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Donte Whitner makes the Pro Bowl


"Whitner thanked the 49ers coaching staff for helping him make the Pro Bowl. He was also classy in acknowledging coaches, teammates and personnel members of the Buffalo Bills who helped the early stages of his professional career which began as the No. 8 overall pick in 2008. "I give a lot of thanks to those guys," Whitner said of his former colleagues with the Bills. "When you make it to the Pro Bowl, you never make it by yourself a lot of people help you get there.""



For the newbies here, sometime last year there was a discussion about giving Kyle Williams a nickname. We eventually settled on "meatball." Unfortunately, that nickname just has not taken with me....

Fewell fueled by Job Snubs


This was just before the Super Bowl

Jets cut former Bill Lankster


Apparently not eligible for PS, seems like Jets folks liked him.

Jerry Gray Joining Texas Staff


It's too bad that Jerry Gray seems to have gone backwards in his career. After his Bills DC stint, he was with Washington as DB coach and most recently with Seattle. This Texas gig is as Asst Head Coach, so maybe he'll break into the college HC ranks someday.

Eagles' Writer Loves Jauron and April


The additions of special teams coordinator Bobby April and secondary coach Dick Jauron. Both are outstanding, with April one of the game's best at his position. The Eagles ranked 30th in kickoff returns and 23rd in punting last season, and April should make improvements in both areas. "I had an opportunity to bring Bobby in here," said Reid, "and I like the résumé. The great special-teams coaches are experts on angles and techniques, and that's what Bobby is." April coached in Buffalo under Jauron, who made his name as a top assistant before becoming a head coach. Jauron and Reid were together in Green Bay as assistants. I think you get the idea. These guys know each other. "When Dick was a head coach," Reid said, "he and I would always joke when we were at the owners' meetings. We'd say, 'Wouldn't it be great for one day to be a position coach again -- where you don't have all the worries?' So when he was released by the Bills I called him and said, 'Remember those conversations we had? I'm putting it out there; if you would like to come down we've got a spot for you.'"

Fewell Expected to Join Bears


Too bad. I had hoped we would keep him.

"Well, I think they’ve had their share of plays on it, but it’s like anything else, if you’ve succe...


"Well, I think they’ve had their share of plays on it, but it’s like anything else, if you’ve successful with it, other teams in the league see that and set their defenses and keys to try to to take some of those plays away. But I think Buffalo’s been successful doing a lot of different things this year. and that’s what makes them hard to defend."

Bill Belichick on Buffalo Bills.com about the feared Bills

Coaches on the Hot Seat

I had an interesting experience on Saturday. I was talking with a buddy of mine about football. He is a diehard Green Bay fan and I own Rodgers in my fantasy league so we talked about Green Bay. He...

"It’s like going to the Super Bowl when the migraines go away," said Nelson.


"It’s like going to the Super Bowl when the migraines go away," said Nelson.

Buffalo Bills.com

George Wilson Crazy Basketball Shot


This a Hanging 10 with Hamdan video of George Wilson making a crazy long basket. (BTW--If Hamdan spent as much time preparing for his game as he did for these Hanging 10 videos, we'd be a contender--okay, just kidding)


More Positive Spin

Yesterday's loss was as awful for me as anyone else, but this is what rebuilding looks like folks. We were not a good team when Jauron took over. In fact we were on the tail end of gamble and...

Rob Ryan calls out Trent Edwards: "He's no Palmer"


Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan disses Bills QB Trent Edwards. Let's see if this fires anyone up.

NFL O-Line Confidential Video


Not sure if anyone posted this yet. This is a fun little piece/insight into the O-line folks at dinner.


The Grass is Always Greener

This playoff season has been nothing short of interesting with the Chargers, Ravens and Cards making things very interesting. With all these teams we can make the case for why they did something...


In Defense of Jauron

I know this is an unpopular idea, but I believe Jauron should remain with the Bills at least one more year. Give him time to field a mature team that he has methodically built. I hope Wilson bucks...


Who to watch in the Bowl Season?

Keuka121 has a post on Mack playing in the Emerald Bowl on Saturday. It would be great if some of our expert college posters can put up a post for draft prospects to watch this Bowl season. I'm...

Bills Place Five on Practice Squad


RB Bruce Hall, WR Felton Huggins, OG Dustin Dickinson, DT Corey Mace and LB Marcus Buggs have been added to the Buffalo Bills' practice squad. The team still has three available spots on the practice squad.

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