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Wait is this 1913?


I could say a LOT about what's wrong here, but I'll leave it to RollTideYall and our other fantastic females to tear this one apart. I've seen some stupid s*&^ on AL.com before, but this? Yikes.

Football HIglight Reel


Spencer posted a video called "The Greatest College Football Highlight Reel Ever." It's got some fantastic plays, but for my taste (naturally), not enough Alabama. In fact, I only saw 2 plays: Prothro's catch against USM and Trent's run vs. Ole Miss. Overall, I thought it needed more older footage in general. But it got me thinking... What would be the all-time highlight reel for Alabama football? Let's make our own list, but to give everyone a chance, only pick 3. I'll start with the Goal Line Stand, the Run Through the Mud, and the Kick. What's next?

Colt McCoy to be traded?


So, let me see if I can get all this straight: If Colt McCoy hadn't gotten hurt, Alabama wouldn't have won the NC in 2009...and that would have led to a ??? dynasty and no NC in 2011 for Alabama...which means that Oklahoma State would have won the NC...which means Brandon Wheedon would have been taken 1st by the Colts...which means Trent would have been taken by Tampa...which means Colt wouldn't have been traded? So Colt McCoy caused his own trade years in advance? I think?

Eddie George as Julius Caesar


It's the Nashville Shakespeare Festival's promo video for JULIUS CAESAR...starring Eddie George!

Great Response from Coach Saban


Two things here: 1. I LOVE the response Coach Saban gives to this question. The bit about the dog is hilarious! 2. I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on this and a couple of other AL.com pieces. Dear LORD it makes me appreciate all of the RBR and SBNation commentariat so much more!

Written and performed by a UA theatre faculty member's daughter. Excellent fall listening!


Written and performed by a UA theatre faculty member's daughter. Excellent fall listening!

Jim Dunaway explains it all


Dunaway gives us some unsurprising news on his Twitter feed

Mark Ingram in wreck with 18-Wheeler in Huntsville.


Mark Ingram was in a car wreck overnight in Huntsville with an 18 wheeler. No injuries, thankfully, and no alcohol involved.

Moving Article on Vince Sutton's Medical Battles


Suffering from diabetes, a recovering stroke victim, and now on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, former Bama QB Vince Sutton needs everyone's good thoughts, vibes, prayers, karma, or whatever you can offer.

Patrick Murphy Returns!


Patrick Murphy Returns!


Sunday NIght Baseball vs. FSU Open Thread

I know that the softball thread served as the first baseball game thread earlier today, but baseball's starting up now (you can watch it live here). The baseball team looked great this afternoon...

College Coaches, Drinking, and the Two Men at the Rail


Over on the SBNation main page, Spencer Hall has an absolutely fantastic piece. I'm always surprised when I see something new about Coach Bryant that I've never heard before.


Bama Baseball Open Thread

This is a little late, since the game is in the fourth inning already, but Peanut seems to be dealing just as well as he did in the SEC tourney last week. Bama's up 2-0 right now in typical Bama...

Loading the Sunshine Express in Ruston


Thanks Kleph and Jimmy for driving that beast across the country! Thanks to everyone in Ruston who helped out in some way or another. Kleph--hope the Johnny's doesn't come back to haunt you!

A drugged out Kiffin coach and a gun-totin' wideout?


I nominate the Arkansas State Red Wolves as the new favorite team of the Commentariat. As Football Study Hall says: "I get the distinct impression that the Most Interesting (new) (mid-major) Coach in the World is going to either be a colossal success at ASU ... or a colossal failure. Either Gus Malzahn or Todd Dodge. Honestly, anything else would be somewhat disappointing."



Want to apply to be Charlie Sheen's (@CharlieSheen) #Winning #TigerBlood Intern? Here's your chance. Tell me Mike Leach wouldn't be perfect. Just tell me!

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