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I've been a fan since I could crawl. I lived through Allan Bester's fivehole. I saw grown men cry when Gretzky scored a hat-trick in THAT game 7. I drove 160km/hr to get to a Yonge Street parade. I remained a Leafs fan even though Ottawa got a team. I spent an entire paycheque to see Game 3 against the Canes in 2002. I'll make it through these bad times and it'll make the successes that much sweeter.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Soccer Liverpool FC
  • General Toronto FC
User Blog

When Will Randy Get Canned?


Give us your best guess as to when Randy gets his marching orders

When Will The Leafs Get Their Next ROW?


Make your best guess as to when the Leafs will win their next game without having to resort to an idiotic gimmick?

Rielly And Gardiner: Trend Setters


Turns out that back in November, the Leafs' young blueliners were ahead of the fashion game. That's yesterday's Daily Telegraph. Guess the empire needs help from the colonies to look good. Via @Conwayze

Leafs' Allow Shots At Same Rate As Worst Expansion Teams


The Leafs give up roughly as many shots per game as 1972-73 Islanders (12-60-6), 1974-75 Capitals (8-67-5), and the 92-93 Sharks (17-58-5). This is the outcome of Carlyle's tight defensive systems.

[Leafs Links] 24/7-palooza


Get all of your 24/7 links and more

Diagram of Leafs Loathing


Recently, DGB posted the Venn Diagram of Hockey Hate which was pretty well made although there were some obvious misses (Corey Perry?!). MF37 wanted to create his own to highlight some of the more contentious Leafs forwards and how to categorize them.

[Leafs Links] Leafs Lose, 24/7, and Line Brawls


Some links to get you through this frozen morning.

WC2014: We're Raising Money For A Good Cause


Step 1: Make a pledge. Step 2: Watch the Leafs-Wings Saturday night. Step 3: Help kids with cancer be distracted from their struggle. Step 4: Feel good about yourself


#SeaOfBlue Resembles #SeaOfPoo

Watching the Leafs lose nightly requires a #SeaOfBooze

#SeaOfBlue Has A Boo Boo


I think that letting tweets go up automatically may be a bad idea. Post screenshots of your best tweets if they make the wall.

Noon Number: 70


What does Steve Simmons have to do with today's Noon Number?

Maple Leafs Badvent Calendar


Track the Leafs' Deathcember schedule with your very own Badvent Calendar! We'll be updating it after each game. Enjoy! Large version available here.

[Leafs Links] D-Zone, Olympics, Thanksgiving!


Get in here and pass the day.

Leafs' Harshest Critics Find Fault


All is not well in Leafland and it's not really hard to see why.

[Leafs Links] Sportsnet And The NHL Make A Deal


The NHL made a huge deal with Sportsnet, some predictive stats are tested out, and Bo Jackson makes a hell of an entrance

Support Canada's Heroes


No longer will Canada take this American aggression and attempted invasion on our God-given right to Gold Medals lying down. Today, you can take the first step to arresting their efforts and...

Carter Ashton Suspended


Watch the suspension video and see how many games he got...

The Leafs Biggest Hit


Videos of some huge Leafs hits

The Scourge Doug Gilmour Unleashed


What if the narrative of history was wrong? Who would tell you that everything that you knew was wrong? Well, first off, it would have to be someone handsome. Luckily, that man is here.

Why The 94 Leafs Were Better Than The 2014 Leafs


Is it too early to say that already? Yes? Well, whatever, I need to talk about NHL 94.

3 Questions For 2013-14 Season


Three pressing questions for the upcoming season

Greg Cronin: Leafs Controlled Games Against Boston


Is Greg Cronin hanging out with Rob Ford? Is it possible that the Leafs actually did control possession against the Bruins?

Free Agency Open Thread

Please god, no more mistakes

[Monday FTB] The Bernier Trade


All of the links seem to have one theme...

Komarov Heading Back To Russia?


The feisty Leafs' winger is currently weighing his options including a return to the KHL champion Dynamo Moscow.

Bruins Game Seven Losses


They do happen to lose these once in a while.

Recent Leafs Game 7 Wins


The Maple Leafs became quite familiar with game sevens during the 90s and early 00s. Here are the best ones; the wins.

Superstitions And The Playoffs


What do YOU do to help the Leafs win?

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