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User Blog

OptimistPrime's Annual "I Hate This Guy" Posting

Editor's Note: tl;dr but there's a rule that any Optimist Prime Fanpost must be promoted to the front page, so I'm just following AN's bylaws. -Nico Here we are again, the annual installment of...


The 2014 A-Rod Hates Cats Calendar Has Arrived!

I am pleased to announce the release of this year's "Alex Rodriguez Hates Cats" Calendar, now on shelves. It has been well documented that A-Rod is not a good person. Slum Lord...from the...


Territorial Rights? A Little Slice of Green and Gold in San Francisco

Well, you likely read the story last season: Down the stretch, an intrepid A's fan by the name OptimistPrime opened a mattress store in Albany, Ca and the A's promptly won the West. Adorned with...


A's fan opens mattress store, A's win!

A's fan opens a mattress store, and the A's celebrate by winning


Why the A's should be sellers at the deadline, and why that is a good thing

The Jump? I hate heights! Just click and read.

The menthol is like a mint, but it's for your oral fixation, the habit of having something in your...


The menthol is like a mint, but it's for your oral fixation, the habit of having something in your mouth," said Snyder, who also dips. "I'm trying to cut back. I told Josh to try it and he likes them." interview with Josh Hamilton

An Ode To Luke Hughes

I knew I should not have bought a Luke Hughes Jersey! An Ode to Luke Hughes


Suite Dreams are made of these...

Yeah, I know, great stuff is always happening to me, but this one, in my book, takes the cake.


I am sorry,Tommy Milone

Hey Tommy, buddy, I am really sorry.


2012 A New Hope

We can win this year. Stranger things have happened. Seabiscuit won, and he was little. Rudy got to make one play at the end of the game while the crowd cheered for him. Jeremy Lin is pretty...


The Blogger Event at the 2012 Oakland A's Fan Fest

"If I could just ask___________one question, it would be......"


It's the off-season, so this is a post about BaconLube

When you combine sex and bacon, it could be a sign of the end of times, it's that good.


The End

Farewell.  Bon Voyage. Fin. Reality closes the book on hope as 2011 will be remembered as a season of could have beens, should have beens, as we look, yet again, to another year.


The AN Moneyball Review

When you get teary eyed before the movie even begins, you know you are in trouble. Here is my attempt at a non-biased movie review of the new movie, Moneyball

Double Header August 17th?


Double Header August 17th?

That's right, if you come to the day game on August 17th, you can stick around after the game by coming down to the third base side seats to watch yours truly and a bunch of the fantasy camp guys play a game on the A's field!

The Sound of Selig


Miracle: The (thankfully ongoing) story of Jon Wilhite.

[baseballgirl note: I thought this was great and timely for a day when, quite honestly, it seems like nothing could get worse for the A's, and on a day when many of us are still affected by what...


Eight is enough!

Ho. Sale. Change!  And not the typical "bring up the Rivercats" or "trade Barton and a prospect for Jeter/Pujols/Ripken/Mantle" pablum. Nah, that is boring. We need creativity. Positive...


Is it a "coincidence" or are we a product of design?

"I mean, no team should really have that kind of dominance over another one in our league," Geren said after Wednesday's 4-2 loss completed the Yankees' three-game sweep. "Our pitching's too good....


The 5 stages of grief: How to cope.

Watching the A's the past few games has triggered some intense feelings in me. Perhaps it's the last several seasons of high expectations that came crashing down with the reality of the mediocrity...


A fond farewell to my beloved A's.

In commemoration of the loss of one of our best posters, I thought I would give him a chance to express his farewell to the community. -Zonis   You may have noticed over the past few weeks that I...


What does Hank Hill, Chris Townsend and A's baseball have in common?

Every season, Las Vegas Odds-Makers post an under-over on the number of radio stations the A's will use to broadcast in Northern California. When I used to live in the Chico area, I kept the radio...


Masterpiece Theater presents: "Are AN'ers Snobs"; A dramatic reading by Optimist Prime

Sometimes, 1300+ comments fall woefully short in expressing how we value a post. Donning my favorite cashmere sweater, houndstooth coat, meershaum pipe and tragically snobbish leather shoes, I...



There are only 7 shortstops in the 20th century with over 2,200 hits and 1,000 runs scored. They are all in the Hall, save one. That man would be third on the list of SS's in the Hall in stolen...


A Dream Fulfilled - The Story of the 2011 Oakland A's Fantasy Camp.

                                                                               There is no mistake to whom this bat belongs. I awoke to bright sunshine and rubbed the sleep from my...


Nod to GoFro, just a taste for now.

With a nod to the beautiful post by GoFro, I am going to wait a few days to post my Fantasy Camp experience. I don't want to steal the quiet thunder of such a great post.

Don't worry, Rosie will be fine


Don't worry, Rosie will be fine

Was hanging out with Adam Rosales yesterday morning in the A's locker room at Papago Park. Yes, he is on crutches. But he will be ready for the start of the season. The reason for the delay in the surgery was because the bone was not healing properly. It wasn't an injury you would normally have surgery on, and when it was not healing properly, the decision was made to have surgery on it instead of letting it linger into the season. Rosie is in good spirits and can't wait to get back on the field.
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