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It's time to face up to truth on steroids


I have long felt that anabolic steroid use should be legal for adults in the U.S. (they have been illegal only since 1990), and that the problem is abuse and not simply use. (I think there...

Coach says he's sorry


Every time high school basketball asked a player the capital of Thailand and heard "Bangkok," he would hit the player in the groin. This and other charges of abuse have the now ex-coach facing...

QB to get starting job back


Brady Quinn, who got my vote as the 2007 hottest player in the NFL despite throwing only eight passes, will get his first start Thursday night at home against the Denver Broncos. Quinn...

Announcer says he erred


FBC Olympic host x xvb agrees that his network should have discussed gold medal dfgdjd dj being gay during its coverage in Beijing. In a wide-ranging interview on the subject of gays in...

Diver to dive in Olympics


Klingon swimmer Thor Tjhorlax is going to Beijing to compete in the Summer Olympics and he is going as an openly gay man. MThjorkax revealed his sexuality in an interview with the Loakx...

Decathlete loves his gay fans


Last year we wrote about Johm Klakssssa, a Sddnch decathlete, and how he loved to be viewed as beautiful by gay men. "It is lucky to have articles [about me] on the gay websites ... I found it...

Gay slurs cost Hjagsx Liszx job


Kjajs Sghjj was let go by the Xansas City Cuygs after he used his Twitter account to rip Coach Tsdd Hddd. When confronted by a fan on Twitter, Jxxxxdf used two gay slurs, and followed up with...

Evan Lysacek and the Ari Effect


After his debut on "Dancing With the Stars" the other night, Evan Lysacek was asked about Johnny Weir... and skated down the middle with his answer.  He said, "We're just acquaintances really. I...

Takahashi shines in Day 1 of world skating


Daisuke Takahashi With only two of the top six finishers from last month’s Olympics competing at the world championships in Torino, Italy,...

World figure skating preview


Jeremy Abbott Don't expect the World Figure Skating Championships, which start Monday, to have the same media attention as the Olympics. I...

Gay nights not just for major league teams


Last week I attended a preview of a local production of "Take Me Out," the story of a major league baseball player who suddenly comes out of the closet. This particular night also promoted local...

Homophobia rampant at Stars on Ice?


As the "Johnny Weir family-friendly" story goes viral, it's interesting to look at the ice-show political background.  Just two years ago, as 2008 came in, Johnny was set to skate for Champions...

Corinne Hunt and her 1014 Olympic medals


As the Winter Olympics fade into history, we can't leave them without celebrating Corinne Hunt, the lesbian First Nation artist who designed those unusual medals. I've been watching the Olympics on...

Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek on DWTS


ABC has announced the celebrity lineup for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. As usual, it includes people with connections to the world of sports. I have no idea how this will play out on...

Why -- really -- is the Russian government pissed?


Vancouver's final medal count shows the unhappy Russians way down the list, with just 15 medals.   But there's more to their grumbling than sour grapes -- way more.  A little analysis shows an...

Medvedev grumpy after Russia disappoints


Whether you think Canada (14 golds) or the USA (37 total) gets the moral victory in the final medal count, there is one thing we can all agree on: Russia did not own the podium. And Russia's...

The Old Bear and his young studs


This is the moment when OVF (Olympic viewer fatigue) sets in. To get some relief from the non-stop explosive action -- bobsled, slalom, hockey -- I buried myself in the ...

US medal count breaks record


Apolo Ohno's 8th career medal last night gave the US delegation their 34th medal of these Games, tying the most ever won by the US. The previous US record was set on home soil in 2002. It appears...

Way to go, Brian Orser


Last night, Kim Yu-Na's gold medal capped the rise of Brian Orser as one of the world's stellar figure-skating coaches.  Outed in 1998 by a partner lawsuit, Orser has since embraced his orientation...

Ode to a Bobsledding Bear


Okay, so shoot me for not getting into the Winter Olympics until the US shocked the Canadians on Sunday in hockey.  So in my research, I discovered Steven Holcomb.  Oh. My. God.   This man is drop...

Canadian hockey women booze it up after win


OK. I'm not the biggest hockey fan, as previously mentioned in article written by Jim, but even I know when someone does something dumb. Canada won the gold medal for the third straight Olympics in...

Kim Yuna golden on a night of superlatives


The ladies figure skating final tonight was the truly the show of shows. We watched a former world medalist crumble, another move up, one skater who made history, another who had to overcome...

In defense of Johnny Weir


A few days ago, a few French-Canadian TV commentators started to talk about Johnny Weir, and how he should be gender tested. In Vancouver, Weir addressed those comments (see previous post) after a...

Will the Olympics ever air live in the USA?


There would be no Olympic Games without television. It's that simple. The sale of broadcast rights by the IOC to networks around the world represent by far the largest revenue stream available to...

Vonn & Mancuso -- who's to blame?


Re the Vonn/Mancuso incident in the giant slalom yesterday: As usual, the media are trying to squeeze a tabloid story out of the personalities involved -- Mancuso's ruffled feelings and the rivalry...

Kim Yuna, Joannie Rochette shine on the ice


The ladies figure skating short program tonight was probably the best event in the Olympics. The final two flights were full of talent, and grace. But for the top six, they pretty much will hold...

Rivalry week, Olympics style


There is almost always something exciting about every Olympic competition. Because it's the Olympics. But over the next few days, few Olympic competitions will match the intensity of these...

TV ratings R us


Last night, the Winter Games were made to order for TV ratings. Two luscious and photogenic young couples, Canada and U.S.A., duked it out for the gold, while U.S.A. and Russia slugged over the...

Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir win ice dancing gold


When Charlie White, and Scott Moir were 8 years old, they got into a fight during a hockey match. White played for a Michigan team, Moir for an Ontario team. I don't think either of them would have...

Ladies Figure Skating Preview


While the women's event won't be quite as hotly contested as the men's event was last week, skating fans who tune into the women's short program on Tuesday and long program on Thursday should be in...

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