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just a Penn State alum, now working for the military, thats obsessed with Joe and Penn State football!

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  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
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  • NCAAB Penn St. Nittany Lions
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User Blog

Washington DC Meetup

Hello!! i'm sure this is the wrong forum for this, but no one reads the fanshots.... I'll be traveling to Washington DC tomorrow for work and i was wondering where a good spot is to watch the...



Tried to write this in the FanShots but for some reason it wouldn't take the link :( womp womp.... I'm sure everyone in the State college area has seen this.... maybe everyone else has too, but...


What happened to this website?

I've been a faithful, loyal fan of BSD since i returned home from Afghanistan in 2005. I'd like to say i've been here since the beginning with Mike and the crew, but i know that's not the case. ...


Crap... There goes another one... So can someone talk me off a ledge and just console me and let me know this is no big...

The NCAA cares about Academics? Really?


wow, didn't see this coming.... (yea right)

Sound Familiar?


And they never saw it coming.... They should fire the Chief! Investigate the Mayor!! Someone must have known! They should have done more!!!


Dept. of Education piling on....

Looks like now the Dept. of Education wants to take away loans, grants, work study money etc. because of the handling of the Sandusky situation. Who's next? The garbage man is going to refuse...


Can someone Confirm or deny this??

Heard this somewhere and i didn't believe it.... can someone who's "in the know" answer this? "O'Brien also told the parents that he has talked to Nike about changing Penn State's plain blue and...


Need help with a recruiting video

A friend of mine is in the Navy and getting ready to get out and wants to play college ball. We're working on a recruiting video for him but have no idea what software to use, or really any idea...


Because no one reads the Fan Shots.... I really don't know much about the guy other...


Penn State fans everywhere!!!

So i'm out of the country, working on a US Navy ship traveling around the world in support of operations abroad. Can't say where we're currently at but in the past 2 months we've hit three ports....


Vote for State College!!

Hey everyone!  i know a new one of these comes out every week but i just love winning them!!  Right now we're close with WVU and the contest ends soon!!!    Also in the mix is Maryland and North...


We're changing our uniforms? nnooooo

So i guess Nike is partnering up with Guido and deciding that since the uniforms haven't changed in 50 years, we need new uniforms.  Well, here's a little snippet of whats going on so far per...


Penn State Wrestling Pulling a major choke job through 3 matches...

Well ladies and gentlemen.... through three matches so far penn state is dropping the ball and Iowa is up 12-0...   LETS GO STATE!!!!!    We need to turn this around!!!     First Match:  Pin Second...


I guess we're just a bunch of racists.....(according to OSU and UM)

This morning, as i do most mornings, i check the collegian to see whats going on back at my alma mater.  This morning i look in there and its nothing but Penn State's a racist, and they throw bags...


If you have a chance tomorrow....

Find a Vet, shake his or her hand.... and say.... thank you....  because remember... there are no freedoms, without people willing to fight for them....  h...

No More Tailgating


Can you imagine the university trying to cut out tailgating? yea right....


So whats everyone think about this?

So James Harrison is a beast.... this is well known.  I've played football since i was in pop warner back in 6th grade and was a defensive end coming up.  That being said, i've laid some hits on...

Puff Puff Pass.... around the team...


So maybe now i see why such the lax attitude around the team! Players are getting high before the game and just taking it off!! totally see it now! Just kidding.... Football Player arrested for smokin the dewb....


2010 Official White House Game Dropped


Naked Man found in Beaver Stadium....

Anyone know any more details on this??  Was this just a guy found drunk sleeping naked?  the state college bum?  i mean, my girlfriend always wanted to do the dirty in beaver stadium, but we never...


Didn't know if anyone saw.....

The Youngstown State and Kent State games have been announced as noon kickoffs.

Thats how I chill....


Is this our yearly Hand lotion fundraiser for the basketball team?


Urban Meyer Steps Down

Because Phew!!!   he's coached for 24  PLUS years!   wow, wonder what Joe is thinking?  I could see him watching that on tv with his glass of wild turkey and one of Jays kids on his knee,...


Joe Paterno's Birthday.....

Tomorrow, December 21st, for anyone who doesn't worship Joe,  it's his 83rd birthday, so i thought, for anyone reading this post tonight, maybe tomorrow they could go into work and do something to...


Es ey see (SEC) Fans.... ugh

So i went into work today and i knew it would be bad, but wow, the SEC fans were brutal.... All i heard all day long was how great the SEC is and how continuously SEC schools dominate the...


Most popular, If not Historic Penn State number

Not sure if i can start this or not, maybe i need some help, but the other day i saw people were talking about the most popular number in the NFL or wherever, but it led me to think, in Penn State...


We're Penn State..... There will be no meetings.....

I remember when We Are Marshall came out there was some discussion on here as to who coined the phrase "We Are'' first.  I'm not sure if anyone ever knew of any concrete evidence as to whether it...


Penn State myth or fact...

i was driving home from the Miami Heat game tonight and i was listening to the radio when i heard a billy idol song come on the radio.  hearing this it reminded me of a story i heard from someone...

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