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Koozies are finally done and they be BANGIN, yo!!!


After screwing around with several vendors, a couple of which had the best intentions and one who was just a fuck off, the koozies are done and will be mailed out this Thursday. Here's a pic of them, some SUBZERO dickishness, the console of his Prius and his brothers upper thigh, love handle area.


Final Design Colors Poll: RCR Koozies

Here are the final 5 color options. We need to get a rough idea of a quantity to order, but you are not required to buy what you vote for or comment on. We're just trying to reduce the number of...

Dear Bud & MBob: Regarding the Georgia Tech PSA...

It's mind-boggling that this is still a discussion.

Why does the BOWL COVERAGE story still have 32 new comments?

It's driving me fucking crazy. I've been to all 12 "stories" under that post title, seen all the comments. Yet it still shows 32 "New" comments... STOP IT!!!!!!!!


Changing WAOM

Could this signal the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning of "We Are Ole Miss"?


My coworkers are going to be sick to their stomachs after hearing this ALL FUCKING DAY!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU VANDY, WE'RE COMING FOR YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!


Okay Andy, Where are you going with this?

Ole Miss Rebel basketball fans just want to win. Is that too much to ask, Andy?


King Kobraz say: "We got your 15 minutes of fame RIGHT HERE!!!"

It appears that the King Kobraz are filming another Feed Moncrief video at VHS tomorrow night at 7pm. Anyone in Oxford who does NOT show up for this is a sucka-ass, punk bitch. Even if you can't...


I know this is picking nits, but it is possible to change the title at the top of the home page to Ole Miss Rebels community?

I'll humbly accept any and all deserved ridicule for this request, but it's something that just bothers me a little.


RebChuck!?! Wherefore art thou, RebChuck???

It's North Face Day, good sir. Stand up and be recognized for your contribution to Meteorological Frattyness every where. Also, and more importantly, a few of us were hoping you are still...

Birth of Randy Kennedy

I move that the Birth of Randy Kennedy be formally added to the "Best of RCR" archives to be enjoyed by future RCR generations.

Anyone else feel like Jeremy Grey after that baseball game? Thanks Mike. I can't decide whether...

Anyone else feel like Jeremy Grey after that baseball game? Thanks Mike. I can't decide whether you gave me a nude gay art show or an S&M midnight rape.


Hey BrandonBP, please respond.

Neal McCready ADMIN Post #12307 Oxford, Miss Interesting quote you ought to read I'm not putting this in the notebook I'm working on, in large part because I sometimes get sick of the...


A word of caution, my partners in shadenfreude.

I have to qualify this post with an admission up front. I'm loving this shit. It's delicious and fantastic to watch the unabashed, psychotic, hysteria sweeping through Razorback nation right now....

Stop it, really, stop it. That's so nice of you. Really. I don't know what to say, Please, I'm blushing.

I'd like to thank Doug, Johnathan and Roleplayer for providing a semi-worthy back drop to my unstoppable march to the March Madness crown in the RCR Bracket Challenge. Though I could not be vanquished, tis not the fault of lesser men. My picks were simply unbeatable, untouchable and so fresh and so clean, clean. My condolences to the un-winners. My sincerest gratitude to the organizers for providing the canvas on which to paint this glorious masterpiece at the expense and chagrin of those less fortunate than I. I AM A GOLDEN GOD!!!!!!!!! [ETA: Well damn, I guess this means we've got to give you a prize. We'll be in touch. Congrats, OPR.]

Don't look now, ladies, but Daddy is tied for first in the RCR Bracket Challenge.

It appears that Roleplayer and I have separated ourselves from the rif raf below and are heading into a Final Four show down of epic proportions. Because we both have UK in the final from the SW regions it won't make much difference if UL beats UK as far as our outcome. On the other side, however, RP has tOSU in the final with UK and I have clearly chosen more wisely in KU to face UK (agreeable symmetry is my guiding philosophy in all matters sporting). So, he needs tOSU to win, I need KU to win. Who you gonna back? this entire arrogant, self aggrandizing post is meant in complete and total jest, as my bracket was literally a last minute task performed as I was leaving the office a few weeks ago. My condolences that you have to face an ill-prepared moron in the finals RP. You deserve a more capable enemy.

Where do I sign up for the Bjork Banner Fund?

  2. or maybe "WE WILL, WE WILL, BJORK YOU"
  3. or possibly "LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF BJORKS WAY!!!"

REAL stories of the Panama City Police - Enricky Edition

Panama City, FL--Just a couple of days ago, Mosley alum and Ole Miss senior running back Enrique Davis took part in the Rebel's pro day workout in front of NFL scouts and coaches. Monday...

Possibly NSFW, but absolutely WORTH IT. And yes, I'm aware that this has nothing to do with OM...

Possibly NSFW, but absolutely WORTH IT. And yes, I'm aware that this has nothing to do with OM sports, do you care? Cause I don't.


I'll make you a deal, Andy.

You provide the OM fanbase with a decent, productive and relative on court product to be proud of, and the fans, Alumni and students will go bug-fucked nuts with support, atmosphere and enthusiasm....


What's that Chuck? You think OM fans need to stop bitching about Walker Jones being rumored as the next AD??? My internet hero issues a retort.

What follows is a post by one of the most prolific smart-asses in the webosphere. He perfectly captures my feelings about Chucks condescending, arrogant and contemptuous tongue lashing issued to...


Hey Santa, have a seat big guy. We need to talk.

So. It's been... uh, a while. Last time we talked I used a few to many adjectives and four letter words, I know. But damn dude, you really made be believe I was getting that Mongoose with pegs,...

The tired Ole Miss helmet on the West side of VHS has been painted over. Now, what do we put up...

The tired Ole Miss helmet on the West side of VHS has been painted over. Now, what do we put up there in it's stead? Red Script Ole Miss. Charmin Ultra Soft bears wiping with MSU logo shitter paper. Pete Boone caricature in which he wipes his ass with OM Nat'l Champ banners. 2003 SECW Banner What say you?

GTFO Boston, you're off the clock.

Senquez wants to play ball at Ole Miss, not Beantown. Now, how do we keep them from using the phone for the next 63 days...


HEY DAN JONES!!! Are you aware that in the past 40 years, Ole Miss athletics are a JOKE?!?!

So there's been some buzz about the tuberwebs in these here parts, regarding a letter sent to Doctah Jones from some concerned Rebel fans and Alumni.  It was all very hush, hush to start with. ...


OPR parties with RCR. Boilin bugs and givin ladies hugs.

[ED: Frontpag'd. Oxpatch, words can't express how welcomed this post is. With the worst Rebel sports year since the Reagan Administration sticking one foot in its shallow, watery grave after this...


Dear Jeremiah,

ED: Frontpag'd I'm not sure.  I mean, honestly, I've talked about doing it myself once or twice, but I've never gotten around to actually doing it.  I was real, real damn close in '03 when we...


Aiiight ladies. Pull up those pantyhose, powder those noses and let's brain storm some shit.

HDN is in dire need of some motivational techniques here folks.  The master motivator is dragging the bottom of the barrel and it ain't pretty.  We need some suggestions for a speaker to visit...


Soooo, ahhh, not that RCR ain't kewl but,

Anyone know what the hell is up with NAFOOM?  Been down all day, and so is the Sixpack.  Obviously it's server issues, but any idea about time frame for repair? words words words words words w...


Unaffiliated, Uncouth and Possibly Raucous Pre-game Gathering Tonight.

[ED: Frontpag'd. Thanks Oxpatch.] This is a city known for food, booze, music and nudity. Tell me, why aren't you going to be there this weekend? My bad for the late timing, but these things...

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