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BFTB NCAA Pool: Registration/Brackets lock at 9am


A college basketball pool for BFTB readers.

Playbook Confidential: Let's Talk About Chip Kelly


An in depth look at a possible Norv Turner Replacement.

Game Thread: Chargers at Broncos

The Statistical Outlook is Bleak for San Diego Today

Playbook Confidential: Loss at Tampa Bay


Playbook Confidential: Loss at Tampa Bay

Playbook Confidential : Yards-Per-Play Charts

A graphical view of the Chargers Offense, charting Yards Per Play (YPP) with a Rolling Average.

Chargers Playbook Confidential: 2012 Bye Week

Chargers Playbook Confidential: 2012 Bye Week Extravaganza

Analyzing Philip Rivers' Interceptions

Analyzing Philip Rivers' Interceptions

Does This Catch Look Sticky Assisted?


Does this catch look sticky assisted?

Norv Turner Doesn't Trust his Running Game

Which running back is the starter? Who's the workhorse? Can they get 2 yards rushing when they really need it? Norv doesn't know.

Playbook Confidential: Wasting Turnovers

The San Diego offense wasn't a great as you think it was against the Chiefs, and Ryan Mathews got a lot more playing time and carries than you might have remembered.

Playbook Confidential: Ryan Mathews, Feature Back


Mathews is going to have to solve the pass protection and ball security issues because there is no one else for San Diego to rely on.


NFL Week 2 Ate My Survivor Pool

We started with 100 players in the official BFTB survivor pool this year. Week 1 chopped a relatively modest 15 players; mostly those who inexplicably decided to pin their survivor fates to the S...

Busting the Titans' Zone Coverage

See how Norv Turner called plays to attack the holes in the Tennessee Titans' zone defense.

Chargers Playbook Confidential: Just Enough to Win

Taking a look at how Norv Turner called the offense for the San Diego Chargers' victory over the Oakland Raiders.

Dear Norv: It's Ok to Run on 3rd and Short


The three of you that follow me on twitter know that I am a UCLA alum and fan. UCLA may or may not have just had a signature win tonight with their first year NFL-reject head coach. The thing...

Join the official BFTB Survivor Game

BFTB does a yearly survivor game. Here's your chance to be a part of it in 2012.

Playbook Confidential: Chargers at Vikings


Did we learn anything about Norv Turner's play-calling in the preseason win against the Vikings?

Playbook Confidential: Fun with Small Sample Size


In the first half of the Cowboys game, the 1st team ran 25 scoreless plays, with a 50/50 run/pass split on first down, and very little running on other downs. They moved the ball a total of 121...

Playbook Confidential: 2012 Reboot


The Playbook Confidential series takes a left-brained look at the Chargers offense and how to predict it. We try to correlate the situation (down, distance, game clock) and pre-snap information...

Follow the New Chargers


Follow the New Chargers

Add 2012 Charger Games to your Calendar Automatically


The team official site has a handy dandy tool to add the Chargers schedule to any kind of digital calendar.

Antonio Garay's Funky New Contract


Antonio Garay's new contract with the Chargers isn't exactly player-friendly.

APRIL FOOL'S: Chargers to Host NFL Contest on an Aircraft Carrier


Chargers to Host NFL Contest on an Aircraft Carrier to open 2012 season

Chargers Free Agency: A.J. Smith Avoids Temptation


The San Diego Chargers General Manager continues to build the team for the present and the future, instead of just the present.

Watch Kyle Anderson's High School Title Game from March 20, 2012


St Anthony High School ( NJ ) Vs Plainfield HS ( NJ ) in the title game of the New Jersey Tournament of Champions

Playbook Confidential: Summarizing 2011


Chargers Playbook Confidential. Off-season Edition

The Chargers used up the entire 2011 salary cap

"In our case, we knew that we would be paying incentives that were earned during the season and had not been counting against the Cap ("Not Likely to Be Earned" incentives) in excess of the amount of Cap Room that we had remaining. So, we won’t have any room at the end of the League Year. And we’ll also have an additional amount deducted from next year’s Cap because our incentive adjustment will be more than the Cap space that we had remaining at the end of the season." -Ed McGuire This was already included in the daily link dump, but I thought it was worth emphasizing. Paying out contract incentives caused the team to hit the 2011 cap and even exceed it. The team can not simply 'open up the wallet' and 'stop being cheap'.
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