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Eric Gordon says he’ll return to the Hornets lineup on Wednesday


Even though he has said some bitter things about the Clips, he will always be one of my favorite former Clipper players. I only wish him the best and hope he can stay healthy wherever he ends up playing.


Is it a mistake not embracing Lob City?

Every since Blake was caught on camera saying "Lob City Baby" upon hearing of the trade for Chris Paul, the players and the organization have done everything to downplay the image as just a high...

Chris Kaman tweets pictures of himself holding dead bobcat before Charlotte game


Kaveman is definitely a one of a kind person. The NBA's answer to Ted Nugent.

CP3 to be fitted with new hi-tech mask for Celtics game


I guess the mask he wore last night was bothersome and he is trying this new one out for the Boston game.

Former NBA star, wife are starting second career in porn


Nice to see what ex-Laker players do after their careers ends. I remember how jealous his wife would be of groupies and women NBA Fans when he was a player.

Hey Cliplets, Heard anything about season ticket price increase rumors?


Not sure if anybody else heard about this yet. Click on the above link title for the latest details showing increases by each section.

Lamar Odom to play in D-League


My how we have fallen. Maybe he can play against Travis Leslie.

Latest Dwight-Howard-to-Lakers rumor says March 1 is the date


Not necessarily buying it but this is the latest coming out of Orlando. If true, probably the Magic were waiting for the All Star Game to end before moving Howard.

Martin lauds Carmelo, slams Karl


Our newest member Clipper blows up George Karl and Nuggets regarding the Melo trade.

ANIMATED: Steve Novak's Championship Belt


You gotta feel good for him. Novak imitating the Aaron Rodgers championship belt move. Maybe if we still had him, Chris Paul could find him open like Lin is.

Heat Interested in Acquiring Chris Kaman


Could you imagine Kaveman winning a ring for the Heat or playing against the Clippers in the finals? Two FanShots in one day. Take that Tim Kempton!

Here are the Four Players in NBA Dunk Contest (No Blake).


Via Marc Stein/ESPN, it looks like Blake is not participating this year. Not a star studded group by any means but maybe some surprise dunkers here. I am glad no Blake and wish he would only play in the one game to save his energy for the season.

PBA Spare Shots: Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational at "Lucky Strike LA Live" is a Hollywood Hit


This could be a fun event to watch before the Super Bowl this Sunday at 1PM (PST) on ESPN. CP3, Blake and other sports figures, professional bowlers and entertainment people will participate with proceeds all going to CP3 Charity. Considering it is for charity, I thought I would give it a little exposure on Clips Nation.

Once again, JR Smith Family Fights with Chinese Fans


Trouble just seems to follow JR around. Given his past indiscrections, do we really want to pursue this guy?

Blake's emphatic F-Bomb heard on TV last night.


Here is a very unhappy Blake responding to Al Harrington's hard foul. I am not sure if he is yelling at the ref for not calling a flagrant foul, at Tebow for handing him a religious flyer in the middle of the game, or at Harrington who is helping him get up. Nothing like a good f-bomb heard for all the fans. Enjoy with no kiddies around.

Trading Chris Kaman: Houston Rockets Edition


Latest from Hornets site At the Hive. I kinda feel sorry for Chris but his constant mistakes on the floor seems to haunt him. I hope he lands in a good spot where he can contribute.

Once Again, David Stern Abuses Authority Of Hornets' Ownership In Eric Gordon Saga


The never ending Saga of David Stern and the Hornets. EJ caught in the middle.

JR Smith's sister gets into a brawl in his game in China


Leave it to JR Smith to be involved in more controversy. This time it is his sister getting into it over a foul made on his brother.

Sam Cassell Get Into Pregame Fight with Rashard Lewis


Former Clipper Sam I Am still showing the passion for a hapless Washington team. My guess is he called Lewis out for lackadaisical play. I would love to see Sam on the bench at least as an assistant coach for The Clippers.

Arrival of players acquired in trade ushers in Hornets' fresh start


Here is an article in today's New Orleans newspaper on the trade. It contains quotes from each of the ex-Clips and appears EJ and AFA are excited and Kaman will make the best of it. The Hornet's management and players seem especially happy having EJ aboard.

A Great 45 Minute Podcast Interview with EJ


For those interested, lonely, or just an EJ geek, here is a 45 minute podcast done in Indy on December 4th. You get a candid insight into EJ including: death threats he received by decommitting from Illinois, his life going to the Clippers, rookie hazing, would he like to be a Pacer, how he needs to improve his ball handling and low post game, etc.. It is amazing how relaxed and open he is in the interview. Very refreshing.

Pacers/Bulls Preseason Tickets all $10


With all the negative PR around the lockout, I think this would be a great PR move league wide or at least have DTS consider it for image building. All proceeds going to charity. It may also give less financially able people a chance to attend.

DWill 90% Sure He Will Resign with Nets


All of these rumors about superstars coming to the Clips are like the hot girl who says she may consider going out with you. Here is the latest interview with DWill.


If Peyton Does Play For A Different Team Next Year How Will You React?

As the Colts are faced with one of the most polarizing decisions since the Mayflower trucks pulled up in Baltimore 27 years ago, how will you react if Peyton DOES NOT RETIRE (recent edit) AND IS...

Sad Day for the UCLA Family


May God be with you Walt Hazzard.

More EJ Exhibition Game News


I got this from the Indy Cornrows site. Notice the first reader comment about the game and EJ's presence. They are relentless about EJ as a future Pacer.

Phil Simms not "Sucking for Luck" yet


Well, here is one NFL analyst not buying into the Andrew Luck hype yet. Simms has questions with Luck's ability to throw the NFL long ball. I have watched almost all of Luck's games and do not necessarily agree with him as I am not sure Luck has NFL caliber wide receivers nor does Stanford really throw the long ball often. However, Simms know football better than I do.

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