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Enjoy walks in the rain only if I'm walking to watch a Broncos game.

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Keys to winning vs KC (statistics)

4 Sacks/ 0 Turnovers/ 3 Penalties/ 5 for 5 Red Zone/ 4.9 Rushing avg/ All excellent. Great Job Broncos.


The odd, the weird and the strange

Some things that make little to no sense to me so far thru week 9 (not incl Sunday nite game and Monday Nite game).


Jets game thoughts

Despite a game that got away, there were plenty of notables that shed a positive light on Denver's future


How to beat the Jets (one thing)

To me, it's easy. 1st down rush defense. (When I reference 1st down plays I mean the initial play of the new set of downs NOT that the play resulted in a 1st down)


No way Orton, but what about Lloyd (+ poll)

The thought of trading Orton at any point right now seemed ludicrous to me.  He is just playing at too high of a level at the most difficult position on the football field.  I don't care who sits...


Captain Obvious 8 Game Observations - v. Colts

In what is likely a summary of what you'll read everywhere, here are my thoughts of the top 8 key matchups/game plan strategies for Denver-Indy tomorrow. No. 1 - RT Zane Beadles v. DE Robert Mathis ...


Broncos Offensive Drives Analysis - 2nd Half

1st half already posted.


Broncos Offensive Drives Analysis - 1st half

  I had/have a lot of thoughts about the game.  One thing that amazed me was how few points we ended up with.  I decided to break down each drive.  Bear with me if you care to (not sure how this...

Ravens trade for Sea less trade partner for Denver


If the coaches are debating between Nate Jones or Phonz as we get closer to the final cut down date, one of the biggest pursuers of a CB just dropped out for Denver to trade with. Too bad.


Tebow Schism (not an STD, Jared) + poll

  It occurred to me there is certainly a faction of Broncos fans who are disturbed and maybe even paranoid of a rookie QB named Tim Tebow. This will be a short observation, but I am interested as...


Sleeper effect 2010 (+ poll)

  I accidentally ran across this as I was researching a theme to my post.  I get a little sidetracked but bear with me if you wish: HORN. The International Encyclopedia of Communication describes...


Reason #846 I hate the MSM

Chris Mortenson has 2 potential Hall of Famers in Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins and the only thing that gets air time is our 3rd STRING QB?!!!! I like Tebow a lot, but C'MON. How about asking...


On the eve of Training Camp - 6 questions asked and answered (+ poll)

The unbearable part of the summer has passed.  In one week, the Hall of Fame game is played.  FINALLY!  I narrowed my 1,000 questions to 6 and gave my predictions.


Housing, Banks & Bookies

Housing, Banks and now bookies?  Hard to figure out any differences in ethics between the three but the first two have already gone thru their up? Bookies. Some of the brightest...


Ayers an All-Pro in the making? Yep.

  Ayers was dismissed by some as having a poor to mediocre rookie season.  I was "surfing" thru some sites and found some interesting data that I thought might be interesting to some. I decided...

Stokely out of passing camp with shoulder injury


This makes 3 WRs who aren't participating in the onfield reps during the passing camp. On the other hand, Stokley is a proven player who can benefit from rest probably more than he can from these early reps, and in the meantime players like Brandon Lloyd have gotten an opportunity to really stand out with extra time on the field. There is no word as to how serious Stokley's shoulder injury is.

"...Nate Jones (who saw some first-team nickel work Thursday)."


"...Nate Jones (who saw some first-team nickel work Thursday)." - excerpt from today's OTAs

Alphonso Smith remained on the first team in its nickel package. "He’s grown a lot; he had some b...


Alphonso Smith remained on the first team in its nickel package. "He’s grown a lot; he had some bumps along the way but we all do," fellow cornerback Champ Bailey said. "He’s stepped it up quite a bit."

King for a Day (Game)

  I was having a conversation with a buddy about the degree of "fun" one would have being an NFL owner.  Sure you can assume you have all the luxury items you ever wanted (McMansion next to your...


Avoiding Death by a Thousand Cuts... one less will save my butt.

"Death by a thousand Cuts" is a phrase started by a Chinese form of execution that started around 1200 years ago.   It's not for the faint the heart to have witnessed this kind of public punishment...

Scheffler hobbling - NFP


wow. I cant believe we got anything for him. The guy should have medic within 5 feet of him at all times.


Making Cents ($) of our CB position (the Bailey Dilemma) + poll

  With plenty of talk about Orton and his one yr remaining and Doom’s payday ahead (by us or others), one player that will garner a salary equal to or greater than either is likely to be Champ. ...


Great Expectations: Thomas & Decker & the passing game

Now that a new #15 has replaced the old one and a bulk of the future WR stats have moved to Miami, I turned my attention to the new "young guns" which we have re-loaded in the offense. We...


"Running on Empty" - a 2009 analysis of the run game (what's that smell?)

There has been recent discussion and posts regarding the state of Denver's running game last year and found out that my perceived notion that we were lacking in 3rd and short conversions was not...


AFC West draft grades (by me)

Okay, now that the last 3 months of anticipation over, I wanted to see how the AFC West stacks up against each other now.


"Apparently McD isn't supposed to address Denver's problems" and what's to come tomorrow

Addressing problems are what you are supposed to do as an NFL coach.  That's exactly what McD has done. Let's look at it:


Whew! Lets analyze the trades (points-wise) and what picks are left in the draft

Wow.  You can scream and yell about what happened, but nobody had more going on than the Broncos tonight.  Incredible.  Exhausting and exciting.  Let's see what took place:

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