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User Blog

Euro 2012 Live Discussion

Whattup fellas. The European Championships are well underway and the tournaments starts for real tonight with Netherlands taking on Denmark and Germany playing Portugal. All you Europeans come by...


Help me get a job

Okay so after drinking 4 of my own homemade 4 lokos I sat up until 8am this morning posting on BE. I then went to bed and couldn't sleep. A combination of the obscene amounts of caffeine in my...


Debunking the myth: Matching winners vs losers

Okay so I've finally gotten round to making this fan post about something that has been bothering me for a while. After just about every fight event, we as fans begin to play fantasy match maker....


Killa B is fighting tonight!

Haven't seen too much coverage of Bellator this week so I thought I'd throw up a reminder that Ben 'Killa B' Saunders is fighting tonight, in a few hours actually. He is fighting Bryan Baker for a...

TUF Brazil Episode 3 - http://www.ufc.com/tuf-brasil-episodes


TUF Brazil Episode 3 - http://www.ufc.com/tuf-brasil-episodes


Winter Is Coming. Again

Yes that's right. Game of Thrones returns to our screens tonight and after re-watching season 1 over the past 2 days (thank God I did) the anticipation is high. On that note I decided it was...


OT: Apps and Games for iPhone and Android

I'm bored. So I thought I'd create this thread for people to discuss, recommend and rate games and apps for the iphone, ipod touch or andorid. I myself rock a 2nd gen bad boy ipod touch. It's...


Fights you've never seen (but really should have)

Oh hi there. Okay so when they announced the Rampage Shogun fight today I realised that I had never seen the first one. Off I went to the interwebs and found a not so legal link and watched it....


Nick Diaz - The Musical

Yes. I know. Another Nick Diaz fanpost. But this one is different. It has the answers you've been waiting for. I've discovered why Diaz is like he is. He's just bad kid. (Please watch this. It will...


The Official BE UFC Drinking Game

Belitists! Mount Up! I've taken the time from my busy schedule (lawl) to scowl the internet for an official drinking game specifically for BE. This included visting such quality websites as...


Carlos Condit and the big 'what if?'

Seeing as Carlos Condit is headlining this weekend's main event and is fighting for the interim title, I though it was a good time to review his career so far in the UFC whilst also researching...

ESPN Free weekend


ESPN in the UK is going to be free the weekend of the Diaz/Condit fight. This will officially be the first time I've ever legally watched a UFC event in my own house. Woo. During the weekend you can also catch a premiership match, two bundsaliga games and two Serie A games and some NBA stuff too


The last 10 fighters to miss weight and their results

Is missing weight an advantage or disadvantage? Its the age old question. Except not really. Do fighters that miss weight have an added edge because they are clearly going to be bigger and probably...


Breaking news on Fuel TV 142 Weigh-ins

Don't know if you guys had noticed but Dana's facebook and robably twitter had this message up today: BREAKING NEWS from UFC Rio live on @FUELTV at 1pm on west coast and 4pm east coast!! Watch...


BE CW Indivisual results: UFC 140

Whaddup gangstas? Well we have reached the end of the road. The final event of the first bloody elbow cival war. What a war its been and what an event to go out on. In the immortal words of Vinne...


BE CE Individual Results: TUF 14 Finale

Whatup gangstas? So.. that happened I guess? Putting this out there nice and early. Lots of people either missed picks or only picked the 2 fights that were announced ages ago. I tried to tally up...


BE CW Individual Results: 139

Whatup gangstas? Okay so after last weeks drunken fiasco I am back on point and (mostly) sober to bring you motherless fucks the results for 139 and the penultimate event for the season (right?)....


BE CW: FOX 1 Indivdual results

whatup gangstas? I cannot stress this enough. I am completely blitzes and refuse to correct any spelling m,istakes as i thing it will be homourous in the morning. I wAS gonna post this earlier but...


BE Civil War: 138 Individual Results

Whatup gangsters? After last weeks pretty shitty event we had a pretty shitty looking card which turned out to be a great night of fun free MMA. Some of the scores however were still pretty shitty...


BE Civil War: 137 Individual Results

Whatup gangsters? First off, I was pretty tempted to sweep this miserable event under the rug and just hide out for a week because of my awful score but pretty much everyone sucked so fuck it....


BE CW Individual Rankings (136)

Whatup gangsters? The Civil War's fourth event is in the books and the table is starting to take shape. The average for this event seemed slightly higher than the last probably due to the amount of...


BE CW Indivdual rankings

Another week, another superb from the UFC. This one was particularly awesome, struves trinagle, Yves TKO, Danzig/Wigman's war and a pretty entertaining main event. The CW points also make for some...



Due to Bloody Elbow's shocking neglegence of a live thread for last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter (I expected this after a while but ALREADY?!) I have taken it upon myself to create this...


Civil War Individual Rankings

Okay bitches second round is over and since I sucked so bad I thought I owed one to our captain and leader JDH so I've began to collect everyones scores for the first two events. Unfortunately...

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