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Steve Nash Hasn't Given Up on the Phoenix Suns, and Neither Should We


Phoenix Suns fans shouldn't give up on their team because the team leader, Steve Nash, never will.

Why Phoenix Suns Fans Should Be Happy: The Bright Side To Everything


For Suns fans, it's been a bleak season. Is there anything to be happy about?

San Antonio Spurs Defeat Phoenix Suns, 102-91


The Suns lose their fourth game in a row to the San Antonio Spurs.

Game Thread 2: Suns at Spurs


Come on Suns! Let's get our mojo back in the second half. Box out. Rebound. Drive. Those are some hints to help get you started Suns. Click the Jump for the Roll Call........... Roll Call:...


Game Day Thread: Phoenix Suns in San Antonio

Let's make the Alamo City cry.....cry I say! But really let's get a win. And be good sports on the game thread. G-G-G-ET your Flailin' Fingers Flexin' Fellas (and Ladies)! Roll call will be...

Game Preview: Phoenix Suns Start Road Trip at San Antonio Spurs


The Phoenix Suns look to right the ship after a three-game losing streak tonight against the San Antonio Spurs.

Phoenix Suns Roasted by Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers, 101-90


The Phoenix Suns lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-90 at home on January 12, 2012.

Game Day Thread 2: Cavaliers at Suns


Come on, Suns...... Let's pick it up in the second half! JD, take a shot! View the ROLL CALL after the jump! Roll Call: shawndy, Airwave, WaveOcean, Skii, PHXgp, phxuk: Ap, SunKing, flagsuns,...


Game Day Thread: Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns

Fun Michael Redd factoid #1: Scored a career-high 57 points against the Utah Jazz November 11, 2006. Discuss amongst yourselves as we wait to see Steve Nash dissect this Cavs team.

Game Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns


Can the Phoenix Suns get back to .500 on the season tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers? Game Preview: Cavaliers at Suns.

Robin Lopez Still an Enigma as Phoenix Suns Frontcourt Finds Early Success


Can Robin Lopez prove that he's consistent enough to start for the Phoenix Suns?

Nuggets Rout Lethargic Suns Again in Deja Vu Preseason Rematch, 110-85


Deja Vu (all over again). The Phoenix Suns ran out of energy early in the second half, giving up 58 points in the second half to a more controlled and consistent Denver Nuggets team. The Nugs were...

Nuggets @ Suns Game Thread 2


Morris with 3 blocks, Robin with 2.......the flame has been lit. GO SUNS!


Game Thread: Denver @ Phoenix Preseason Home Opener

Let's hope that Mickael Pietrus the new guys really show up to play today! Bassy, compete for the PG2 spot! Rolo, compete for the starting position! Marcus Landry, compete for........GO SUNS!

Game Preview: Suns vs. Nuggets Preseason Rematch Tonight!


WHEN: 7 PM MST WHERE: Phoenix LISTEN: Sports 620 KTAR After getting out-hustled and out-played in the first game against a real opponent in over 200 days, the Suns look to bounce back against the D...

Steve Nash and Grant Hill to be benched on Back-to-Back-to-Backs


It almost goes without saying that if the Phoenix Suns are playing three days in a row, veterans Nash and Hill would be sitting out the second game at the least. There are only two B2B2B games this season so I don't see that as a huge problem. What's more worrisome is the 18 B2Bs they have to play. via Coro: "The Suns twice have games on three consecutive nights this season. Gentry said he would consider sitting out Steve Nash and Grant Hill for one of those games, especially because each of those sets are part of five games in seven days with travel."

Markieff Morris Brings Balance to the 2011-2012 Phoenix Suns Frontcourt


A look at what Phoenix Suns rookie forward Markieff Morris brings to his new team for the 2011-2012 NBA season.

Oh No! Phoenix Suns Expected to Waive Vince Carter


To add to all the no-brainer news lately, sources close to the Phoenix Suns organization are saying that the Suns have already decided to waive Vince Carter for the upcoming NBA season. Espn's...

Garret Siler ready for the 2011-2012 season


"The 25-year-old Siler said he expects training camp to be different this time around now that he has a year of NBA experience under his belt. During the offseason, he’s worked on improving his perimeter defense and becoming more of a force on the offensive end. 'Before, I didn’t know what to expect," he said. "This time, I do.' The former Augusta State All-American said the Suns have a weight clause for him, and at 290 pounds he is currently 10 pounds under the limit. To keep weight, the 6-foot-11 Siler has been running and swimming most mornings as well as performing crossfit training."

Robert Sarver's "Project Refresh" on Speed Dial as Preseason Looms


Can Robert Sarver repair his strained relationship with Phoenix Suns players and fans before the shortened season begins?


Is Aaron Brooks the Answer to the Phoenix Suns' Point Guard Issues?

Or better yet, does it matter? Aaron Brooks is signed with the Guandong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association through the 2012 season (regular season ends Feb 15). Because the CBA...


NBA Lockout Negotiations Headed in Right Direction as Players and Owners Agree to Order Papa John's

This past Wednesday, the Player's Association renewed lockout negotiations with the NBA at a Manhattan-area hotel. Though little progress was expected to be made on the lockout negotiations which...


A Look Beyond the Microphone: Phoenix Suns Assistant Coaches in 2011

    They're not making headlines. They're not at the mic during press conferences, or leading the huddle during timeouts. They're the engines behind player development and team preparedness for...


Could the NBA Be Better Off with a Delayed Season?

Now this is thinking outside the box. The league has filed a lawsuit against the player's association, and it's looking more and more like the season will be delayed if not cancelled entirely. The...

More Great News: Lockout Stalemate Continues After Monday's Meeting


""We met for several hours, and I think it’s fair to say that we’re at the same place as we were 30 days ago," Commissioner David Stern said afterward. "I don’t feel optimistic about the players’ willingness to engage in a serious way."


FIBA Welcomes NBA Players, as Long as They Don't Plan on Staying

  The International Basketball Federation, also known as FIBA, announced Friday that NBA players currently "under contract" with NBA teams will be allowed to play internationally, with the caveat...


Greed Theatre: the NBA Lockout Parable

  As the NBA Lockout comes to a standstill, with no constructive meetings between the player's union and the league likely to occur until lost games and lost paychecks are imminent, the Greed...


It's Been a Year: Jim Gray of Lebron's "The Decision" says he has no regrets

via chasing23.com Jim Gray, the interviewer who tossed Lebron James softball questions during the infamous "The Decision" broadcast last summer, says he has no regrets at all about doing the...

"If we were to agree to their deal, it would be the worst collective bargaining agreement in sports...


"If we were to agree to their deal, it would be the worst collective bargaining agreement in sports history," Evans told HOOPSWORLD. "We would be a laughing stock. What they proposed to us says nothing about a partnership. We want nothing more than to grow the game and reward these great fans that have shown support for us and the NBA, but their proposal doesn't reflect that partnership at all. They proposed rollbacks, salary freezes and things that don't promote any player growth or security. It was such a terrible system."

The NBA Lockout is one-sided, says NBPA's Mo Evans

Steve Nash and Vince Carter Rated On 2011 List Of Most Over And Underpaid NBA Players

The entire Phoenix Suns team was included in a recent report by Arturo Galletti of The Wages of Wins Journal which lists the value of every NBA player as compared with that player's salary, giving...

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