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Corbett on the Paterno Report


Corbett's reaction to the "Paterno" report. Nothing new, but I'm a little surprised he is embracing the report -- even just a little. (I would have thought he would have wussed out with a "No comment." approach.)

Caution: "Nice guy" sex abuse case


I debated posting this, but this reinforces Mr. Clemente's words about "nice guy" abusers.


Drexel professor reviews NCAA

To those of you burned out over IT, the NCAA, and everything like that, I apologize for creating yet another post on the topic. There is nothing earth-shattering in this article, but it does...

NCAA Enforcement VP fired.


Looks like the NCAA is starting to throw people under the bus.

F18 Hornet Flight


Off-topic, but what a ride!

Another bite of the NCAA


Not sure I disagree with the NCAA rule about felons, but here is another lawsuit to tie them down.


New Yorker interview of Spanier - Aug 2012

I realize this is old, but I had never seen it before and don't recall it being discussed here. The first part is very laudatory of Joe, and how he interacted with Spanier. The middle is a little...


BOB Videos

Mods, please delete if I should not be posting these. Two PennLive videos: BOB on the upcoming "Paterno report" and another on Gilliam to tackle and the run-ons. Spoiler alert: BOB was...


USC OC fired.

I'm sorry to be one of "those guys" -- someone who takes pleasure in others' challenges -- but here is more irony. USC's offensive coordinator, Kennedy Polamalu, has been fired, which will probably...


Matt McGloin in Texas vs Nation Game

OK, moxie fans, here is our last chance to see Matt McGloin in a college uniform. The Texas vs Nation game is on today and kicks off at 2:30 p.m. ET in Eagle Stadium in Allen, Texas. It will be...


WE DID IT! - Support Eric Shrive!!

Looks like Eric won the award, and I can't help but think it was our push that helped. Thanks all! h...


2013 Senior Bowl - Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill is playing in the Senior Bowl (channel 212 on DirecTV). North kicked off to South, with that kick returned to the North's five-yard line. Tough set-up for the defense, but Jordan made...


Open letter to Mark Emmert

The story of your botched investigation threatens to displace the Te'o hoax as the most captivating narrative of a young 2013. It reveals a culture of gross incompetence, arrogance, and...


Litigation against NCAA

Pretty good article describing the various lawsuits against the NCAA. Of course, it incorrectly reports that the Commonwealth's suit centers on the $60M fine. Even with that error, there are some...


__ Div-I HC changes since BOB took over

By my count, there are 26 HC changes listed in this story. Not sure if all are D-I, so maybe 26 isn't accurate. This is probably not all for the season. Who knows? Maybe coaches of some of...


JUCO QB Jake Waters

I confess to being a little concerned about Jake Waters' delayed decision. It appears he is waiting to see how far K-State takes its run before deciding; I don't see that as a good thing for us....


B1G CotY/PotY Awards

Deion Barnes was selected as freshman player of the year in the B1G. Kyle Carter was also on the list, and was Chuck Long's "back-up" choice. John Simon of o$u was defensive poty. Mauti was...


Sirens?, Thanksgiving, and Job board? -- oh, my!

In the midst of all the news about Mike Mauti and the conference re-alignment, I was wondering if there were any sirens from the weekend. Weren't the JUCO kids here? Anybody else? Wish you all...

Haters lose ammo.


Sorry, haters, Penn State's accreditation is safe.


NCAA official's "heart goes out" to Penn Staters

Warning: Extreme ass-hat alert, as Dr. Ray of Oregon State (the leader of the sanctions committee) tells CBS Sports he "understands" what we Penn Staters are going through. h...


Darrell Royal's passing

Let me start by saying I have some respect for Texas. Mack Brown opened up the Longhorns' program to Joe and the other coaches sometime during the dark years, and it seems Joe et al. got enough...

UM will NOT release full report.


Child porn case involving Michigan Health System official. Full external report NOT being released. What lessons have institutions really learned from our situation?


Neb-PSU not on TV?

I've searched the DirecTV schedule, and find what looks like a replay of this Saturday's game already scheduled for Sunday at 1100 (11/11 @1100 -- why does that sound familiar . . . ?) but no...


Hello?!?! Hello?!?!? Any info on Purdue?

It's 1130 (Eastern time) on Wednesday, halfway towards our next football game. I realize many have had to deal with Sandy, but surely not ALL BSDers are affected. Anyone have any...


Moving on.

Not from IT, but from last Saturday's game. Enough lectures from OSU trolls and enough dissection of the phantom penalties. It's Tuesday afternoon -- time to start discussing the Purdue...

No football culture problem at Wyoming


@Glad to see Wyoming take prompt and appropriate action after their coach cussed out the Air Force coach a couple weeks ago.@


Wisky AD talks "super conference"

Apparently Barry Alvarez is tired of little schools cluttering up the horizon, and so is agitating for a super-conference made up of B1G, SEC, etc. Could this be the opening shot at taking down...


Sandusky, Second Mile, Penn State

I know we are all weary of IT, but a couple things came out of Sandusky's sentencing that are worth noting: (1) JS included Penn State as one of the agencies conspiring against him. Maybe some...


Indiana vs. jNW

With all due respect to our favorite Wildcat (LincolnParkWildcat), the method to beating Northwestern is clear: Our guys have to play with consistency and discipline. Indiana looked a step slower...


USS Michael Murphy

Most of you know about Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy SEAL, by now (if you don't, you owe it to yourself to learn about him), but here is an update about how the Navy is recognizing and honoring his...

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