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Penn State Thursday on BTN


Penn State day coming up this Thu on BTN. An old victory against Boston College, a walk-through of the Pegula Hockey Arena, etc.


State College this weekend

Well, actually, driving up to Port Matilda tomorrow, with a side trip to Lycoming County on Friday. BUT, hopefully Saturday I can steal away for a few hours, and visit the campus. Was back a few...

Adam Rittenberg kicks sand in SEC's face


Warning: E$PiN link. Adam mocks the SEC for their moral outrage at Penn State coaches camping in SEC Land.

USA Today review of Akron Zips


I have the funny feeling US Today will find-and-replace much of the text here when they review us: Suspect offensive line, young defense, good talent at WR, etc. However, I believe there is a significant qualitative difference btwn us and the Zips, so Akron will return home on the downside of a 35-14 score.

USA Today's look at Rutgers


USA Today's analysis of Rutgers. Seems to be pretty objective: The Rutgers fans will be beating their chests over a few points; other teams' fans will be salivating about some other details.

BYU investigating possible improper benefits


Warning: E$PiN link. Also, funny how they had to amend the "no major NCAA violations" reference in paragraph 6 of the write-up.

NCAA hits bottom, hires bulldozers to dig deeper


Someone please tell me this is a made-up story, because it should NOT be true.


Eradicate the state of Maryland

We as a nation need to totally eradicate the state of Maryland. They are a stain on our national consciousness that can only begin to be scrubbed away when they are a bare spot on our map. Why...

Butt hurt


Not making this up!

Can the NCAA get any stupider?


Spoiler alert: The answer to my question is NOT, "No!", "Nuh-uh!" or "Impossible!"


Tarow Barney commits to State?

Bleacher Report says that Tarow Barney, a four-star JUCO DT, has already signed his LOI. Here is a link (non-subscriber, I hope) complete with pics: h...


Penn State - Wisky replay on BTN tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, set your DVR or whatever to BTN tomorrow at 1:00 eastern to catch the replay of Saturday's game. This will be the two-hour version, so hopefully includes some...


Thoughts/grades on UCF

Grades: Hack/receivers/RB's (lumping together for brevity): A- O-line: C Defense: D- Kicking: B+ (Sam good, Butters needs to improve) Special teams: B- (tackling/wrapping up...

Decent remembrance of MRob by a (former) teammate


A mix of sentimentality and hard-nosed business sense about the release of MRob.

Costas doubts JoePa covered up


Costas on Leno show: "I don't buy the idea that he (Paterno) was actively involved in a cover-up."

Joe's last video


For those doucheas who paint Joe in a negative light, try watching this with dry eyes. Class to the end. Listen closely as he tells the students to study and pray for the victims. Haters can kiss my JoeBot ass.


Not a clip, but a magazine.

Middle of a firefight, a young troop yells, "I'm low on ammo; somebody throw me a clip for my M16!" A senior sergeant yells back, "M16's use magazines, not clips." An M1 rifle used a clip of eight...

Mauti to Minnesota!!!!


Mike gets drafted number 7 in round 7. Go, Vikes!!

Jordan Hill to Seattle.


Round 3, pick 25. (There is probably better coverage than the link I'm providing. Go for it!)

You say you want a revolution . . .


Maybe if the AD's can get the university presidents all fired up . . .

It wouldn't be Pitt football


without someone leaving. This time, it's not a coach. Maybe next year . . . .

Penn State places 3rd at fencing championship.


The Lions finished with 163 points, behind Princeton (182) and Notre Dame (175). o$u was fourth with 146 points. Congrats to the fencing team!

Ken Frazier makes a bigoted comment?


Frazier gets into a dust-up Wednesday's board meeting; refers to Bill Cluck and "people who look like you." (Cluck is white, Frazier is black.) Listen closely around 0:50. (Warning: Frazier's voice reminds you of the whiny kid in third grade who needed his head dunked in the commode.)

Sound familiar?


Not the same as Sandusky, but here is a guy focusing on young girls. He claims the sex he had when he was in his 20's-30's and the girls were in their mid-teens was "consensual." Ugh.

Buckeye Irony


The author talks about how Braxton Miller needs to improve his passing game. He applauds Braxton's scrambles, going so far as to laud some as "works of art." Note the clip the writer uses to support this high praise: It's the high-collar takedown of Mauti at the goal line that allowed Miller to score. What a laugh!

WAY off OT: 7th Special Forces vs. Miami Cheerleaders


Life on a A-team (whether Special Forces or Miami cheerleaders) is not all hard work. Click on the video link above the comments.

OT: Those crazy Canadians!!


Sounds like a classic case of cabin fever, eh?

Penn State 14th best coaching job in FBS


Nice, with barely a whiff of IT in the write-up! (Does mention harsh impact of sanctions.)

Corbett on the Paterno Report


Corbett's reaction to the "Paterno" report. Nothing new, but I'm a little surprised he is embracing the report -- even just a little. (I would have thought he would have wussed out with a "No comment." approach.)

Caution: "Nice guy" sex abuse case


I debated posting this, but this reinforces Mr. Clemente's words about "nice guy" abusers.

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