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Erickson on Face The Nation this week If this isn't a disaster in the making, I don't know what is. How 'bout he goes on "Face the Alumni" first? It just FIGURES that the Penn State PR machine would try...


Awesome new morale video

Fantastic new Penn State morale video.

Seriously this is an amazing story


You gotta read it, but basically a HS basketball player in Compton, CA won 40K in a free throw contest to reward academic achievement, and decided that since he already had a full basketball scholarship he would give all the money away to his classmates who also competed.


Awesome video of Silas Redd training

I love this kid. Did you all catch his tweet the other night after the whole O$U debacle finally let loose? He said  We do things the right way.   Love his heart, his attitude, his dedication....

Oh NOES! 4 PSU Players Charged


Well, I guess we kinda knew this might be coming? I haven't heard the latest on whether Taran is sticking around or not. And I guess if there is any upside to Drake getting injured AGAIN, maybe this is it?

How Twitter Has Changed Sports Journalism


The real title of this panel is "How Blogs with Balls Are Saving Sports Media". This is long, but I think fascinating. It's the full audio from the Blogs with Balls panel at SXSW last week. The panelists are: Spencer Hall (, SB Nation), Jemele Hill (, Darren Rovell (CNBC), AJ Daulerio (Deadspin), Dan Shanoff (Quickish)


Michigan Hires Hoke

This is just too funny. Les Miles disses them, again. So they hire Hoke. I don't know about you, but Michigan has been pretty entertaining to watch in the past few years. I hope it continues to be...


More Shady Dealings at tO$U

So apparently TPeezy and company have a car salesman hooking them up, but tO$U "investigated" and found no violation. The headline of this article certainly is pretty misleading, "No NCAA...

Big 10 Rebrands with New Logo


Being a marketing type at heart, this is interesting to me. I find it fascinating that they are emphasizing the 10, while there are 12 teams. At least the previous logo admitted to the 11th team. It appears that the G in Big could very very easily be made into a 6. Let speculation abound.


Wisniewski is Paterno's Grand Experiment

This kid blows me away. First letsgopsu tells me he's a  Schreyer Scholar. Getting into that program is as difficult as getting into Harvard. Mike tells me he's the first three time academic...

For all of us dying for Yuengling to come to our states


They bought a brewery in Memphis! That's a whole lot closer to Texas!! Yay :)


Michael Robinson for PSU football alumni of the year

Have any of you been reading Michael Robinson's blog? I know some of you follow him on Twitter, and I know I linked to a news article not long ago talking about his charity and all...but today's...


Should We Be Worried?

Apparently Joe has been pretty sick lately, canceling one appearance earlier in May due to the flu and now not showing up at the last minute to a big dinner in Hershey due to an "intestinal...

HS Basketball Star Was Actually 22?!


Totally off-topic, but how do you star in your HS bb team in Florida, than move to West TX and pose as seven years younger to be the star of another HS bb team? Weird.


MRob in Town

For those of you not following JayPa's Twitter...apparently Michael Robinson and his THREE kids (holy cow, already?) are staying with Jay this week while they're in town.  There's a nice article in...

An epic tribute to Joe Paterno (HT JayPa's Twitter)


An epic tribute to Joe Paterno (HT JayPa's Twitter)

Aaron Maybin refers to himself as "Mayhem"


He just tweeted the above. Mike is happy, because he coined the name "Project Mayhem". He may not have done much in the NFL yet, but the boy has got some serious style.

3 Vols Arrested for Armed Robbery


I know this is related to Penn State at all, but...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I linked to EDSBS because of course he had the best version of this story. 3 Tennessee Vols, IN A PRIUS (!) attempted to rob someone using a semi-automatic PELLET GUN (!) wearing UT shirts. *sigh* This is sad, but so comical.


Ohio State Vandals

For those that don't know, BSD Mike and I live in Houston, TX.  When we moved in just before football season started last year, we saw that one of our neighbors had an Ohio State flag firmly...

Awesome shot of five Buffalo Bills including Poz and Project Mayhem. Posted by Maybin on Twitter.


Awesome shot of five Buffalo Bills including Poz and Project Mayhem. Posted by Maybin on Twitter.

REALLY REALLY Cool interactive version of SI Paterno Article!


We all know how awesome that SI article on Paterno was, but this is EVEN COOLER. It's the article, but with video clips, more graphics, voice overs, etc. Check it out...

Missing Freshman Found Dead


Not football related but major Penn State news nonetheless. 18 yr old freshman Joe Dado who was reported missing yesterday was found dead on campus today, having fallen apparently 15 feet down a stairwell. So how much negative "Penn State is a school for drunks" press will there be? I feel really bad for this kids parents.

Begin panic in 3...2...1...


Sean Lee has a sprained left knee.

JoePa pumps up the crowd on Football Eve


JoePa pumps up the crowd on Football Eve

Iowa RB Jewel Hampton Out for the Year


This is big news. Iowa fans are cryin' all over Twitter.

His Zugness Greets the Media! Posted on Twitter by Brian Siegrist, PSU BBall and Fball SID.


His Zugness Greets the Media! Posted on Twitter by Brian Siegrist, PSU BBall and Fball SID.


New York Times Recommends Woo that's kinda bigtime.  Not that BSD needs any more press to hail its awesomeness.  Is this a Fanshot or a...

Poz has long hair! And Maybin holding out...


Per Project Mayhem's Twitter..."LOL, and the media drama begins...guess imma have to take all the haters into camp with me"

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