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Neutral Site Season Ticket Question

This is kind of a random post, especially from someone who isn't a Michigan fan, but I hope you all can answer a question for me. I've found myself talking about the sort of big, early season,...


Any Other Philly Area Hawk Fans?

I think that there are at least a few other Hawk fans in the Philly area, but rather than try to find you people by sorting through comments sections or searches, I figured I'd just through a...

Grapple at The Garden


Grapple at The Garden tickets go on presale tomorrow, general public on Friday. I know I'm going and was wondering if anybody else plans on attending the event. I was hoping my first trip to MSG would be for the NIT last year, but I'll settle for this.

Just in case you forgot that Olaseni was British.


Just in case you forgot that Olaseni was British.

Umm, Really Minnesota?


So Maturi gave Kill a 7 year contract extension retroactive to his hiring last December. Why?


Packerhawk's Bakery

As some of you may know Carfino'sWay and I are making a trip up to State College this weekend for our first ever game at Beaver Stadium. We're staying with a friend of mine who works at PSU and is...

Another high-ranking Big 12 school administrator believed the Aggies leaving for the SEC was a...


Another high-ranking Big 12 school administrator believed the Aggies leaving for the SEC was a given, not if but when. "They will leave," the Big 12 administrator told the American-Statesman on Monday night. "We'll try to add one or three teams." The administrator added that the Big 12 will try to persuade Notre Dame and Brigham Young to consider joining the league if A&M departs .

http://www.statesman.com/sports/aggies/a-m-leader-says-aggies-are-looking-at-1748552.html The BigXII needs to put down the cough syrup and step away from the mic if they think ND would jump on that ship. Although it would be fun watching them and Texas make love to each other between their piles of separate, unshared media contract revenue.

Looking for genetic link to concussions


Heard this on my way to work this morning and was reminded of our discussions of CTE from the past. Thought it might be of interest in these parts. Still very preliminary research with small n-size, so nothing earth shaking yet. However, I wonder IF the APOE link is proven in larger trials if this could lead to some sort of screening test, if such a test would actually deter people from participating in concussion-prone activities, and eventually reduce CTE and premature deaths in future generations of athletes by causing people to stop playing football or hitting things with their heads at a younger age.


Vanity Plate Poll

I just found out yesterday that my interminable period of underemployment is coming to a swift and satisfactory end.  Unfortunately my new job isn't in Iowa City, or Iowa, or even in the midwest....

IC City Council Exercises Some Common Sense


I'm sure the braintrust will be adding a superb piece on this in the morning. But for us night owls, throw on some Junior Senior and move your feet. The city has taken the obvious action of regulating the vendors a la the downtown vendors at every special event, and there will be Big ASS Turkey Legs and other stuff on Melrose this fall.


What's Stronger, Hate or Conference Allegiance?

So the NIT selection committee has decided that my other black and gold alma mater, UW-Milwaukee (UWM), should travel down I-94 to take on jNW at Welsh-Ryan on Wednesday night.  I thought I'd poll...

Official UI Response to SI "Investigative" Report


For those wondering if the UI AD would botch this one, dissect at will. I think this was an appropriate response.


Five Things I Love about the Iowa Men's Basketball Team

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share five things I love about the 2010-2011 Iowa Men’s Basketball team.  Yeah, I would probably love them a little more if they had won last night,...

TD4K Related News: New UI Children's Hospital Project Approved


Sometimes caring isn't creepy, it's the right thing to do. Yesterday the regents approved the construction of the new UI Children's Hospital to be completed by 2016. Thanks again to Jacobi, Vint, and Ross for getting us all involved with TD4K last fall.

Further Evidence of the Vast Hawk-Wing Conspiracy


Brandon Wegher will have to sit out the 2011 and have two years of eligibility remaining. Clearly, KF and GB were busy yesterday finalizing this blow to Wegher's hopes and dreams and this explains their absence from the press conference. Hopefully they picked up a new shipment of diamonds while they were out of town.

Brady Hoke is Better Than You Give Him Credit For (w/ Tenuous Iowa Tie)


It's because he's smart with hiring his assistants and he instills the right kind of mentality in his players. Even with all the grumbling in blogistan about his hire, I maintain that he will turn the program around sooner rather than later. First up, hiring a good defensive coordinator, Greg Mattison, father of former Iowa OG Bryan Mattison. See, I made it somewhat relevant.


BHGP Poll Confusion

Am I the only one who is confused by the poll in the upper left hand corner of this site?  I think it was pretty obvious during football season that we were giving our impressions of Captain Kirk...


Meme Combat, or How to Fight Futilely Against Anecdotes with Data

First off, let me say that I'm a strict social constructionist and I'm as skeptical about objective reality as the next guy.  That debate is for another day.  The fact is that there is a general...

GONE BABY GONE. Farewell Prater tweets.


GONE BABY GONE. Farewell Prater tweets.

MasCasa Puts the Season to Rest (with a decent conference logo)


Tip of the hat to Nathan Stuer for the graphic. Much better than the logo Delany will stick us with for the foreseeable future. It actually references the numbers 10 AND 12!! What a concept.


POLL: What excites you the most about the 28th-29th?

The end of December brings us some excitement.  The Midlands Tournament gets underway at jNW's Welch Grapejuice Arena, and we (finally) get to close the book on the 2010 football team.  I thought...

Top Contenders Announced for Midlands Tournament


The interminable wait for the Midlands is almost over. Six days from now we will know how the current group of grapplers fare in a tournament format. So far, so good in duals, but I don't think we care about the National Duals as much as the chance at a 4-peat in March. While the seeds won't be announced until the 28th, our Armani clad pwners at NU have graced us with a "Top Contenders" list. Iowa has 2 guys at #1, McDonough and Gambrall, and at least has somebody in the "other contenders" list at every weight except 149.

BHGP = 1/9th of TD4K Money Pledged


I just noticed this when I finally opened my "pay up" letter from UIHC yesterday. In the simplest calculation (and assuming everybody pays what they pledged), BHGP'ers accounted for 20k of the 181k raised for TD4K. I don't know if I'm just really proud of our virtual community, disappointed that the rest of Hawkdom didn't step up more, or both. Either way, kudos to all of BHGP for stepping up big time on this one. Edit: I don't mean to downplay the amount of money raised for UIHC, I just doubt that 1/9th of Hawk fans are BHGP'ers and wonder why we accounted for a disproportionate share of the total.

The Vikings' Season in a Single Picture


The Vikings' Season in a Single Picture


As if you needed more incentive to arrive early on Saturday

For those of you fortunate enough to have tickets to the game on Saturday, news that will make you get your butt to your seat (or feet on your seat as the case may be).  If the regular festivities...

Sprint Football (aka - McCann't Friendly Football)


Heard this story on NPR Saturday morning. It's only relevant because I'm sure there are readers here who would have liked the chance to play the game in college, and it just speaks to how widespread the love of college football is.


Iowa vs. Illinois-Springfield Live Thread

[Bumped. I'm watching online at bigtennetwork.com ($$$) and I'll be in the thread for the second half. Let's do this.--AJ] Not that many of you get to watch it, but Franball is making it's debut at...

No Punishment for Iowa Basketball


As referenced in the comments of the McCann't thread, the University of Iowa has been cleared of "unintentional and accidental" violations. Apparently, redundancy is in at TWWL (sorry for linking them, but I couldn't find another source for the story). PS - Not trying to break any news, just putting it out there for the commentariat. PPS - Could Ashton look like more of a douche in the article pic?

John Alberhasky (of Dirty John's) Passes Away


So let's all drink in his honor this weekend. The man is gone but his legacy still remains.

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