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3 Days After A Legend Was Born!

Wow! There still not much more to say about the Dame-Winner. I had the great fortune to be in the arena to watch history be made by ice cold killer Damian Lillard. I am still riding that high, as...



I love this team, I love the organization, even the "in-game experience" is pretty cool overall. I mean look at the product we have out on the floor now. Two All-Stars, a point forward, a scrappy 2...


NWSL must do better to survive

I really truly want the NWSL to grow and thrive. I think women's soccer can become a profitable enterprise if enough people are attracted to watching the sport. That said, sitting here watching the...

Nice little bit about the LA - Portland Matxh in the guardian


"But the weekend's big headline came from Portland, where Caleb Porter's upstart Timbers not only recorded a validating victory over the visiting Galaxy but helped put on one of the most memorable shows of the MLS season."

In Brazil: Ref quartered and beheaded by fans after ref stabbed a player to death


I mean holy shit. I try not to swear on these sites, but this earns it. What impact should this have on World Cup play? I mean lord, this is straight from the middle ages...they put the dudes head on a spike in the middle of the pitch.


Get your gatorade off my pitch @#$%^#%!!!!

Wow, it has now been 5 days from that wild and wooly match on Sunday. All I really have to say about the match is I am, for the first time since we started MLS play, impressed. We have had exciting...


Trade Jack or Fire Spencer? Poll

Should Gavin just fire Spencer at this point or save Spencer from himself by trading Jack. I like Jack, heck I like Spencer, but Jack and Spencer together is bad for our roster. In order to keep...


Why do we hate LaMarcus Aldridge?

OK, OK I came on here tonight to write up a snarky post about how annoying it is that we chant Chalupa Chalupa Chalupa with more zeal and gusto than we have ever cheered for Aldridge. I mean just...


Bye Bye Monster LMA, Welcome Back Pick and Pop LMA

"One of the things that you have to look at is Brandon going back into that starting lineup. That's something you didn't see last year due to medical reasons. Brandon is feeling better so Brandon...


Why the Blazers should Amnesty Roy

Let me be up front here, I have long feared how Roy-Centric this team was. It was great when we were rebuilding the franchise. He earned that huge contract. But the ultimate danger has come to...


My Memorable Inaugural MLS Season Moments

Well, with a little time separating us from the season I thought I would take a little time to recount some of my favorite moments from the season, you know the ones that really stuck with me as a...


Trip to Qwest Field: "We Are Timbers Army" video included

I had the good fortune to take the trip to Seattle yesterday. Man, what a blast. I recommend that you join the Timbers Army and go on these road trips. We killed the keg by the rest stop in...


Officiating in the Playoffs: Some Numbers by Series

Quick disclaimer, please make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post if you are looking for some interesting data, I open with some general opinion I have about our series with the...


Euphoria still, but the reality of game 5 is looming large

Alright, what an amazing victory yesterday. The emotional swing from tied up in knots anger by the end of the 3rd to pure to sheer joy by the closing buzzer. I was brimming with energy even after...

MLS Extra Time Interview with John Spencer


I love this guy! Still getting used to his accent. He seems like he would be a lot of fun to play for....

Link to story on Bob Ryan "big civic joke" Comment


Here is a story about Bob Ryan taking shots at the TA National Anthem metnioned in the Oregonian today. I was just curious to see why anyone would think it is so objectionable...


Troy Perkins or Jake Gleeson as our First Keeper?

This may well be the first controversy facing the Timbers as an MLS side. As pointed out in the broadcast yesterday it's not the hugest of problems to face Spencer as a first time coach of a first...


Props for Blazer Broadcasting in General

I have gotta say we are likely some of the luckiest fans in the NBA in terms of how the product is produced for our viewing benefit on the TV machine. I know over the last week or two there has...


Soccer and attracting an American audience

I just finished watching the Concafa Champions League match between the Crew and Real Salt Lake and noticed what I think the number one problem will be for an American audience. Believe it or not...


Enjoy the Moment! or I Hate this Midseason Trade Garbage

For real! The Blazers are the hottest team in the NBA at a 6 game winning streak. LaMonster Allstaridge has come to the fore in a way that even his most ardent supporters would not have...

Inside the Superdraft - Episode 2


Inside the Superdraft - Episode 2

Inside the Superdraft - Episode 1 This series is great if you have not seen it... features...


Inside the Superdraft - Episode 1 This series is great if you have not seen it... features Timbers, whitecaps and sounders...


How to Show LaMarcus Some Love

It is heartening to see a post about strategizing to get LaMarcus Aldridge some All-Star votes as well as management working the coaches to get him into the All-Star game. Frankly, he has been a...


The Dallas Game: Anatomy of a win turned into a loss (how to bench the wrong guy)

First off, great game LMA. I hope to see more of that. There were many commendable things about tonights performance given where the Blazers have been so far this season. There is a reason we lost...

Player to watch come draft day - Kenneth Faried


Watching the Buckeyes play Morehead State. I know it is only the first half, and early in the year, but this kid is impressive. The Buckeyes combo of Sullinger and Lauderdale can not keep this kid off the boards. Further he has drawn 5 fouls from the 2 starting bigs from Ohio State. Throw in a few blocks, a steal and an assist and you got yourself a pretty amazing first half against a tough opponent. just thought I would put this name out there. He is pro ready...


An Early Season Look in the Mirror

You know what, we spend a lot of time raking this team over the coals, dissecting every little utterance, shrug of the shoulders, missed shot and so on. We pour over their stats, share anecdotes,...

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