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Your End of the Season Standings Predictions

Just wanted to make a fanpost about seeing what everyone thinks is gonna happen this season standings wise. With offseason moves and a shortened season, you never know what to expect. Pretty much...


Don't shoot, but what would you follow if the NHL goes lockout?

What will hockey fans do if the NHL has another lockout?


Why puckmoving d-men are more important then you think.

I think it's pretty safe to say that some concluded a lack of mobile/puckmovers on the blueline is one of the reasons we had some trouble with offense. D-men that can jump into rushes/plays, make a...


Give us your predictions! 2012 NHL hockey events!

I just wanted to create a bunch of questions on some NHL topics that "intrigue" me and see what everyone here thinks about what the outcomes will be, etc. Here is the list of questions: 1....


What are Garth's(Wang) short term and long term plans?

This is all speculative (and observive, is that a word?), and I would love feedback and guesses, but I'm really curious as to what Garth is thinking/planning with some of his moves. I think...


Are there any top 4 d-men out there? An advanced stats perspective.

Obviously our defensive depth was a huge issue this year. Staios/Eaton/Jurcina/Mottau all this year proved themselves to be arguably sub-par bottom pair d-men in one way or another. Garth wanted...


Does winning really mean much right now?

In no way am I advocating tanking, deliberate losing or hoping for losing, I just want to seriously ask this question and see what people's opinions are here. Personally, we have an extremely...


Okposo, better than people seem to give him credit for

Some people have seemed to under appreciate and even undervalue “23yrs old proven top 6 checking forward” Kyle Okposo’s offensive prowess and overall game from my view lately. So I just wanted...


Why losing PAP wouldn't hurt as much as you think

Yes, losing a top 6 playmaking forward would hurt, but not nearly as much as one would think. Yes, I think PA is a solid top 6 forward right now, but not nearly as good as his numbers suggest for...

Is JT becoming one of the best puck thiefs in the NHL?


He's right now 4th in the NHL among forwards in the takeaways category, ahead of grabner too. Interesting and likely means JT is an even better defensive/2-way forward then one would think(although takeaways aren't everything). Looking at the list though, there are a lot of isles in the top 30, so take this with a grain of salt, but still JT is likely an above average puck theif in the NHL easily.


Nielsen is an elite 2nd line center, and should be a meaningful part to this team's future.

I know I made a: “Why Frans Nielsen is an above average-great 2nd line center, and capable for that role on even a playoff team” months ago, but since we are talking so much about the future right...


Is Reasoner really an upgrade over Konopka? Numbers say no.

People always seemed to have cried for Konopka in the offseason, earlier this season, and it’s still ongoing. Some dismiss it as people who love “teh gritz” and fighting, but when you look at...


Losing which 1 player would hurt this team the most this year?+

A question I wanted to ask everyone here about and get their opinions on. Which player, and players in order too if possible do you think would hurt this team the most if they got hurt for the...


An evaluation and outlook at Bailey's future

I really wanted to make a reply in the Bailey 25U25 thread, but I just created too much information to put it in a single repy so I made this fanpost. I think if we are gonna talk about Bailey, we...


Funny somewhat random questions and observations

Have all the Islanders Yashin jerseys been burned? Or is it a sin to still wear one? I never see them around anymore.   Would it be awkward to wear or make an Islanders Chara jersey with a C on...


DiPietro-Was he ever a quality goaltender?

I'm just a little tired of the DP debating and this and that, so I just want to point out Rick's history in net "before" he got hurt. The stats: h...

With all these suspensions starting, are enforcers gonna be pointless?


Honestly, the NHL is getting their crap together and if Shanahan takes his job seriously, which it looks like, the Gillies and heavyweight enforcers of the NHL will be pointless(if they weren't already argued semi-useless and bad hockey players). It really looks like the NHL enforcer is going to become useless or eventually suspended out of the league. If Gillies did what he did last year to Tangradi and Clutterbuck, I don't think we'd have him to start this season due to suspensions, I'm not even sure we'd have him for 1/2 the season this year. It looks like we finally get some justice, gonna love to see how this plays out during the season.


Does garth have something up his sleeve before the season/early-season?

Just looking at the salary floor situation, it's hard to look and not think that Garth is going to do something before the season or early in the season to help us with our cap floor situation....

Where would you rank Marc Staal among NHL D-men? Top 60? Top 40? Top 30? I'd say top 30,...


Where would you rank Marc Staal among NHL D-men? Top 60? Top 40? Top 30? I'd say top 30, "arguably" higher. But wondered where any of you knowledgable folks would rank him. Didn't want to make this a fanpost because I didn't feel like writing and bringing up all the stats and discussion unless needed.


Why Nielsen is an above average-great 2nd line center, and capable for that role on even a playoff team:

1-His defensive abilities are high-end. Any person eligible for Selke candidate votes is usually a great defensive forward, and Nielsen is no exception. His size does limit him “at times”, but not...

Crosby probably not ready for season opener. Shero talks about it.


If you haven't heard already, there is a report from a reliable hockey journalist hearing that Crosby likely won't be ready for the season opener and that he is still exhibiting post-concussion syndromes from his workouts. When good news from your GM is that Crosby hasn't been shutdown from working out yet, things aren't looking really positive. In conclusion, he's had some post-concussion syndromes while working out but not enough of them to shutdown his workouts. And Shero is looking at things long term for Crosby, so I'd say don't expect him to start the season.


How good will our offense be next year? Likely ~10th best.

I thought about this after the LitterBoxCats at the Panther forum here predicted us finishing in the top 5 in goals scored next year, which is a interesting and puzzling at 1st glance. Now, I don't...

Kuba and/or Gonchar on the block, anyone want either?


As the title states. We are still missing our top 4 d-man garth promised, so does anyone want either if given an option to obtain one cheaply(what it sounds like)? We could use both. Gonchar is a great asset on the PP and offensively when healthy, and Kuba is the type of giant shutdown d-man we could use in the top 4 whom could also bring some nice puckmoving abilities. Gonchar has 2yrs left and Kuba has 1yr left. Kuba can still play against tough competition well too. I'd take Kuba because of the term/abilities, and probably wouldn't take gonchar because the injury issues.

Potvin ranked 3rd biggest hitter of all-time by


Just thought I would post this about the captain. The greatest d-man of all time being given the props he should. Disregard Phaneuf at #2 with the author promoting his style being great(that illegal blindsiding bastad).


Why don't we just go after and sign Hannan already?

  Signing Scott Hannan doesn't mean we can't try and trade for anyone. I think Jack Hillen is a road we aren't exploring, if Garth wanted to sign him, I think he would have brought him back...


If Weber goes to arbitration tomorrow(Tues mourn), what will he get?

Rumor has it that the Preds and Shea Weber are still far apart on a contract, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to arbitration. Recently becoming a Norris finalist and having one of the most...

Yahoo ranks top 25 centers in the NHL


Agree or Disagree with stuff? What do you think? Post opinions below. The only "big" thing I disagree with is no pavelski or stastny in the top 25? Stastny is definitely better then duchene, anyone who says otherwise has their heads up their butts. And Pavelski is a great 2-way center. And of course we all know I think Datsyuk is better overall then Crosby :). And up for debate, I'm not sure Tavares has earned the #25 spot yet(Duchene at 22 is very very questionable). And that could also lead us to the debate if Nielsen is a better center then JT overall last year?

Down Goes Brown


Just a little fyi. For anyone that hasn't heard of it, it's a comedial blog about hockey stuff done by Maple Leaf fans. Ever have any free time, go through some of the posts their and have a good laugh.

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