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I'm Charlie
In the place to be
I go to St. John's University.
Since kindergarten I've acquired the knowledge
and after twelfth grade I went straight to college
and I'm light-skinned
and I live in Queens
and I love eating chicken and collared greens.

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  • MLB New York Yankees
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User Blog

Am I right or am I left? A different perspective on the Knicks wing positions


An analysis of floor percentages and how they relate to wing pairs for the New York Knicks.

Knicks give Ewing Jr. a non-guaranteed, roster-dependent contract


Clarification on Patrick Ewing Jr.'s non-guaranteed contract with the New York Knicks.

One aspect of Amar'e Stoudemire's game that should improve without Steve Nash.


One aspect of Amar'e Stoudemire's game that should improve without Steve Nash.

A few thoughts concerning the Knicks and wholesale substitutions.


Recently it came up that the Knicks are in the market for a horribly incapable offensive player with negative 4.5 percent body fat and warped Will-Smith features. Well, about an hour ago I read...

Chris Duhon is an upgrade over Jason Williams (though not by much) and Quentin Richardson over Matt...


Chris Duhon is an upgrade over Jason Williams (though not by much) and Quentin Richardson over Matt Barnes, but these are minor gains for the Magic. The team is essentially same-old same-old, and the next major move must wait until Vince Carter comes off the books next summer. Examining Eastern Teams The best part? I think they're serious.

A Recklessly Early Evaluation of Andy Rautins, Landry Fields and Jerome Jordan


Are three Summer League games enough for a full evaluation of Andy Rautins, Landry Fields and Jerome Jordan? No, be we do it anyway.

One Thought and Four Questions regarding the "New Knicks"


How did the Knicks get so tall? A few questions and comments on the current state of the New York Knicks.

In case of sign-and-trade with Warriors, what's your (Realistic!) wish list?

  1. Anthony Randolph
  2. Brandan Wright
  3. Anthony Morrow
  4. Monta Ellis
  5. Kelenna Azubuike

Knicks Summer League Roster


Howard Beck just twat some familiar names: Pat Ewing Jr., Marcus Landry, Landry Fields, Fields Ewing Jr., Junior Fields Ewing. You get the picture. If anyone can find a more reputable link, please let me know. Good day!

Things not to do!

  1. Watch ESPN/Read
  2. Listen to "experts"
  3. Rely on "sources"
  4. The opposite of what Toney Douglas do
  5. Get your hopes up

David Lee: If You're Reading This, Please Don't Leave


David Lee: If You're Reading This, Please Don't Leave

You Should and Should Not be Angry: Two Draft Perspectives.


Because I am a New York Knickerbockers fan, last night was distressing for me. I waited about three hours for the first round to end so I could count in my head all the "slipped" prospects we could...

Draft Overflow 2010!


New round, new thread. That shit was getting out of control. Let's hope this draft follows suit!

Gian Casimiro, after receiving a promise from the Orlando Magic, holds a jersey with his new...


Gian Casimiro, after receiving a promise from the Orlando Magic, holds a jersey with his new number. Congratulations, Gian!

Osborn Laboratories: 37 Draft Prospects


I chose 37 players to assess, ranging everywhere in the draft from the teens to the undrafted, These players, a couple of which I've never actually seen live, have been analyzed and studied in...

Live! From New York! It's the 2010 NBA Free Agency Period!


MSG is planning to air a live half-hour show at the stroke of midnight on the opening day of free agency. Who's watching, who thinks it's stupid, and most importantly; what does Freebradshaw think of this not-so-surprising opportunism?

C'mon, Seriously?


"C'Mon LeBron: The Movement," has begun in New York, and has recruited Mayor Bloomberg for a PSA-type thing. There's a more lengthy article about it on ESPN, which also explains Chicago has launched a similar campaign in attempt to persuade a certain player. I don't like stuff like this, but hey; it's News.

Walt Frazier for Assistant Coach


Walt "Clyde" Frazier, graduate of Southern Illinois University, played basketball for two teams throughout his career, the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and symmetrically excelled at...

Tracy McGrady to Hufflepuff: Put Your Sorting Hats On!


Those of you who have followed this site for a minute are already aware that my favorite player in recent Knicks-tory is Renaldo Balkman. Why did I like him so much? Well, he was the ultimate...

Pondering Points: Agent Zero, Spending Money and "Windtalkers"


It’s 2:00am and I’m watching "Windtalkers," starring Nicolas Cage, which is absolutely awful. It’s the night following the draft lottery, which affects us every year no matter what. The Knicks did...

Hawks Considering Selling 1st Round Pick to Retain Joe Johnson: Knicks Implications


I haven't posted anything in awhile (I'm ass-deep in school work, which is no excuse. Expect another Cruel Summer article very soon), but I read this brief RealGM article and couldn't help but...

Knicks 117, Warriors 128: "We are making the Warriors look like the Showtime Lakers."


You got that right, Rohpuri! David Lee is now 180 triple-doubles shy of Oscar Robertson’s all-time record. Lee, who recorded his first career triple-double with an astonishing 37-20-10, tied his...

Donnie's Choice: Which Big Name Power Forward Fits Best with the 2010 Knicks?


(Note: This column was originally titled "The Chris Bosh Conundrum" when I started writing it a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, an article was published by Andrew Sharp with the EXACT SAME NAME....

Cruel, Cruel Summer: Our Free Agent Options at Power Forward


Now I know what you're all thinking: "Wait a second, our best player is a power forward!" Correct. However, this column is going to operate under the assumption that the five players we are...

Cruel, Cruel Summer: Our Free Agent Options at Center


The trade deadline came and went this year, shuffling out old, bad players (Hughes, Jeffries) as well as young energy guys (Robinson, Hill) and getting in return more young energy guys (Walker,...

3-5-2010 (Unoffical) Recap: Raptors 102, Knicks 96 "Sonny effing Weems?"


Editor's Note: This is a superb effort at a game recap. Rohpuri really stepped in for me, as my NBA League Pass Broadband screwed up and blacked out the game. Thanks to him and all of you who...

Happy Birthday Seth!


Today, March 3rd, 2010, marks the day our fearless leader, Seth Rosenthal, turns 21 years of age! Leave your birthday wishes here, or post silly shit that you think he might appreciate. Have a good...

Playbook Pilfering #4: The Streaking Wilson and You


It’s been such a long time! I’ve got another edition of Playbook Pilfering for everyone, although I feel obligated to give a disclaimer: I have not pilfered this play, in the traditional sense of...

Consider this required reading.

19's Christopher Reina breaks down every scenario for this summer. This should answer some questions.

Oh word, Tracy?


What's everyone think of this shit? I want him to elaborate.

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