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I currently attend Arizona State University at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. In my spare time I love to watch, talk, and play sports (hopefully I get my dream job at ESPN, or a local radio show, some day).

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Arizona St. Sun Devils
  • NHL Phoenix Coyotes
  • Winter Olympics USA
  • Summer Olympics USA
User Blog

Pre-Bowl Polls and Adjusted Polls with Bowl Predictions

The season is almost over, Teams are either preparing for a bowl game or are attempting to reload for another shot at post-season play for next year. This also means that there is only one more...


Week 9 Polls and Adjusted Polls

Amazingly this week, no team in my top 10 lost which means there was no reason to start moving them around (in my poll). However, outside of the top seven normally, a lot of turnover occurred and...


Week 8 Polls and Adjusted Polls

Well, a lot went down this last weekend. South Carolina lost to LSU, West Virginia got blown apart by Texas Tech, and Oklahoma absolutely destroyed Texas. Which means, long story short, that there...


Week 7 Polls and Adjusted Polls

Week six is officially in the books, and a lot of movement occurred with Florida State, LSU, and Georgia all losing thus causing a lot of turnover in the top 10. Also, don't forget that TCU also...


CFB Week 6 Polls and Adjusted Polls

Week five is in the books and we are getting ready for week six. After last week's debacle with Stanford losing and my post coming out after they had already lost, I made it a point to have this...


CFB Week 5 Polls and Adjusted Polls

I normally don't start officially ranking teams in college football until around week five of the season. I find it is very difficult to judge teams without really seeing how they play together on...


NBA Standings and Award Predictions for the 2012-13 Season

The NBA season is almost (not really) upon us. With that revelation it would also appear time to start predicting how the NBA will shake out this season. Considering the fact that the BSotS focuses...


BackCourt 3000; The New and Improved

Let me just start by saying; yes, I am calling it that, and yes, it brings back both good and bad memories. If you don't happen to remember, are purposefully blocking it out, or don't happen to...


Why the Magic need to keep Dwight Howard (for now)

*Disclaimer* I was not aware of the Dwight Howard Open Thread that was posted when I wrote this, but I couldn't let my article go to waste. So please enjoy, and leave your comments below! With...


Steve Nash tries to pin his move to LA on the Suns' FO

I found an article on the home page of that claims Steve Nash had no idea the Suns were planing on moving on without him. Really? Most Suns' fans were well aware that the Suns' FO was more...


Building the Roster: Act II; Free Agency

The 2012 NBA Draft is over, and after all the surprises, all the craziness, all the Kendall Marshall we can take, the Suns are gearing up for Free Agency and the fans are getting excited to see...


2012 NBA Mock Draft

The NBA draft is on Thursday and all of us Suns fans are waiting for that day because, in all honesty, non of us really have a clue what our favorite team is going to do. One day it's Marshall,...

2013 Draft Prospects; The Initial QB Scouting and Rankings

Here are each of my top ten QB's for the 2013 NFL Draft with in-depth scouting reports. There are a few surprises below, and I am sure more than one of you will jump down my throat when you get to...


Building on the 2011-12 Season, Free Agents available for the Yotes

Here is a link to the site I found the list of potential free agents on.We had a great season (despite that bitter end to LA). And we are incredibly close to being considered legitimate title...

Need some game tape please

I need some game tape on both AJ McCarron (Alabama) and Bryn Renner (North Carolina). Can anybody please help me out? I would prefer to have at least 2 tapes on each players but anything would be...


2012 NFL Predictions by Division and Conference

The draft is over, free agency is winding down, the schedule has been released, team camps have begun, and the fans are anxiously waiting for the NFL season to officially begin. And with that all...

2013 Draft Prospect Rankings

Hey there ladies and gentlemen. With the 2012 NFL Draft now in the books, it is time for us die-hard draft enthusiasts to prepare and begin scouting the next collegiate season. It is never too...


Interesting Choices for the Cards 13th Overall Pick

The Cardinals have an interesting decision this Thursday. With the 13th overall pick this year the Cards could really shape the latter half of the first round. Should they take BPA? Reach? Trade...

Mock Draft Round 1 Version 2.0

This is my final mock before day one of the 2012 NFL Draft kicks off. With that in mind, I have created two mocks for the final entry. The first will be a mock without trades being in effect to...

Mock Draft Round 1 Version 1.0

Here is my first mock draft for the 2012 NFL Draft, enjoy. Be sure to check out my Big Board of the top 32 players and then read each selection's reasoning. PHXhero's Big Board: Rank Name P...

WR Prospects 2012 EOL Rankings

View my previous EOL's here and here. With the end of the NFL season now put behind us, and the college football season officially over, it would appear that the time is right for the NFL Mock...

RB Prospects 2012 EOL Rankings

(Let me apologize for not getting my second EOL Chart out earlier. My computer crashed and I was unable to continue my scouting for the NFL Draft.) If you would like to see my previous QB EOL...

QB Prospects 2012 "EOL" Mock Chart

With the end of the NFL season in sight, and the college football season officially over, it would appear that the time is right for the NFL Mock Draft season. It is a magical time where we all...

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