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Current Senior at SU studying biochemistry.

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Shafer Holding Back in OOC?

So I think I tweeted this to Dan during the Rutgers game and he agreed, but does anyone else think Shaefer has been totally holding back on the blitz packages during the out of conference games....


SNY isn't working. Help!

Does anyone else that has TWC in central new york have problems with SNY right now? Everytime I go to the channel all I have is a still screenshot of whatever was on at the moment. If I miss the...


Bad news on WVU home game.

Just learned some bad news about the WVU game that is going to be a friday night national broadcast (I think) game.   Apparently this is going to be the family weekend game. You know what that...

Syracuse To Open on Thursday Night


Cuse football will open Thursday night, September 1st at 8pm against Wake Forest. Another game that won't be a Saturday nooner, and I am very excited for that. Three more months to go folks.

Like we needed more evidence Uconn was full of pansies.


Basically the article says how the UConn crowd yelling and saying "sucks" during player introductions is unsportsmanlike and gives an unfair advantage and needs to be stopped. It gave me a good laugh thinking that theyre are actual students at that silly school that think these things.


TNIAAM Twitter Community

Im not sure if anyone has done this already, or if anyone thinks its creepy, but I think as a way to grow the community it would be cool to share our twitter handles, names, whatever they're...

Michigan fires RichRod


Not like we didnt see this coming. Im guessing Greggers will be gone once the new coach comes in.


Rochester Area QB signs with CUSE Article   Dual threat QB who's 6'3" and 225 lbs. The article says that his coach though he was very under recruited, and those numnbers he put up were pretty impressive.ESPN has him at...

Syracuse 30th in BCS Rankings


We're the highest rated Big East Team, Although I think Pitt should be ahead of, but I'm not complaining. A win this week and maybe some loses by other ranked teams an dI think we get in the Top 25 for the AP and BCS rankings.


Just came back from midnight madness

Some things I noticed; -Rick Jackson looks skinny! I didn't know it was him at first, he's in great shape. -Fab Melo is gonna be a beast. He moves around so quick out there. He was throwing down...

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