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Athletics Nation is the worst and biggest joke of a site on the internet. I hope it shuts down soon, it makes A's fans look like the worst of humanity when we aren't. KISS ASS AN

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Aroldis Chapman and the A's

Perusing over mlbTR this morning, I was somewhat surprised to see the A's mentioned as a top 4 player for Chapman (along with NYY/BOS/SF). I just assumed one of the big market teams would grab the...


We need to say no to AK: The official 2010 3B option thread

In Blez's great interview with Beane over the last 2 two days, he seemed a little jumpy about re-signing AK, with the idea that he can man 3B until Wallace is ready and can provide depth at 2B and...


2010 Depth Chart

Here's a nice little layout of our depth via position as of now, with no FA's listed, just with everyone who is certain to be here in 2010. Some notes that stick out to me: 1. We definitely need a...


BA names Chris Carter 3rd best prospect in MLB

Behind Heyward and Posey! Im so siked on this dude! He looks like he will easily adjust to the bigs and be our #3 hitter for years to come.   Team: Double-A Midland (Texas) / Triple-A Sacramento...


Does Landon Powell deserve more AB's?

SSS or no, his bat appears to be "the truth" as kids say on the streets these days, and one cannot help but wonder how much better or worse it would be if he played every day instead of his current...


Oh, just another reason to hate Bobby Crosby

I get the feeling many breathed a sigh of relief when BoCro went on the DL, but thats really shortsighted, why? The Elias Rankings and his FA status, thats why.


So when do we shut down BA+TC?

Cahill is at 139IP, his other 2 years he went 105 then 124. Anderson is at 126IP, his previous years he went 120 then 105. Them being 21 and all, its time we think about shutting them down.....or...


Lets corner this part of the FA market in the offseason

[UPDATE] apparently Joel Sherman of the NYPOST reads AN and wants to use this theory with the Mets in getting DeRosa and Figgins, only he, a paid journalist, suggests that DeRosa could be had for...

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