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We're just like Xavier, except when we are terrible

Our fearless leader will soon be dropping a thorough examination of the Xavier Musketeers replete with all the four factors and other nerdery we've come to expect. I was too nervous to wait...


Jarvis Byrd gets one more year

It's nice to see this kid finally caught a break. After missing two seasons with two different ACL tears, Jarvis is going to get one more chance. See, the NCAA can sometimes be magnanimous with...

How to almost beat Syracuse

I would love to write about how to beat Syracuse, but since no one has done it I am going to assume it is not possible. What is possible is to lose to them by less than 6 points. 5 teams have...


Come help me explain basketball to Clemson fans!

I've got a couple extra tickets for the Clemson game. Great lower level seats. I bought them off a season ticket holder I met before confirming that my wife and buddies could actually go. Turns...

Salvation and Doom from Beyond the Arc

A look at three-point shot distribution.

The Door Is Open

Our basketball buddies down in Tallahassee just did exactly what we needed them to do. Michael Snaer did his best Micheal Snaer impression and hit a game-winner with 4.4 seconds left. Neither I...

GT: Bad at basketball, except when they aren't

According to just about every way you can measure such things, the Pack face their toughest test of the remaining regular season this Sunday in Atlanta. No really. The Yellow Jackets are way...

STATE vs UNC Round 2. Know your enemy.

We had another baby last night. It's our third so it's not a big deal. We probably won't even name it. I only bring it up because it was a boy, which means the constant battle to keep...


Somebody send Ken Pomeroy some damn flowers already

We went into the game with VT with a KP rating of 31. We left with a rating of 43. We knew that our SOS rating would take a hit over the next few weeks. We also knew that losing any of the...

Science! says we’ll get a bye

I have looked into the future and found some good news! NC State has a very good chance, a better chance than any team not currently in the top-5 in the country, of getting a bye in the first...


Line for Saturday opens at Miami -1. Wait, what?

Seriously kids. I have looked everywhere I know to look. Every book that is posting a line (and some still aren't despite all other Saturday lines being out for hours) is showing Miami -1. I...

Introducing the MUGASM

So I like looking for predictive patterns in stats. I know it's lame, but I like it so back off and stop trying to take my glasses and HEY MAN THOSE ARE PRESCRIPTION AND MY MOM IS GOING TO KILL...


Is Karl Hess the worst? (Hint: Yes. Karl Hess is the worst.)

Karl struck again last night boys. He lined the teams up backwards for overtime, then took away a basket from Uconn after they shot at the basket he told the to shoot at. Here is a link to the...


Free (amazing) tickets to the Jimmy V classic. I need a travel partner!

I have two awesome seats to the Jimmy V classic this Tuesday. They are either courtside or almost courtside (i'm not 100% sure, but who the hell cares?). Here's the catch. I stumbled into these...


Someone please talk me out of this!

I am a rational dude. I am not optimistic or pessimistic. I considerable myself a devout pragmatist. I evaluate things by cutting through the BS and weighing the factors that can be objectively...

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