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I've been a fan since I could crawl. I lived through Allan Bester's fivehole. I saw grown men cry when Gretzky scored a hat-trick in THAT game 7. I drove 160km/hr to get to a Yonge Street parade. I remained a Leafs fan even though Ottawa got a team. I spent an entire paycheque to see Game 3 against the Canes in 2002. I'll make it through these bad times and it'll make the successes that much sweeter.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Soccer Liverpool FC
  • General Toronto FC
User Blog

Gleason To Be Bought Out, Leafs Management Stinks


Tim Gleason has cleared waivers but how did we get here? Well, it's a long path of easily predictable outcomes...

SB Nation 2014 NHL Mock Draft: Leafs Pick 8th


With the 8th pick in this totally fictional NHL draft, PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries, Kitten Ranching, and Pug Development GmBH selects...

Happy 60th Birthday!


The best dad in the world is turning 60 today. Wish him a happy birthday

The Expendables


Yesterday Kypreos passed along a nugget that the Leafs were aggressively investigating trades save for a group of untouchables that kind of made sense until you realized that Bozak was included and some high-profile players were not. Thanks to @mottysco, we now have The Expendables. These are those that Leafs brass has at various times either purged or been interested in purging. Not a bad squad.


The Kreider Incident

Montreal's losing their mind over a non-issue. What else is new?

The Flames Are Sh*t: Exhibit A


Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and sometimes it sums up an entire franchise with just one. A big glove tap to Mark Hulholland for capturing le mot juste to describe the Calgary Flames.

Tuesday's Linkstravaganza!


catch up on last night's results and interesting reads from around the interwebs


A Poem For The Raptors

I'll be up front and say that I'm a huge bandwagon Raptors fan now. I've been soured by a lot of the history from T-Mac and VC and all of the circus around the tenure of those two and then Chris...

What Is The Point Of Colton Orr?


A season full of awful storylines also included one where Colton Orr is good at hockey.

Can Shanahan Succeed In Toronto?


What do we know about Brendan Shanahan's executive history and what does it mean for the Maple Leafs?

Shot Volume Matters


Here is a simple table of five teams that have the same save percentage this season as well as the goals allowed by each. Approximately every 5.8 goals represents one win. That means that only based on shot volume the Leafs gave up 10 wins or 20 points compared to the Minnesota Wild.

Another Collapse: The Maple Leafs' Identity


How did the Bruins once again easily wipe out a Maple Leafs' third period lead?

Tim Murray And Great Analytics Debate


Tim Murray reads us! And he has some thoughts on the role of analytics and how they can help a team.

Here Come The Oilers!


Lead by one awful, awful fan...

Leafs' Season In A Nutshell


When things are going poorly sometimes you have to find a way to lighten the mood. These Leafs fans, watching their team drop an 8th straight game, decide to have a little fun with one of their friends by first making him stay in the bathroom for good luck and then pretending that the Leafs tied the game up. The fake goal is a favourite gag of mine but the look on the poor bastard's face is priceless. Via @josiahcyoung

Weekend Links Roundup


Some things to peruse!

2048: Maple Leafs' Excuses Edition


Courtesy of Down Goes Brown, here's the Maple Leafs' Excuses Edition of 2048. Good luck not playing this non-stop.

Kessel 2048


Hey, you know that 2048 game that I'm always tweeting about? The one that has the stupid variations on it? Well, this one is amazing: All Phil Kessel. Via @D8rlene via Reddit


James Reimer: Number One

Listen to Bloge Salming's latest joint.

Toronto Media Update: Still Mostly Stupid


Boy, what could go wrong when you source an article through begging for replies on Twitter?

James Reimer's Agent Is Not Happy With Randy Carlyle


Oh good, in case you were wondering how Randy Carlyle's comments about James Reimer being "ok, just ok" went over in the Reimer camp... The good news? He's an RFA this summer. Ha! You're trapped sucker!

Clarkson vs. Kessel


Which one of these two is the power forward that is supposed to get shots from in tight?

Phil Kessel Snipes


Watch as Phil Kessel pots the Leafs' third goal from Saturday night. Budaj thinks it's going high glove but Phil knows otherwise.

Trade Kessel


Phil's act is wearing thin

Homemade Air Hockey Robot


Jose Julio makes a pretty awesome air hockey playing robot. Bet I could beat it though. More details here.

Let's All Laugh At The Oilers


It's not just THAT the Oilers lose, it's HOW the Oilers lose that makes them so much fun.

PPP Podcast Episode 21!


We're back! With a slightly dated but still valid discussion on everything Leafs related.

Ben Scrivens Has Endless Potential


The Oilers upgraded in net today as you can see by this statistical examination of Scrivens' current development path. via @BSH_EricT

Oilers Lowlight Video


This video is an amazing collection of Oilers' low lights set to a sappy love song. The video title "It's funny because we're awful" couldn't be more appropriate.

Jake Gardiner Is Afraid!


What could possibly have been on the back of his stick that scared Jake Gardiner so much? Dave Nonis sent him a message. Via @DaveedGamboa

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