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Every Penn Stater Should Read These

Did I try for an attention-grabbing headline that would get people to click the link? Yes, guilty. But the post title also reflects both the content and my genuine feelings about it. I've often...

Rick Neuheisel singing "El Paso" as Manziel tribute


This is legitimately fantastic. The best part? Dan Patrick has no idea he's actually calling from the back window booth at The Corner Room.

ESPN Training Days Summarized in GIFs


Ben continues to deliver the goods. Bookmark this page for stealing SC.com's bandwidth and slowing BSD down to a crawl come gameday open thread time.


Poll: Favorite PSU Number

All the "Only [Insert Name] Until Penn State Football" posts have had me thinking about the long tradition of great players wearing certain numbers for the Nittany Lions, which in turn spawned this...


New NCAA Reg: Penn State Screw Job O/U

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which premiered worldwide in the Summer of 1999, was met almost immediately with harsh treatment from critics and fans alike, much of it aimed at the...

SI Profile of Ted Roof


Some nice comments in here about his time at Penn State. I appreciate his contributions last season and can't begrudge him this opportunity to "go home." A good piece and worth at least skimming to note how complimentary he remains of PSU.

Bert Bielema on leaving the B1G for the SEC


Although it does not pertain to Penn State, this well-written Grantland piece on Bert Bielema does touch on numerous issues of interest to Big Ten fans and college football aficionados in general, so I thought there would be a receptive audience for it here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and recommend it highly.


OT Friday: Favorite SC Bar Brink

So last year, I had a nice little thing going with semi-regular posts about PSU football that invited the user community to vote on things like their favorite play from the 2005 season. Everything...


Mount Olivia

That's right... a childish double entendre. All in the name of restoring peace, harmony and balance to The Force here at BSD. If this debate is going to happen, it deserves its own dedicated...

A Capella Group Sheds "JoePas" Moniker


In other news, Sue Paterno has announced she will change her name to 'Nittany World Campus' to help Penn State move forward and restore brand equity.

Hope to see many friendly faces bright and early tomorrow at Holuba Hall!


Hope to see many friendly faces bright and early tomorrow at Holuba Hall!


They Weren't, But We Are... A Reader's Reaction

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread today and to the mods for tolerating it (with generally good humor). I hadn't really expected this to get bumped and was even thinking...

Ian Kenney: Thoughts & Moving Forward


"While we don’t have the individual power to make the big decisions, or undo what has been done, we do have the power to be heard and do great things. We have the chance to go out into the world and dedicate our lives to making a good name for our university. We have bright students in every field, and the more of us that step up to the plate and swing for the fences, the more that the world is going to see the real Penn State."


Sensible punishment for Penn State; I'm being serious.

I'm not being serious. But seriously... Awhile back, someone everyone wrote a column saying we needed to change our school colors, mascot, uniforms, traditions, cheers and songs, thereby ensuring...

This tree was already old when Beaver Field was constructed in 1893. Think of all that it has seen...


This tree was already old when Beaver Field was constructed in 1893. Think of all that it has seen in its lifetime. Old State will endure.


Top PSU Plays of the Aughts: 2005 Edition

To be perfectly honest, I seriously considered not following through with another post about Penn State football this week, due mostly to my belief that Black Shoe Diaries should be completely shut...

Life After Penn State For Shawn Oakman


It's too bad no one will read this, because it's an interesting piece. Shawn may be correct that there was a bit of "wrong place, wrong time" factoring into his dismissal, but he seems to take responsibility for his actions. Good luck to him going forward. Also, the quote below and the Oakman's tale of getting in trouble for missing A class seem contradictory... "O’Brien, according to Oakman, has brought a personality change to the program, bringing the SEC to the Big 10."


Top PSU Plays of the Aughts: Non-2005 Edition

Greetings, fellow monsters, enablers, cultists and Kool-Aid guzzlers! I'm back with another edition of fun (remember fun??) with Penn State football. In our last episode, the readership of BSD...


PSU Game of the Decade: The Aughts

For most of my life, Penn State football has been my refuge, a consistent source of entertainment, comfort and joy. I refuse to allow Jerry Sandusky's depravity, Graham Spanier's duplicity or the...

The resemblance really is striking...


The resemblance really is striking...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn you, Budweiser. Let's have a real good time...


NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Damn you, Budweiser. Let's have a real good time...

Jay Paterno: Joe wants to tell story


Interesting article. And here is a classic example of ESPN's attention to details and facts (actual quote from the story): "In addition, former athletic director Tim Curley and a school vice president, Jerry Schwartz, face trial for charges of perjury and failing to report suspected child abuse and have left the school." [emphasis added] Jerry Schwartz?!?


Canceling season football tix

So I just got off the phone with Customer Service at Penn State Athletics. I informed the woman with whom I spoke that I would not be renewing my football tickets and that even basketball was a...

Denied job after background check, Sandusky still coached at Juniata

"How do you not know he's here?" asked the second player in amazement. "It's not like the press box is some closed-off area. You just turn your head (around) and look up (into the windows)...you see all the coaches in the press box." Clearly, Clarion has never played Temple at the Linc.

Franco Harris reinstated as president of Pittsburgh Promise


It's about time. Now let's get that "Franco Harris for Penn State trustee" campaign up and running!

Professor: 'My pride in you is [...] unbounded'


I wanted to share this link from today's Daily Collegian. The author of this piece, a Penn State professor of philosophy, obviously "gets it." He offers a powerful meditation on what we are all feeling right now and what it may mean. I was genuinely moved. I hope you will be also.

State College: More Mayberry than Big Apple


Here is a great piece reflecting on the "small town" nature of State College and how the trivial and innocuous have been twisted into the terrible and nefarious by sensationalist media.

A funny thing happened on the way to 4-2...


A funny thing happened on the way to 4-2...

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