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I'm Charlie
In the place to be
I go to St. John's University.
Since kindergarten I've acquired the knowledge
and after twelfth grade I went straight to college
and I'm light-skinned
and I live in Queens
and I love eating chicken and collared greens.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL New York Giants
  • NCAAB St. John's Red Storm
  • NHL New York Rangers
User Blog

Recap: Celtics 109, Knicks 98


The Celtics beat the Knicks last night in Albany, but the star of the game was undoubtedly Chris Copeland, who scored a game high 34 points. This is a recap of that game!

Celtics 109, Knicks 98: Copabloandura!


Chris Copeland made the Knicks' preseason loss Saturday an entertaining one, scoring 34 points in a potentially roster-securing effort.

Jeremy Lin's offer sheet is signed, and it's not quite what we expected.


Jeremy Lin has signed an offer sheet from the Houston Rockets for $25 million. The terms of the contract are different from those which were previously reported.

The surreal 2012 NBA Draft


P&T's Osborn visits the Draft.

So Long, William Henry Walker.


A farewell to a bygone Knick.

Back to .500 and intended puns thicken this week's plot


A look at the Knicks' week to come.

Offensive clarity and defensive passion thicken this week's plot


A look at the Knicks' opponents this week.

Contrasting ball discipline thickens this week's plot


A look at the Knicks' games ahead.

The return of friends and enemies thickens this week's plot.


A look at the Knicks' weird week ahead.

Carmelo Anthony's return thickens this week's plot.


A look at the Knicks' week ahead.

Stoudemire's return thickens this week's plot


It'll be interesting to see how well Amar'e Stoudemire blends in with these streaking Knicks.

Knicks 85, Sixers 79: "We are already screaming, bro."


The Knicks beat the red-hot Philadelphia 76ers in Madison Square Garden Wednesday night, stopping their six game win streak in its tracks.

Postgame Thread: Knicks 85, Sixers 79


Postgame Thread: Knicks 85, Sixers 79

Where were you when Jamal Crawford made Dwyane Wade yell "switch!" ?


Where were you when Jamal Crawford made Dwyane Wade yell "switch!" ?


The Pitch Count Experiment Poll

Hello. In this, the era of the pitch count, one reads, sees and hears things he or she would not have read, seen or heard say, twenty years ago. "Hughes isn't going to exceed 75 pitches in his...

Shumpert Working Out with Jarrett Jack


Iman Shumpert, according to Marc Berman, according to Realgm, has been working out at Georgia Tech with alum Jarrett Jack to keep himself on track to improvin'. If anyone can find this Post interview in full, could you post it in the comments? Thanks guys and gals! And for anybody trying to beat the heat out there today, just iso Chris Bosh and force LeBron into long jumpers.

Will Lockout Harm Shumpert's Progress as a Knick?


Rob Mahoney just wrote a new article, replete with youtube vidz, exploring New York's newest first round pick and theorizing how the lockout can and will hurt his development as a professional basketball player. In other rookie news, Jerome Jordan's agent is working to find him somewhere to play in Europe that will allow him an opt-out clause during the season, so he could theoretically join the Knicks as soon as the lockout ends. It's from yesterday, but Berman's got you.

Thoughts on the Knicks' NBA Draft


Some thoughts about Donnie Walsh's final draft for the Knicks, including Iman Shumpert and Walsh's relative inactivity.


NBA Finals Game Three Open Thread: 6/5/11

First game in Dallas! It should be pretty wild, considering...well...everything. Let's hope it's as great as game two! Tip's at 8!

Celtics 113, Knicks 96: "I think my eyes are bleeding"


A recap of Game Three: Celtics at Knicks.

Postgame Thread: Celtics 113, Knicks 96


Sorry this is a little late guys, I was a little preoccupied. Continue commenting here. I'll almost certainly get a recap up later tonight. Until then, please be nice to each other and continue...

Game Three Second Half Thread: Celtics at Knicks- 4/22/11


Celtics 52, Knicks 44. Continue commenting here. Melo looking terrible, STAT looking hobbled, Ray Allen looking like Jesus of Nazareth in his prime. Let's hope Bill Walker isn't the best player for...


Game Three Thread: Celtics at Knicks- 4/22/11

Game Three Thread: Celtics at Knicks. Must-win!

Friday Impostors


Links to prepare you for Celtics vs. Knicks Game 3.

"Just to see what it feels like in 48 hours, obviously we're kind of in that stage now and just...


"Just to see what it feels like in 48 hours, obviously we're kind of in that stage now and just hoping for the best," Billups said Thursday. "I've given myself the best chance—I'm just hoping at this point."

Kevin Clark, WSJ Things are not looking good for Chauncey, who reportedly felt worse today than yesterday. STAT info in there as well. "STAT info" sounds redundant. Everyone knock on something wooden.

Game Day Youtube Therapy


Twelve Youtube clips for Knicks fans to watch in preparation for Game Two vs. The Boston Celtics.

Our Head Honcho Turns 22!


That's right, it is happening: Seth Rosenthal is growing up before our very eyes! Last year I put up an embarrassing photo of Seth, and this year Gian and I are planning to do the same, on a...

I am delighted to introduce you to Renaldo Balkman


Here's Charles with a li'l primer on the REAL centerpiece of last night's blockbuster deal. I'd also like to submit this for those of you unfamiliar with his Humptyness.-Seth I became a basketball...


What are your top 10 Favorite Albums of all time?

Simple question. You can list them, describe them, whatever. The only thing I ask is that you don't criticize other peoples' opinions. Music is a big deal to a lot of people, so have discussions,...

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