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Endurance Football (2 week game, mile-long field)


This is sheer brilliance. A mile-long field, with obstacles (rivers, hills, fences, etc.) and campsites....because a game is two weeks long. The first annual RCT Endurance Football game should be held this summer. Maybe in Rocky Mountain National Forest?

WVU to Big 12 on hold


ESPN is now reporting that the Big XII has told WVU that they're in a holding pattern. Allegedly, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and others interceded to urge the Big XII to invite Louisville instead. This of course has the WV Senators up in arms. Great comment right at the top: "Accept both WVU and Louisville. If Mizzou somehow comes back, then you're at 12. If they leave, then add BYU or Cincy. It's not that hard Big 12."

Seth Davis on KU's uncertain future


Well that's really depressing. Perkins says KU had no real suitors last year and that we're waiting for one of the big boys to let us tag along. Ugh.

Markieff's "quick twitches" and rebounding


Hilarious nugget from Luke Wynn's column on the Jimmy V Classic and Markieff's defensive rebounding: Early foul trouble on Tuesday limited him to only 24 minutes, in which he had seven boards, but he entered the game as the nation's leading defensive rebounder.'s newly released '10-11 data had Morris grabbing 36.6 percent of available defensive boards -- such an absurd percentage that I was compelled to ask him his secret. This is what he said: "I've got quick twitches, you know? Once the ball goes up, I just find out where it's coming off. Most of the time, I don't even block out. Because I've got a knack for just going and getting it. Most of the time I just outsmart them -- go around them, fight around them, things like that." So there you have it: It's not the fundamentals, it's the quick twitches.


Basketball rankings from the "experts"

I know it's really cool to talk about football, but summer basketball rankings are coming out from the "experts," and I just wanted to go over what these sages are saying about college basketball...


KU asking NU and MU to stay? Seriously?

I just caught this on "Gray-Little planned to call Missouri too": The chancellor called Perlman up at NU to request that Nebraska stay...


The Lockout, The Morri and Recruiting

In thinking about the possibility of Xavier Henry going to the NBA, one of the most frequent comments is the potential for a lockout after next season.  What hasn't been discussed is how the...

Keegan: If Rush wasn't ready after 1 year, why is Xavier?


Keegan hits it out of the park with this, basically saying that with such similarities between the two players, there is no way X is ready. And then he ends with this: Henry was groomed by his father, former Kansas basketball player Carl Henry, to become a one-and-done star. It would take a man to stand up to a father who has done as much for Xavier in the way of preparing him for a professional basketball career as Carl has done. Herein lies the Catch-22: It also would take a man to be ready to face all the negative forces he’ll confront in the NBA. Here’s my fear: As do most teenagers, Xavier still has a lot of child in him, too much to be able to stand up to his father and too much to be ready for the culture shock of joining the NBA.


RCT wikipedia entry?

So in my meanderings around the great interwebs, I realized that RCT does not have a wikipedia entry and that, in reading the jalopnik entry, there is a huge potential for a group writing...

Goodman (FOXSports) On The Improbable Jayhawk Roster


A good piece on the improbability of the roster of Jayhawks actually being at Kansas. And the debate in the comments between a couple yahoo Kentucky fans attacking KU and a group of KU, Michigan State and begrudging Mizzou fans defending KU is hilarious.

Terrific audio interview with Marcus


Rivals has posted a terrific and funny interview with Marcus Morris where he picks his Final Four teams, our bracket and his experience last year as a freshman in the Dance.

Andy Katz on the KU-KSU game

We're running a little fanshot heavy this morning but you folks keep linking some very good stuff so I'll keep front paging it. Thanks to all for keeping an eye out and it's pretty clear there is a buzz in the air today surrounding this game - Denver Katz has been blogging the tournament, but this post is really terrific: Top-ranked Kansas and ninth-ranked Kansas State, the two best teams in the Big 12, arguably the two teams with the most passionate hoop fans in the Big 12, will meet for the Big 12 tournament title Saturday night at the Sprint Center. There will not be a better atmosphere for a tournament title game in 2010. Kentucky-Tennessee in an SEC semifinal in Nashville could be epic but that’s a semifinal. This is a final with one team locked into the No. 1 seed, and another that still holds out hope to grab the fourth No. 1. ... If the game can live up to the anticipation then it will be quite a sendoff for both teams heading into an NCAA tournament, where they could meet again in Indianapolis at the Final Four.

Bracketology and the Big XII

I was just looking at Lunardi's newest Bracketology and the matchups: KU, Syracuse, K-State and Kentucky are the #1 seeds.  Our bracket...

Enes Kanter looking at KU?


According to The Shiver, 5 Star 6-10, 240 pound center Enes Kanter has de-committed from Washington and is looking at KU, UK and Syracuse with KU "very much in the mix." I don't know if we need another post player, but it'd be sure hard to pass up a 5-Star wide-body center.

Conference Titles Mean "Nothing" To Calipari


This guy is such a jerk. Conference titles mean nothing? It's all about seeding? John Calipari is one win away from clinching a Southeastern Conference championship in his first season at Kentucky -- just what he was brought in to do. That's why his answer was swift and decisive when Calipari was asked Friday what winning the school's 44th conference title would mean: "Nothing." "I've always taken the approach that it's about the seed in the NCAA tournament," Calipari said. "If you want me to be honest about how I think and what we're doing to prepare, that's what it is. The SEC tournament is about our seed in the NCAA tournament."


Catching up to Carolina in all-time wins

Kansas and North Carolina are in a race to be the next collegiate blue blood to reach 2000 wins.

Vote for Sherron Collins for Cousy Award


As Denver mentioned, Sherron is a finalist for the Cousy Award. 1 vote will be for the fan winner. I DO NOT freeping online polls. However, since you have to enter your email address and they're limiting voting to one vote per email address per day, I felt it was perfectly appropriate to point this out.

Huh? Tennessee is our 4 seed? Duke our 3?


I'm not really thrilled with the newest bracket. Pitt as the 5 seed, Tennessee as the 4, Duke as the 3? Seriously? When Kentucky gets Wisconsin (5), New Mexico (4) and KSU (3), and Villanova gets Georgia Tech (5), Temple (4) and BYU (3)? I don't envy Syracuse, who would get Ohio State (5), Vanderbilt (4) and Texas (3).

J. Brady McCollough on Taylor "having enough" with Kansas


What is up with Tyshawn Taylor? Rumors were flying around the building last night that Taylor had posted on his Facebook that he had had enough of Kansas. Soon after the rumors started, Taylor's Facebook page was taken down (about time, right?) I am going to assume that Taylor's FB rant, whatever it consisted of, was out of emotion. His entire family has moved to Lawrence from New Jersey, and I would hope that those close to him are talking some sense into him. Taylor needs Kansas more than Kansas needs him. That's the reality for most of the Jayhawks. He can still be a great player here, and if he runs away at the first sign of trouble, it could be a decision that haunts him forever. Just ask Russell Robinson, who nearly transferred early in his career.


One aspect of Gill defenses: forced fumbles and extra possessions

Since I've been looking at the Buffalo statistics, I decided to take it a little further:Interesting statistic: In 2009, Buffalo forced 38 fumbles, recovering 25 of them. Even in 2007, KU only...

Breaking: NCAA Investigating Tennessee Football's Use of Recruiting Hostesses


This just cracks me up. Tennessee using undergraduate females to entice high school players to come to Tennessee by visiting them at their HS games. Seriously? Who thought that was a good idea?

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