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Born and raised in Pittsburgh (Beaver County specifically) - joined the rest of the diaspora after college when I moved to DC. Now live in Manassas, VA, deep in the heart of Redflop territory. Only reason I have DirecTv is to watch my Steelers every Sunday.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Soccer USA World Cup Team
  • Fantasy I want to live till I see the death of Fantasy Football
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Market comp just pushed Wallace's price higher

Mike Wallace’s foray into the free agency market begins March 12, but a data point has already been set that will bring a smile to this Young Money free agent.

Ravens sign SB MVP QB Flacco to Elite contract

Joe Flacco will be the Ravens Franchise QB for the next six years, and become highest paid player in professional football as of Monday. But to the dismay of Steeler Nation, such an elite contract won't cripple the Ravens under the 2013 salary cap.

Will Cleveland finally exact revenge on Baltimore?

Baltimore lured Browns owner Art Modell away from Cleveland with promises of money, leaving that city with years of mediocre football. Now, Cleveland has the means, motive, and possibly the opportunity for the greatest act of revenge in NFL history.

Is Steelers' GM Colbert approaching his Waterloo?

No one doubts the football brilliance of Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert, but depending on where the Steelers find themselves at the end of the 2013 season, the period between March and June could become Colberts' Waterloo.

Part II: How Stats mislead defining Elite QBs

or "How I Learned to stop Worrying (about stats) and Love the Game"

How stats mislead defining elite QBs

Part I: Outrageous assertions based on statistical "facts."

Steeler roster moves will mean more than new faces


The choices the Steelers make to meet the 2013 salary cap will have ramifications far beyond who Steeler Nation will see on the field next year. Along with new faces, there will likely be wholesale changes to the way the Steelers play defense.

Flacco, Ravens win Super Bowl the Steelers’ way

Having made it their mission since 2010 to study how to beat the Steelers, a team that has for so long stood in their way, the Ravens replace the Steelers as the alpha male of the AFC North.

Ray Lewis' Super Bowl Deja Vu

In preparing for his second, and last, Super Bowl appearance, Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis finds himself exactly where he was twelve years ago for his first Super Bowl game; facing accusations of wrong doing.

Reload or Rebuild: What can the Steelers afford?

Since 2004, the Steelers have enjoyed more success than almost any other team in the NFL. But decisions must be made for this level of success to continue. Will Steeler Nation be prepared to accept the price of those decisions?

Change one thing about the NFL and the Steelers

If you could change one thing each about the professional game of football, the entity that is the NFL, and the Steelers, what would it be?

Steelers must accept Ravens and Flacco as equals

The Steelers’ recent draft woes and salary cap chickens have come home to roost, and now the Ravens have come of age. Will the Ravens forge new ground in the future, or will they follow the Steelers into the salary cap abyss?

When GM Colbert speaks, no Rosetta Stone is needed


While Steeler Nation should find comfort, Colbert cuts to the chase in a critical but honest assessment of the Steelers' 2012 season and many current players should be concerned.

The Fantasy of Mining Football Stats

Millions of Fantasy Football fans are mining football statistics looking for "The Golden Rule"; a mathematical model that will give them an unbeatable roster of players. The problem is, history shows such models never work as expected.

The curious case of Benjamin’s performance

When a team with a franchise quarterback fails to even make the playoffs, its easy to assume the quarterback had a bad year. But curiously, a case can be made that Roethlisberger's 2012 stats aren't all that bad.

The Steelers need a "Miracle"

Maybe instead of trading picks to move up in the draft, or finding a new offensive coordinator, all the Steelers need to do is watch a movie and study their own history to learn how to become champions once again.

The Hollow Man


Ben Roethlisberger can either step up and embrace Haley’s offense, or continue being the Hollow Man in T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same name.

The Night Before Cincy

A Steeler skeptic receives a visit from Mike Tomlin

Two words describe the way Steelers are playing

Two words stand out not just for this past game, but for much of the season as well: lackadaisical and lax.

Tagliabue's ruling best outcome for football

Tagliabue's ruling is the best possible outcome for professional football and Roger Goodell. It gives him a clear and specific assessment of his failings as Commissioner of the NFL, and is instructive in how a good commissioner would have acted.

Tagliabue lifts Suspensions of Saints Players

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue affirms NFL Commissioner Goodell's factual findings, but has vacated all suspensions levied against the New Orleans Saints players in what has become known as "Bounty Gate".

The Steelers circle the date of their fall

Once upon a time, the Pittsburgh Steelers were a proud team, not needing to validate itself against anyone else. In 2012, the Steelers have repeatedly sought validation, but have failed to defeat the very teams from which such validation is derived.

Fundamentally, Steelers were sold down the Rivers

Steelers lose sight of fundamental football, lose against Chargers, and lose chance to gain ground on Ravens.

Steelers' Batch exacts price for Ravens' hubris

Third string Steelers QB out performs Ravens' Flacco as Steelers show Ravens and NFL the risks of misjudging them.

The AFC North: Sibling Rivalry

Four teams sharing incestuous histories, with either playoff hopes on the line or nothing to play for but bragging rights in defeating a hated rival:

Polamalu's return could alter defensive game plan

Troy Polamalu appears ready to return. The question is how the Steelers' defense will change with the presence of its best player?

Steelers Standard a crock

Mike Tomlin’s mantra of "The Standard is the Standard" is a crock. It is a crock because Tomlin and the Steelers cannot even perform the basic functions required in finding a solution for winning.

Steelers Hurt or Broken?

More Steelers injured against the Browns, but coaching should go on IR

The Steelers, the NFL, and Roger Goodell

Before I sit down to eat my wife’s wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, I’m going to undergo a treatment of homeopathic spleen venting and rid myself of these toxic thoughts on the Steelers, the NFL and Roger Goodell.

Too late could be too soon For Steelers, Big Ben

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin faces a dilemma regarding Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but it isn’t what you may think.

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