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Breaking Down the 49er Running Game Part 2 : Base Defense

A quick overview of run defense concepts as the second part in a series understanding the 49er running game.

Breaking Down the 49er Running Game Part 1 : Abstract Football

First post in a series looking "ground-up" at the 49er running game. This time we'll be talking about some of the fundamental concepts that every running scheme uses to create success.

How Alex Smith beat the Saints

These are the kind of throws we need to see him consistently make this upcoming season.


Where is the faith in Chilo Rachal?

To start I want to say that this is partly tongue in cheek poking fun at ourselves and partly to open up a discussion on a topic that hasn't seen much talk. Since the season ended, it seems like...

Any Given Sunday

Pick any team. Follow the circle clockwise. That is the "Team A beat Team B who beat Team C who beat Team D" chain that is the argument for every single team being the best in the NFL by association.


Way too early 49er 2012 Draft ( 8-1 Pregame Edition )

Nine games into the season and we are 8-1 with 5 of our 6 divisional games left to go. Who's got it better than us? NOBODY! But that doesn't mean we can't continue to add talent to this roster and...


Way to early 49er 2012 Draft (Bye Week Edition)

Six games into the season we're sitting at 5-1 with a three game lead in the NFC West, although either the Seahawks or Cardinals can cut that to 2 with a win this Sunday while we are resting....


Way too early 49er 2012 Draft ( Quarter Season Edition)

Four games into the season we're sitting at 3-1 with a two game lead in the NFC West. However, this team does have some glaring weaknesses that have been detrimental to the development of our team...

Alex Smith Sack Charting Results (FO)

The short and sweet version is that out of 121 attempts charted Alex has only taken 2 sacks of 3 seconds or longer, which is above the NFL average and sandwiched between Rogers/Manning and Schaub/Romo. Alex has taken 8 sacks of 2.5 seconds or less which is the worst percentage of "short sacks" in the NFL. Bottom line, our line is killing us. Good news from around the division, Bradford and Kolb are the two worst QBs in the NFL at taking "long sacks", or holding on to the ball too long. Our pass rushers should have 4 great games.

PFF Final Grading As Requested (Aldon Smith)

Aldon Smith got increased playing time from 36% of snaps to 54% of snaps. Game charting showed him at 2 sacks, a hit, and four hurries, one each against Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters.

Norris makes the PFF starting lineup!

Unfortunately it was the all-had-a-bad-day-team. Can't run, can't catch, can't block -- why is he on this team again?

Niners Nation International Userstyle

This is a user-style that I wrote to modify the CSS of Niners Nation with the international fan in mind, although fans in the US may enjoy the de-cluttered look as well. Originally I wrote it for my own benefit, but thought I would share it for those that might want to try it out. I wanted the site to render faster and didn't care about anything else going on in the Bay Area or with other sports or teams in the NFL, or with any of the affiliated sites that were eating up sidebar space. So all that is gone. To install this user-style you will need Stylish for Firefox or one of the many CSS modification extensions for Google Chrome. I don't know if it will work in Opera and don't think there is any way to work with user-styles in Internet Explorer. To clarify, this will still download these page elements but will instruct your browser to not display them, which should increase the render speed of the page and give a much cleaner look and feel. Edit : Screenshots now available Stock Niners Nation Simple / International Niners Nation

Luck Returning to Stanford

Andrew Luck declares he is returning to Stanford and will not enter the NFL Draft.

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