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How to comment like a Nole

Not that anyone wanted my opinion, but I posted most of this as a comment on AC's Chopping Block, and thought that maybe since I spend most of my internet time here, I should post it here as well. ...


FSU at Wake Forest Observations

Just some quick observations from watching the Wake game in person.   A. Seeing our defense live, they are significantly worse than seeing them on TV. Individually, Budd Thacker was abused for...

From AC - Winter Garden Seminole's Marquee Sign


From AC's Chopping Block: "I've written about Jim Lory before. He's the Florida State fan who has an old movie marquee in Winter Garden. Every week during the season, he writes a rhyme about the Seminoles' upcoming opponent. But now, after FSU's 28-21 defeat against USF, Lory has written that it's time for Bowden to resign. Here's the sign: " Suitable for work.

Meyer: Tebow looking 'terrific'


Meyer said Wednesday on the weekly Southeastern Conference teleconference that Tebow "looked terrific" when he saw him late Tuesday night.

Stewie Fellates Tebow, Goes back for more


ESPN manwhores to the SEC even more, if possible. Gist of the sickening story is that Stewart Mandel has created a system for defining Tebow's greatness in comparison to other QB's, RB's, WR's, and (presumably) Tight Ends. The manjuice gets started as Mandel says he was sckeptical of all the claims of his majesty's greatness, and really gets flowing when the statistics bear it out. Seconds are accomplished by proclaiming him the greatest human being ever. We can all proudly proclaim that Tebow is the GOAT, and we have some numbers to back it up. The very humble picture that accompanied this story's link made me feel inferior in every way to this very humble man. Before every gator fan starts bashing me, I have said that I'm sure he's a good guy and all, and I completely respect his devotion to God, and I think FSU needs to recruit more players that are like him (off the field). I am not assaulting his character, just ESPN's. ESPN's shady, shady, overly loving (no-homo + homo) character. Also, I don't want Tebow to be hit by a bus or anything like some lunatics do. The last freakin thing we need is a gator martyr...

Texas Tech Practice Concept


Some of the things they do to get more reps are highlighted in this article. Most are things that are pretty simple (lining up two rows of QB/WR facing each other to prevent having to gte back to the LOS), while some are pretty damn ingenious (having multiple QBs throw to every receiver who runs a route each play). Any idea if FSU practices this way or incorporates any of these things in practice? I'd be curious what the typical practice looks like.

Comments to be Live again at AC's Chopping Block


I think AC's one of the good ones, and I'd bet the better traffic over there, the more secure his job is. Don't forget to stop by every once in a while and drop some knowledge over there.

Alabama taking FSU's Lead in Appeal?


Looks like Bama thinks that FSU took a good approach with the NCAA on the appeal of Bobby's wins. Article says they have asked for 21 wins to be reinstated citing "abuse of discretion by the COI". Wonder what, if any, impact this has on us....

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