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33 yr old asian software engineer.

I enjoy a good conversation and debate. I'm not a big stats guy.

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  • NBA Minnesota Timberwolves
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Timberwolves Fastbreak Foundation 5K

I was just wondering if anybody from here is planning on running at the 5K on Saturday as part of the Timberwolves Fastbreak Foundation. I'll be running with my wife and attending the game later...


What does the braintrust say?

Everybody knows that we need a shooting guard in the worst way. Would the canishoopus braintrust approve of a trade of Luke Ridnour for OJ Mayo. The grizzleys need a point guard now that conley...


Kevin Durant's epic FIBA play

I'm a Wolves fan but more of a Basketball fan in general.  I love the international competitions like the Olympics and World Championships. A lot of folk have started talking about the 2012...


Offense vs. Defense

I had a wild idea while reading a fanshot.   Here is the gist of what I propose.   2 Points for a made basket -2 Points for a change of possession (turnover, steal, block, charge, travel, etc) ...


Let's all be GMs promotion

I had this thought yesterday while enjoying the mild weather that we've been having.  What if the Wolves started a new promotion where fans get to write in who they think the Wolves should go after...


WOW, I'm impressed

Not often in sports do you see players willing to sacrifice to win.  Now we see it.  I applaud both Chris Bosh and Lebron James. It's one of the most selfless acts that I've witnessed.  I'm...


In honor of TwolvesinLA

There have been a lot of arguments in the past week about drafting DeMarcus Cousins vs. Wesley Johnson with our #4 pick.  TWLA suggested a trade to acquire the number 5 pick from Sacramento.  I...


Ideal draft and nightmare draft

Like Casperkid, I'm a big fan of the draft.  I don't follow it as closely as he does but watch and daydream what it would be like for our timberwolves if we had player x, y, and z. I was wondering...


Wes Johnson as a top 5 pick

There's been a lot of draft talk recently.  Guys are sliding up and down.  Recently, no one wants to touch Hassan Whiteside.  For me, the guy that I don't want to have anything to do with is Wes...


Draft will decide who is in charge

I saw a couple of NCAA games and here is my thoughts on the FO. If we get the #1 picks and get John Wall, I think it is pretty safe to say that David Kahn is in charge.  However, if we get the #1...


Should we consider trading Love?

Willistoncoyote brings up a good point about a possible trade of Love to the Warriors for their pick.  What else would we be interested in?  I know most of the regulars would rather keep Love and...


Kahn is a genius!

I watched the game last night and it was a pleasure to watch.  Love and Millicic looked really good together.  Al was terrible.  It looks like Al doesn't impact the game is he doesn't score. ...


2010 mock draft

I know everyone loves mock drafts.  I'd like to find out what you guys have to say about the top 10.  The actual order will always depend on who gets what pick.  NBA GMs love size and athleticism. ...


Demarcus Cousins: Top 5 pick?

6-11 270   Considering the luck of the Timberwolves, it'll be likely that we end up with a pick between 3-5.  What would we do in that likely scenario.  I think that we have 3 choices   D...


What should we do if we get the #1 overall pick?

  Should we just draft John Wall with the #1 overall pick and roll the dice and hope that he becomes a star or trade down for additional assets. I wonder if other teams would be interested in...


Should the Timberwolves be pursuing Danillo Gallinari?

My personal belief is that the Timberwolves are undersized or undertalented at every position. I would like to hear your opinions about trading Johnny Flynn to New York for Danillo Gallinari? ...

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