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Born and raised in Pittsburgh (Beaver County specifically) - joined the rest of the diaspora after college when I moved to DC. Now live in Manassas, VA, deep in the heart of Redflop territory. Only reason I have DirecTv is to watch my Steelers every Sunday.

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  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Soccer USA World Cup Team
  • Fantasy I want to live till I see the death of Fantasy Football
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Top 5 Poll: What car makes you think Steelers?

Once, the saying went: "...Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet". NFL football has now replaced baseball as "America's past time", and we see a car commercial every 9 minutes during a...

Steelers’ Tomlin not your average bear

From enigmatic phrases to patronizing answers, Yogi-like Mike Tomlin is not your average head coach.

Concussion Lawsuit: Unlimited money, tragedy

The NFL has striven to control every single facet of the game of football, down to the color and height of the players’ uniform socks Thanks to Judge Brody however, the NFL is learning the true...

Steelers, NFL concussions subject of three movies

"Men in Black" star set to portray Pittsburgh pathologist in movie about former "Man in Black n Gold " star Mike Webster’s death. The NFL should be afraid, be very afraid.

Faneca throws block on concussion agreement

Former Steeler Alan Faneca and six other retired players have entered the NFL Concussion settlement fray by filing a motion in U.S. District Court calling the proposed $765 million settlement...

A Steelers fan walks in a player's shoes

Years of dedication and effort by players we once hailed as heroes deserve more than the derision and calls for them to be cut many fans voice the moment a player loses a step.

The U may soon stand for Union

The NCAA and its member schools may believe student athletes participate "for the love of the sport", but the economic windfall the schools have been enjoying all these years may soon have to be...

Sanders allegedly had agreed to deal with Chiefs

NFLN's Ian Rapoport cites "at least one executive" upset over the manner of business conducted by Steve Weinberg, the agent of Emmanuel Sanders, in their recent negotiations in free agency. Sanders...

Steelers’ GM the NFL’s true Underdog

After years of contract restructuring that has had media pundits, football experts and Steeler Nation scratching their heads and asking "just what is Kevin Colbert doing..?", fragments of an...

Judge denies NFL effort to protect NCAA in lawsuit

In denying approval to the proposed settlement, Judge Brody questions the adequacy of funding of the medical assessment plan, and exposes for the first time the NFL’s intent to protect the NCAA...

NFL Concussion Settlement terms submitted

The NFL and the lawyers representing over 5,000 players (and family members) who sued the NFL for allegedly hiding the risks and effects of concussions from the players have reached agreement on...

The Yin and Yang of the 2013 Steelers No Huddle

Did the strife between QB and OC and the shortcomings of the former O Line coach the reason the No Huddle was barely used in the first half of the season, or did it result in the No Huddle becoming...

The Yin and Yang of the 2013 Steelers: Part I

A "balanced" season record is not something NFL teams strive for (well, okay maybe the Browns do), but in reviewing how the Steelers overcame their horrendous start, we see signs of a potent...

‘Twas the Steelers’ 2013 Season

From all of us at Behind The Steel Curtain to all of you, wherever you are, merry Christmas, happy holidays and GO STEELERS!

Steelers at Crossroads

The Steelers as an organization has entered into a liminal period; the team is on a threshold where the continuity of success they have long enjoyed is uncertain, and the future identity of the...

NFL punishes Tomlin, but risks damaging integrity


In a move fully expected by participants and fans alike, the NFL has levied a huge fine against Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. But by leaving further punishment open for future consideration,...

Tomlin risks more than a Steelers draft pick

The potential loss of a 2014 draft pick and a six figure fine are less than what Mike Tomlin has cost the Steelers organization by his actions against the Ravens.

Is Steelers' RB Coach running out of time?

Even though the Steelers handily defeated the Cleveland Browns, Kirby Wilson's running back corps continues to show an inability to gain rushing yards when they are needed, an ongoing vulnerability...

Steelers vs Lions: A Tale of Two Halves

It was a tale of two halves for the Steelers against the Lions; while the first half ended feeling like an epoch of incredulity for the Steelers, the second half was a season of darkness for the...

Rooney still waiting on running improvements

It's been over three years since Steelers President Art Rooney II said he and head coach Mike Tomlin agreed the Steelers needed to run the ball more effectively. With three years with which to...

Brett Keisel was right Steelers not ready to play

How many more games will it take the Steelers coaches to get the players ready to play? After eight games, the Steelers give up over three times the number of points they score in the first quarter...

Tomlin’s History Lesson ends in Same Old Steelers

Steelers read too much into Tomlin's history lesson and skip the 70's. Instead, they take a page out of the losing decades of the 60's and 50's and revert back to the Same Old Steelers.

Steelers, Concussions in book "League of Denial"

The victims are the players and their families, the disputed heroes the coroner and other doctors who made the initial diagnosis on Steelers great Mike Webster, and the obvious villain is the NFL....

Steelers win ugly but it could prove to be pyrrhic

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have taken the first step on their long journey back to respectability. They secured both their first victory,...

Steelers' GM Colbert just can’t win

Within minutes of the announced trade with the Arizona Cardinals for OL Levi Brown, Steeler Nation launched scathing comments towards its once beloved General Manager Kevin Colbert. Where is the...

Why denial may be the reason for Steelers season

There’s no denying the Steelers’ record, and how they achieved it speaks for itself. Instead of rehashing the how, this is an examination of a possible mindset that is behind the team’s worst start...

Steelers Big Ben finally chimes in

For years Steeler Nation has wanted and waited for its franchise QB to act like a franchise QB; to be the face of the franchise and the consummate leader of the team. Now that he has begun speaking...

Steelers bungle chance at redemption


After a performance of titanic ineptitude in week one against the Tennessee Titans, the Steelers had the opportunity to redeem themselves in Cincinnati but they bungled it, losing 20-10 against a...

The fall of the House of Colbert

Determining whether the man responsible for building the Steelers is also responsible for its decline into the decrepitude Steeler Nation witnessed Sunday, or is he facing some hard decisions that...

Steelers vs Titans: Time to send a message is now

After last night’s Debacle in Denver where the reigning SB Champion Baltimore Ravens were humiliated on national TV by the Denver Broncos 49-27, it became quite clear the Steelers need to deliver a...

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