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A Q&A with HBO Real Sports correspondent Andrea Kremer about Penn State coach Bill O'Brien


I can't believe I'm about to type this - a really good interview by David Jones.

PSU Nittany Lions: meet the run-ons


ESPN doing a nice series of recapping each of the run-ons. BSD writers take note- TWWL is eating your lunch

Hackenberg preparing for QB competition


Josh Moyer putting together a nice article over at ESPN

Full 4+ hrs of 3/18 BOT mtg


Look at comments for time stamps. Get interesting around 2:47

Penn State gymnastics: No. 1 Nittany Lions close home slate, drop Michigan


100% snark free review of the other PSU sports by REAL SPORTS WRITERS.

Spring Q&A: Penn State's Bill O'Brien


Rittenberg: Will you have to change the offense for one or the other? Do they fit in with what you did last year? BO'B: We'll definitely be different. We'll be different in many ways. Matt [McGloin] had certain strengths we tried to play to, no question about it. Our system is expansive enough that you can have different parts in there to take advantage of the talents of the quarterbacks who are playing. So we'll be a different offense than we were last year.

Bill O'Brien explains what he's looking for in a quarterback this spring


some key take aways: - Bench and Fergie will get the balance of starter reps - QB will need two things: 1. good grasp of offense and 2. good decision making (2a and b accuracy, leadership) - We likely won't know who the QB is until 2 weeks before opening day - DJ Crook not mentioned as potential starter - Hackenberg might have a shot but not likely given the amount of work that will need to be done in 2-3 months - Hackenberg is smart and has a good memory

Penn State letterman Philip LaPorta adresses Board of Trustees


I haven't seen a link to this to date. This is a must see. Audrey Snyder is doing some very nice work through PennLive.

Did Penn State Officials Know Jerry Sandusky Was a Pedophile Since 1998?


Nicely laid out timeline that challenges Freeh's findings - Letter to Editor by Eileen Morgan

Judge Feudale orders special prosecutor to examine whether secrecy rules were violated in relation to the grand jury


Pennsylvania investigative grand juries often work on more than one matter, and it was unclear from the document whether the possible secrecy violations were related the Penn State cases or other cases before the panel.... Feudale has recently been trying to sort out a legal dispute involving whether former Penn State lawyer Cynthia Baldwin should have been present at a grand jury proceeding, and his order made specific reference to a section of the state's criminal procedure rule titled "Who May Be Present During Session of an Investigating Grand Jury." That section reads: "All persons who are to be present while the grand jury is in session shall be identified in the record, shall be sworn to secrecy as provided in these rules, and shall not disclose any information pertaining to the grand jury except as provided by law." Feudale also ...looking into potential violations of another section, titled "Disclosure of Testimony Before Investigating Grand Jury." He also asked that the inquiry examine a law that criminalizes disclosure of grand jury proceedings by anyone but witnesses and another law that makes it a crime to obstruct the administration of law or other governmental functions. In relation to the obstruction law, Feudale highlighted a portion that said it applied to "breach of official duty or other unlawful act." Looks like this thing ain't going to court within the next year...

Penn State running back Lynch charged in shattering of dorm window


there will always be Stephanie Gonzales's in the world. Linking an accidental broken window to IT and the Catholic Church...

Penn State trustee Lubrano calls for refund on Freeh report


Lubrano plans to raise the question at next month’s board of trustees meeting in Hershey, and he wants a serious discussion in public about it.

PSU and Rutgers to offer free online courses


Let's get our Learnin' on! They are free and some of them even count as college credits

PA - SNAP responds to Paterno family assertion that he "did nothing wrong"


SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) spouts mistruthes and opinions based on non-factual information spread by the media. Please go to the link and maybe try to educate them on the truth.

Mike Poorman warning: Cost of a run-on


There goes Mike Poorman again with a dose of negativity...

PA State Championship to Happy Valley


Not much telling here, but the ending comments could make for interesting discussion on BSD. It will be interesting in 2014 when Hershey's contract expires to see if Beaver Stadium puts in a bid to host PA High School Championships.. .



IF they truly did go by authentic votes PSU SHOULD HAVE WON THE $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP

Bill O'Brien Tuesday Presser transcript


OMGZ! OMGZ! OMGZ! I can't stand it! I CAN'T WAIT! AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Our offense is going to be Awesome, You Guys!!!!!!!!!

Schulz's secret Sandusky file


Is this why interim AD Sherbourne was fired? Why Spanier is suing PSU for emails?

Penn State Football: Devon Smith Waives Preliminary Hearing


Meesa tinkin' Moo Moo isa in deep doodoo ** Can someone insert a pic of JarJar with Amendola's face? **

Awe! Look how cute. Cory being obviously clever...


... other than Cory being a twit, this is a good interview with Silas.

ESPN points to Corbett


the real villain of this tragedy lies within the report...

PSU repeats


Molinaro, Ruth, Taylor all win weight class. Taylor also wins award.

Lubrano Ad


Anthony Lubrano getting serious about running for BOT. He is running TV ads from now until April 10 when BOT elections close

Sandusky Bid for Dates, Places of Alleged Abuse Is Dismissed by Judge - Amendolato to file motion to dismiss the case if state prosecutors can’t be more specific with the allegations.


Under state law, the failure by prosecutors to fix a date with reasonable certainty when a defendant is accused of having sexually assaulted a child would "violate the notions of fundamental fairness embedded in our legal process," the judge wrote. "A long line of Pennsylvania cases has refined and applied this standard to various factual situations involving assaults against children," he wrote. Joseph Amendola, a lawyer for Sandusky, said yesterday that he will file papers asking Cleland to dismiss the case if state prosecutors can’t be more specific with the allegations.

BO'B is ok with over signing?


K Mac reporting- BO'B wants to do things the right way but is okay with playing around with an 18 year old's future? I've gotta say, if this is true, this is the first thing about O'Brien that doesn't sit well with me. I sure do hope he reconsiders. And more importantly, I hope this doesn't have anything to do with the dismissal of Shawn Oakman.

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