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Nice to see what Karl Malone says about Blake and his game.

The Top 50 players in Clippers history


Kind of a fun look back for long time Clippers fans.

Barkley rips Griffin and Clips


Charles discussing a variety of topics on DP Show including his usual disparaging remarks about Clippers and Blake. Says the Clips new coach is inheriting a headache, Vinny should not have been fired, Blake only a dunker with funny commercials etc.

Blake Griffin Rocks An Enormous Gold Chain Everywhere


OK ban me for posting pics from this Bleacher Report link. Couldn't help sharing these crazy pics of Blake. Man this guy knows how to have fun!! Beware, after viewing these you too may realize how dull and mundane your Ground Hog's Day life really is.

Bad news for Hornets: Eric Gordon’s knee is acting up


Max contract, sore surgical repaired knee for EJ. Kaman leaves first Mavs practice with sore back. Who do you think plays more regular season games this year EJ or Kaveman? I am a fan of them both and wish them well but I think their injury issues are chronic.

Report: Lamar and Khloe Fighting over Reality Show


I normally could give a rat's ass except LAMAR IS NOW A CLIPPER AND NEEDS TO FOCUS ON GETTING HIS GAME BACK! Stick to your guns Lamar and refuse to participate in the show. Let her replace you with Honey Boo Boo

Long-ago abuse, and repressing the memories, take toll on Dooling


Wow. Pretty heavy stuff that offers an even greater appreciation for Keyon.

ESPN Pre-Season Power Rankings: Heat start No. 1, Clippers No. 5


From Marc Stein at ESPN. Clippers at 5 which is about as high as I have seen anywhere.

Dime Magazine: What NBA Star Is Most Overrated? Jeremy Lin vs. Carmelo Anthony vs. Blake Griffin


I just ran across this from Dime Magazine for Clips Nation reading and comments.

15 Most Overpaid NBA Players For 2013


Maybe a few surprises, including our own Lamar Odom and the Lakers MWP. This site may be B/R Lite but do you agree with this blogger's list?

Why Blake Griffin Signing With Under Armour Makes Sense


Having a Marketing background, this makes total sense to me. Potential huge dollars for Blake and a fantastic opportunity for Under Armour to make a bigger name in the pro basketball market, including the highly competitve shoes arena.

Grant Hill Talks More About his Exit from Suns


Compares CP3 and Blake as a more athletic version of a young Nash and Amare. Nash going to Lakers is "like a Duke player transferring to Carolina"

Billups Helped Mavs Land Mayo?


Just a little something that further exemplifies Chauncey's leadership and character.

The Ultimate Brian Scalabrine Highlight Video [Not a Joke]


"The Man, the Myth, the Legend - the White Mamba" Just a little amusement before the season gets underway. He actually had some game as this video shows. However, the excitement of the announcers and the crowd may be the real video stars.

12 gifs that prove Kobe has copied everything from Michael.


I don't think this has been posted by anyone yet. While it is a shameless tribute to Kobe, the similarities are uncanny and you can tell Kobe has worked hours studying MJ. At the end, you can turn the gifs into video.

Former Pacer Dan Roundfield (Age 59) Drowns in Aruba


For old school Pacer fans who may remember Danny when he played for the Pacers. I remember his dunks as a kid. Prayers to the family.

Breaking down the 2012/13 schedule with Madelyn B. and Eric Patten


I always enjoy Madelyn but what's up with the orange lipstick girl!

Jazz Rotation: Are Mo Williams and Randy Foye, as a backcourt, lesser than the sum of their individual parts?


With the Summer doldrums and Steve and LJ both away, I found this to be a very interesting and objective analysis at SLC Dunk regarding the Mo and Foye acquistions and the foreseen same challenges that we had with them. This even further validates my feelings that it is good that they have moved on.

Top 20 Remaining NBA Free Agents Available.


Here is the list from Sheridan of the top 20 remaining free agents available. Some pretty good names still out there even though the $$ left for many top teams isn't. Interesting that he says so far there has been no interest shown for Matt Barnes.

Report: Howard will be traded to Lakers


"I ain't lyin." I thought long and hard before posting this as I have been one of the biggest critics of the Dwightmare posts. Did it anyway. It's like that piece of cake in front of you that you finally can't resist and eat it! This came from a Sheridan tweet. If this proves to be just another stupid rumor that does not come to fruition maybe I will change my name to B/R Mike.

Blake Griffin Is Too Good To Fail For USA Basketball


Interesting article by SB Nation's Tom Ziller. As Clipper fans we see a talented player behind all the crazy dunks.

Bookmaker's Early 2012/13 Teams Odds on Winning NBA Title


Here is an early look at next year's early odds for winning the NBA Title by one bookmaker. Clippers 18 to 1 and Lakers 10 to 1.

Hornets Appear Ready to Match Any Offer for EJ Even if a Max Contract.


I saw this article taken from the New Orleans newspaper on HoopsHype today. Looks like EJ will be staying with Hornets but what a potential roll of the dice (risk vs reward) if the $$ are max or close to it. They also could be bluffing to keep teams away from him.

Meet Shal, The Best White Dunker In the World


While it would be nice to see a broader variety of dunks, he does have some serious mad hops for only being 6 feet tall. Also don't know if he can play a lick but dunking over 7 guys is pretty good.

Clippers put together list of GM's (willing to work cheap)


Take it for what it is worth. Just saw this. I think I see a couple different names here.

Junior Seau Dead Cops Suspect Suicide


A sad day for SoCal Sports fans. God bless his children. He is a definite hall of famer

Anaheim poised if Sacramento NBA deal collapses


The Sactown drama continues. I feel sorry for the devoted fans there. I think the Maloofs are playing games and their cash flow is smoke and mirrors.

DeMarcus Cousins fined $25K for complaining about referees


Cousins now $25K lighter in the pocket for comments last night regarding officiating and protecting Blake. All of a sudden a boring game should be interesting this Saturday.

Shaq: Heat don't win title with Van Gundy


Van Gundy's coaching skills may be better than his people skills. I would hate to hire another coach that would chase CP3 or Blake out of town. Larry Brown has the same reputation.

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