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2013 NFL Draft (1.0)

2013 NFL Draft (1.0) Draft is based on my big board, and current league standings. I was dying to write a mock draft sooner or later - and figure this a good opportunity to do so. 1. K...


State of the Buffalo Bills (Statistical Analysis): Conclusion = Gailey must go!

The State of the Bills (Analysis): Gailey must go! I wanted to wait until after the bye week game to write this. I am disappointed and sick of Chan Gailey and coaching staff. Do the Bills...


A Few Points and Questions Heading into Week 3.....

It's been a while - Want to share a few thoughts and ask a few questions POINTS: I was always a big believer in CJ Spiller. It was obvious he had the physical skill set. But what is most...


In Nix We Trust Pt 2 - #Billsmafia - (Massive Bills Analysis; must read Bills fans!) - (Updated 5/9)

My fellow rumblers, For those of you who have not read my original article - it can be viewed here In Buddy Nix I Trust - Pt 1 (if you have the time, you will not regret reading it). I will try...


The Bills head into the 2nd round with MANY OT still available (Poll)

I won't discuss our pick today. What I will do is show you who the best remaining players are and we can think about what direction the Bills might be going into. TOP 32 heading into Friday...


In Buddy Nix I Trust (Preparation for draft day, and the future)

INTRODUCTION Over the last 6 months, on Buffalo Rumblings, we have expressed what we want our beloved Buffalo Bills to do via free agency and the draft. We have written countless fan posts...

Mike Mayock Top 100


Finally reveals his top 100 picks


Final Mock Draft (3rd, every team)

Please rec if you like what you see - and would like to discuss the situations through the day. I will respond and update through out the Day (Lazy Sundays). My Fellow Rumblers - my 2012 NFL Draft...

FINAL Mock Draft - 3 rds (Things are getting very interesting)

If you like what you see - please REC - so i can continue to here feedback, and give responses allowing for a discussion among everyone on MTD Will be responding and updating through out the day R...

Consensus Positional Rankings

Same Concept as my big board - which is almost updated - I apologize for taking so long to update guys as the updates take FOREVER and time is always of essence in anyones life. REC if you wish ...

Trades! Who is moving up? Who is moving down? What players are for sale? (Update 3:30pm)

Lets take a look at who is moving around - and what we are hearing around the NFL. I posted a similar article a while ago - but now we have a much better idea of what teams are planning to do. ...


T-Minus 10 Days till Draft Day - What's going on with the Bills..... (Updated 6:00pm 4/17)

A FEW UPDATES: Peter King's mock came out - giving the Bills Michael Floyd, but he thinks the Bills should pick Mark Barron. To quote "Buffalo will break the Cardinals' hearts by stealing Floyd to...

2012 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 Final - (Updated 3:45PM 4/16/2012)

UPDATED: I have been listening to a few videos and shows today. I have read and watched things Charles Casserly, Mike Mayock, Greg Cossel, Adam Schefter, and Peter King are saying. So based on...

Reviewing the 2011 Consensus Big Board

After reading comments on the current thread for this year's consensus board - I thought I put up last year's top 64 players from the consensus board - and you guys can compare and argue who you...

Consensus Big Board - Final

PLEASE REC - so others can use for mocks, and i can continue to update A few comments (please read): Hey guys, been working hard to get the final version of consensus big board together. Been...


Matt Kalil (UPDATED @ 12:30pm 4/12/12)

Hey guys - have not posted in a while - will have a few posts on the weekend but this is the first thing I wish to start with. I am obsessed with Matt Kalil. Matt Kalil - 6'7'' 306lb ran a 4.99,...

2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 (Updated 4/3/2012 12:30pm w comments)

A few things. My Mock drafts are based on my consensus big board, what I have been hearing around the NFL, reading articles, looking at GM histories, mixing needs with wants, and BPA. AKA - I do my...

Consensus Big Board (Massive Update Top 224)

REC so others can use for their mocks drafts Enjoy The Following Big Boards were used: Walter Football, Draft Break Down, NFL Future, Draft Hub, NFL - Brandt, NFL - Brooks, CBS - Rang, CBS -...


Jonathan Martin (LT) - Stanford

I absolutely love Martin. I think he is a franchise LT 6'5'' 312lb 34inch arms. He is one of the reasons that Andrew Luck had such a successful season, and never had to worry about his blind side B...

Advice & Discussion with my fellow MTD-ers ( Everyone Please read)

I'll try to keep this as short as possible and to the point - if you agree please REC INTRO I absolutely love this site. I love how well Brad, Dan, Brian, and Matt run the forums/blogs It is a...

Peyton Manning to Denver Broncos


There it is - Manning to Broncos. Where does Tebow go? Where does Alex Smith go? Draft is slowly becoming more clear......

Matt Flynn to the Seahawks - DONE DEAL


Well looks like this changes a lot of drafts

Mock Draft 2.0 - Lots of New Stuff

Assumption - Peyton Manning goes to Denver Broncos Assumption - Matt Flynn signs with the Miami Dolphins Based on my consensus Big Board - you know where to find it # Players (Heigh, Weight,...

Where Does Peyton Go? - GAME OVER - Peyton Manning to Broncos

You can see earlier post below But there it is folks - Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos. What do you think? Where does Tim Tebow land? Where does Alex Smith go? What are the 49ers and Miami...

NFL Draft Trades......What's the word around the league?

Lets talk about draft trades. I put all my thoughts in bullet format - curious to hear what everyone else has been hearing around the league Starting from top moving down specifically first round ...


Forget Mario Williams - I want Dwight Freeney - A Comparison

I love Mario Williams. I think he is absolutely amazing. But I think he may be a tad expensive right now - especially in guaranteed money. Also his production The Colts are cleaning shop. They...

Consensus (Average) Positional Rankings

Based on my Power Rankings: QB Andrew Luck (QB) - Stanford Robert Griffin III (QB) - Baylor Ryan Tannehill (QB) - Texas A&M Brandon Weeden (QB) - Oklahoma St. Brock...

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