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Athletics Nation is the worst and biggest joke of a site on the internet. I hope it shuts down soon, it makes A's fans look like the worst of humanity when we aren't. KISS ASS AN

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The WAR All Stars Vs real life ones (ft. OUTRAGE! & SNARK!)

EDIT: so, there was a typo on the original MLB.com lineup, listing Reyes at 3B and Polanco at SS. That was incorrect. I will adjust this post from its original form to show this.   Let me preface...


A's making push to sign Brian Fuentes?

Or so says MLB Trade Rumors: Despite agreeing to sign Grant Balfour, the Athletics still aren't done trying to upgrade their bullpen. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports says that Oakland is "pushing"...


Rafael Soriano: couldn't hurt to make him an offer, could it?

I've been reading that if Andy Pettitte does not come back, the Yankees will look to Soriano to form a formidible bullpen and thought: "Why dont we do that?". Funnily enough our rotation looks so...


A poem from 1917 about fielding percentage.

I found this gem today, its from 1917 and even then, paints the prettiest picture of why you should always take errors with a grain of salt, in baseball and in life. Figured I'd share.... “When...


The most undervalued/overvalued SP's this year via FIP.

The next post I'm making here in the name of finding some great off-season targets in addition to adding to my pointless list-making itches that I have to scratch, is the old "who was lucky, who...


So seeing how we figured out W-L is not a good way to judge pitcher performance, how about we give the right guys their awards?

  Now I know many of you do not trust fangraphs WAR for pitchers, but you can pretty much generalize that if a pitcher scores 2.0 on their scale, then they are definitely not better than a pitcher...


GM meetings Day 2 post.

Day 1 brought us an extremely low result for Dan Uggla, nettng the dumb Marlins only Omar Infante and Mike Dunn. Atlanta performed highway robbery here, selling high on Infante and buying...


Oakland A's acquire David DeJesus for Vin Mazzaro & Justin Marks AND make a crucial signing???

(note: will be edited for details as they come to light)   BREAKING 6:55PM PST: Apparently the A's are about to sign the #1 Dominican Republic prospect, potential superstar Vicmal De La Cruz!!! h...


Some factors to consider: Josh Hamilton vs Carl Crawford/Adrian Beltre; the 2010 schedule vs the 2011 one

In 2010 the A's finished 9 games back of the Rangers. The Rangers pythag was 91-71. The A's pythag was 85-77. According to fangraphs, all of the OF the A's used this year combined for a 3.4 WAR. A...


The FA CF market is terrible, and we have a couple to spare. Who fits where?

With the re-up of the surprisingly excellent Coco Crisp (who took it back to his awesome Indians days last season) and our corner spots severely lacking good hitting, Rajai and Ryan seem primed to...


Its all about UPGRADING the team (2011 content)

Over the last bunch of weeks and essentially all this season, every poster on here has given their views on who we should target in a trade this offseason. This post will give you our current...


Colby Rasmus has requested to be traded (OMG)

In this thread we shall talk about what players we would trade to attain this marvelous young superstar in the making. MLBTR link: h...


Free Agents by WAR who are better than what we curently have (as of 8/16)

I might update this post at actual seasons end, but seeing as our season pretty much ended and we have infinity kazillion posts about upcoming free agents, it might be wise to look at actual...


Travis Buck, your ex you cant get out of your head.

Travis Buck is, by all rights and logic, a complete and total waste of a roster spot. Perpetually injured and very bad at hitting, MLB does not need a poor mans' Gabe Gross, which is what he is. A...


What to do with Mark Ellis?

Mark Ellis, he of sparkling defense and a current not-too-shabby .284/.350/.364 slash line, looks to have some trade value right now, and is out of contract at the end of the year. He does,...


All Star game selections through WAR and why this game doesnt make sense anymore (if it ever did)

Ah, the All-Star Game, a ridiculously pointless break in the year where players half-ass it to avoid injury, but now the game is now apparently "meaningful" as it decides home field advantage in...


July is our reckoning month, and who's really to blame for our bad June.

We currently are 6-15 in June. If we win the rest of our games for the month (1 against Cincy, then 5 against freaking Pittsburgh and goddamn Baltimore) then we end up somewhat okay at 12-15 for...


Who's on second in 2011?

Although we posses great depth at 2B in the minors with Cardenas (23 next year), Weeks (24 next year) & Sogard (25 next year), we also have a $6MM option on Ellis, who has been injured but has been...


Wally Backman's awesomely epic meltdown thread.

No care ever if this has been brought up before, and it must be noted the language is NSFW, it really does need its own link. I honestly do not know why other sports exist. This is maybe the...


The White Sox are in selling mode, do we oblige them? Also: who's next?

Buster Olney twittered today that the White Sox are officially calling their season and are willing to sell and re-stock the farm. Beane and KW have a GREAT relationship (In that, Beane hosed the...


Free Ty Wiggington???

He's mashing for the way out of it Orioles, to the tune of a .391 wOBA and a 912 OPS (better than anyone on our team). He, like Rosales, plays just about every position except C and CF. His current...


Blalock, Dye, Burrell are not the answers for Oakland.

Many have suggested those players as being a "fit" for Oakland, given our struggling offense. Why on earth do people think that trading defense for offense is a good idea, given our entire gameplan...


Roster Crunch 2010!

Well, Billy went a little cray this offseason, flipping and dealing and signing in a rather haphazard fashion. He did this thinking that he couldnt get a good 3B and that Chavez would be a...


Dave Cameron on Cliff Pennington in 2010

The general consensus is that Pennington is one of our biggest question marks in 2010: we know he's capable of at least league average defense, but will that 760 OPS remain steady or fall off so...


How Adrian Gonzalez can become an Oakland A.

Now I know what you're thinking: "hurry up and do another Dugout ripoff already!" but screw that, I have needs too: the need to talk about incredibly far reaching conspiracies that are directly...


Is Felipe Lopez the final piece of the puzzle?

As it stands right now we are giving a roster space to Aaron Miles as our MI bench player. CHONE has him at -0.3 WAR in 2010. He is an utterly miserable, useless player who has no chance of...


The "Ben Sheets: yay or nay" post.

According to Buster Olney, only the A's and Mets are the teams left who can actually afford Ben Sheets's demands. I ask you, fellow AN reader, would you pull the trigger on this signing? Lets say...


Hot Stove **EDIT: now with WAR-y projection goodness!

***EDIT*** Screw this original post, can anyone do the math of seeing what current FA's there are out there (listed below) that have better CHONE predictions than the player listed on this roster?...


The case for Adrian Beltre

To me, Beltre looks like the best FA option we have seen for us in years (knock on wood!). In this post I am going to try and exhaust as many positives I can out of it while addressing some of the...


Why Fire Joe Morgan should never die

"The internet has given everyone a voice, yet not everyone deserves a microphone." A friend of mine said this to me the other day, and I couldn't agree more. Here at AN, anyone who wants to can say...

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