, Wayne Walker was on the television broadcasts. His favorite intro line to the action: "He made a bid..." He must've said it twenty times a game! But I liked the underdog A's of 1977. The pinnacle? The 88-89-90 teams were so great (and the Yankee teams, sorry Bob Geren, so weak) it was truly time to bask in Oakland baseball glory.

Rootin' for the uniform!

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  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB UC Santa Barbara Gauchos
  • NASCAR any ex-Formula One
  • Soccer AC Milan
  • Cycling any non-PED cyclists left?
  • EPL Man City
  • MLS quakes
  • Winter Olympics USA! USA! blahhh
User Blog

On This Date 100 Years Ago- June 15, 1913

Dave Gregg: he didn't play for the Athletics, he played for the Cleveland Naps (as the future "Indians" were called then). On this date, Dave Gregg made his major league debut for the Naps,...


Why Three Division Winners Plus Wild Card (and me-too WC)?

Confusion and Obfuscation can often produce lots of fun and excitement. Just look at people in costumes at Halloween parties. But Major League Baseball should recognize their unique, long history...


Building a Stadium in Six Months??

I have always felt that the way in which stadiums are built and the concomitant costs are vastly inefficient...not because I personally have built any stadiums whatsoever, or even priced a big...


Malcolm Gladwell: Talent Grab -Why Do We Pay Our Stars So Much Money

In the October 11th issue of New Yorker magazine, Malcolm Gladwell has written a fantastic article titled "Talent Grab"   "Why do we pay our stars so much money?"  Gladwell interviewed Marvin...


The Myth of the Spoiler Returns

After reading comments by Oakland Athletics players in 2009 as to their feelings about the notion of "spoilers" (they lacked any incentive, to a man, as to playing harder against contending teams)...


Some modest pictures from 4-8 Mariners v A's Game

Great day for baseball in the Bay Area!  I guess that wasn't an original thought today, as (1) no scalpers were to be found, selling cheap tickets and (2) a long long line to purchase tickets.  I...


Athletics Nation FanFest II -photo finish

We all had a fine time courtesy of Optimist Prime, on a very unusual day...a sunny day! Here is the link to the pictures: I just signed up with this...


Playoffs That Mean "Baseball"

Ever since the playoffs began in the late 1960s, I never felt right about the early five-game system, the four-team system, with the "borrowed" wild card idea...the whole system, really.  I wasn't...


Photos from 2009 FanFest

In no particular order, and certainly, no particular comments, my "raw feed" from the February 8th fanfest is available to anyone caring to link to the pages online with Flicker.  Here is the...


Rebuild, or Rehab?

Now that I've teased you into this diary with buzzwords, let me tell what it's all about:  The Oakland Coliseum.


Wanted: Stomper homunculus

Professional Sports Team - Mascot Reply to: Date: 2008-02-01, 11:04AM


Fremont Athletics? or Dodgers?

Since the city of Oakland could not muster enough resources to keep the Athletics inside the city limits and Fremont is the irretrievable destination of the Athletics, it is timely to revisit "what...


Why Point at the Sky??

I don't know how baseball players managed to get on the "fast track" about how things are run in "Heaven".


Wooden Bats and Their Wood

Anyone know how bats get certified for Major League usage?  I've read snippets here and there.  Apparently B. Bonds has one guy do his maple bats, and this guy is swamped.  But it is one guy. C...

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