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User Blog

01-06-11 DLDevious for the rest of us

Because sometimes, you just need a place to dump....


'Twas the night before Christmas-AN style

My gift to you....


Don't you, forget about me.

Every day this winter, there seems to be a new post on how adding this player or that player will put us over the top in the AL West. While I don't dispute that adding power at the OF corners and...


The Final Piece? Will he come Willing(ly)ham. Now with bonus update cleaning power!

 12:30pm PST update:Corey Brown and HRod are the trade fodder. And this deal is done!   According to sources, it appears that we, the Indomitable Oakland Athletics, are in "serious" trade...


Requiem for a Slugger


I know, I know, ANOTHER post about the ballpark. NOOOOOO! According to the SFGate today, Bryan...


I know, I know, ANOTHER post about the ballpark. NOOOOOO! According to the SFGate today, Bryan Grunwald, who is an architect, city planner and urban designer who identified Mission Bay as the site for the UCSF campus. He is also an Oakland resident and purportedly an A's fan. but I have never seen him post here, so, sheesh, how can you legitimately be an A's fan? The idea is simple, crazy and sheer genius in my opinion. Instead of a Splash Hits counter on the outfield wall, we can have a Crash Hits counter for all the balls that Cust or Carter or Beltre of Choo hit out of the park, every time it hits the freeway.


Oakland's Quan Song?

  Ms Quan, Mayor of Oakland Ms Swan, not Mayor of Oakland.  


The passing of a worthy opponent

  Sparky Anderson passed away today, good bye to a worthy opponent and one of the best managers of all time.


A tip of the cap to this season

The season is over for us but the good words roll on, starting with this primo slice of my buddy Prime that I am moving to the front page to house your Monday thoughts and comments about the...


"Walk through hell in a gasoline suit to keep playing baseball"

  Back before pitch counts and steroids and Tommy John, before multi-million dollar contracts, baseball players played sick, played hurt and played for the love of the game. And few played...


Craig Breslow's Strike Three Foundation Charity Blackjack Event

Craig Breslow's Strike Three Foundation


Billy Beane = Brad Pitt = OptimistPrime

Who would have thought that this guy:        Begets this guy...  Begets this guy. You can't spell "Beane" without AN, or "Moneyball" for that matter. And AN will...

My "Moneyball" money ball, so far. Last night had a long conversation with Chad Kreuter, former...


My "Moneyball" money ball, so far. Last night had a long conversation with Chad Kreuter, former Tiger catcher. He is working as the technical director and playing Rick Peterson. What a great guy and shared some awesome Mickey Mantle stories. More to come on that. And the other autograph is Royce Clayton, who is portraying Miggy. It is great being an actor because all the ex-players are really really nice to me!

"Hey Phillip, you look awesome in Green and Gold!"

"Hey Phillip, you look awesome in Green and Gold!"

what I told Philip Seymour Hoffman last night as he strolled around the "Moneyball" set wearing an A's hat. More to come...due to contractual reasons I can't go into more detail until the end of the week.

OptimistPrime is Brad Pitt/Billy Beane in "Moneyball" A full account of the week of filming will be...


OptimistPrime is Brad Pitt/Billy Beane in "Moneyball" A full account of the week of filming will be coming after the end of filming, the incredible story of how I landed the role as Brad Pitts double and tons of photos.


Chez is french for debauchery

This pretty much sums up the evening Goat: The Other, Other White Meat.


Waxing eloquently: No baseball musings about my place in this "world"

I don't use the word hate very often, I think it is an extremely negative emotion and has a violent connotation. However, I will use it in this reference: I hate summer days without baseball. Like...


Leopold Bloom: Real, Urbyn Legend or Rogue Squirrel with an internet connection? Feel free to Dump, Comment or offer your theory

Think about it: We all love him, ROFL at his comments, and yet, has anyone ever seen him in the flesh....or fur?


The Spoils of Mediocrity

Just our luck every year to have a GM who finds a way to be competitive despite a small payroll, stingy ownership group and more injuries than are humanly possible. The caveat to this mediocrity is...


Is this what they really think?!

    Ziggy article


"Diamond seats opening night!" or..."Why I am brown bagging it all week"

Bucket List Items related to the A's: Sit behind home plate for opening night. Attend Fantasy Camp. Sit in a hot tub naked with Stomper (oops, sorry, got my list mixed up with Don's list) Item 1...


An apology to Ray Ratto

  My name is Joe, aka Optimist Prime. I am an A's fan. And that means I read everything I can get my hands on that pertains to the A's. Sometimes when I have down time at my desk, I will search...


Hope springs eternal

I was thinking tonight as I am getting my place ready for the FanFest, thinking about how over the past few springs I get really excited about the team, and by the end of those past few seasons the...


DLD 11-28-09 Bippity, Boppity, Bobby...or, if we wrapped Bobby Crosby in bacon, would he be more desirable?

    Ok my AN friends, this is my first DLD ever, so please, a little mercy if I fall woefully short. I assume most everyone read this article, ESPN, about our Duke. I particularly like how the...


AN Community Action Day, or, Why we are better than you!

                                               Words to live by   Saturday morning, before the world awoke, three dedicated human beings...


Welcome back Kid (The Paul Thomas story)

Everyone can jump on me for the short post if you want, but I will tolerate it.   I just wanted to say, officially, well, officially from me...welcome back Paul Thomas.   Baseball is such a game...


Mr. Bendy, come on down!

Original post   And the winner is.... Ok, so Mr. Bendy is the highest bidder. Since the post is no longer on the front page, and it has been 5 days, I think it fair to award the winning bid...


Bid on a truly unique ball for the Jon Wilhite Fund, or, My awesome day at a crummy game

  Me and Jon Wilhite Read the article in today's OC Register

ESPN tabbing Bailey as potential ROY

Would sure be nice to come out of this season with something positive, and I like that Andrew is getting an early nod for ROY. I got to talk to him at Yankee Stadium and got his autograph, and I was very impressed with his attitude and demeanor. Nice kid!

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