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Penn State Student from 92-94 (undergrad) and 98-2003 (grad). Currently in Alabama without many other PennStaters.

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User Blog

Head Coach Panic/Celebration/Overreaction Thread for Thursday evening

It doesn't matter who our next head coach is, the Alma Mater will always ring true. Raise the Song, raise the Song. For the glory of old State,For her founders strong and great,For the future that...


31 (not 21) Years Later...

Some of you may not remember Auburn during the late 70s and early 80s (or may not have been alive), but I certainly do. I was a kid then and my parents and most of my family were diehard Auburn...


Ed Ruth Suspended Indefinitely

I can't figure out how to post a picture of a single tweet, so I'm making a FanShot. Besides, no one reads the FanPosts anyway. This appeared on my twitter feed just a little while ago from Tim...


BSD Meetup in Bloomington?

Cari and I are going to be in Bloomington Friday night and all day Saturday. Swiddy is coming up on Saturday morning. I know archerbullseye has tickets, but who else is going to the game? I'd love...


Sponsor Garry Gilliam in Lift for Life!

A Paige2PSU plea for support.


Lift for Life Sponsorship

It's that time of year again when we choose as a group to throw our support behind one Penn State athlete for Lift for Life. It used to be an incoming freshman who inspired us for some reason, but...

A funny blog post from Joe Posnanski


Not really sports related, but it was too funny not to share!

Really, Matt Lauer?


Apologist column for why Matt Lauer agreed to interview Ziegler.


Open Thread Paterno Report on OTL

In case the mods don't, I'm setting up this thread for the Outside the Lines segment tomorrow morning at 9 am CST. I figure we all need a place to share our thoughts, good and bad. If the mods set...

NCAA is Investigating Itself


The NCAA used improper techniques in its investigation of Miami, so now it's investigating itself (from LA Times).

Bielema to Arkansas?!


Seeing this on twitter. Thought I'd create a forum here to talk about it.


2theLions BCS Championship

Our BSDivas that run 2theLion have decided to host their own BCS Championship, the Bestest, Cutest, and Smartest Penn State football players ever. After soliciting nominations, they've managed to...


Thank you, veterans!

It's not quite midnight here, but I know many of you are on the east coast, so technically it's Veterans Day. I just wanted to provide a forum for us to say thank you to all of our vets who either...

Butters celebrating a good punt (or a Ficken field goal). Thanks to Pentimental for his help!


Butters celebrating a good punt (or a Ficken field goal). Thanks to Pentimental for his help!


Help my student out!

One of my Honors students, who is a volleyball player here at UAB, is up for the NCAA Senior CLASS award. According to the website, An acronym for Celebrating Loyalty and Achievement for Staying...


Evening Open Thread

Ed: Thanks, Paige. Usual open thread rules apply, guys. Celebrate wisely --CG I'm not sure if the mods are planning an open thread for tonight, so I figured I would create one as a backup....


Tickets for Penn State's Homecoming Game for Sale

The Alabama Chapter hasn't sold the tickets it won in the lottery, so I have 10 tickets for Homecoming for sale if anyone needs tickets. Section NKU, Row 63, Seats 1-19. My email is in my profile. ...


Sunday Night Open Thread

I'm actually watching Pro football (for now). I got back from Charlottesville around 4:30 today. I didn't have any food in the house, so I decided to come up to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I...


BSD meetup in Charlottesville?

Is anyone interested in having a BSD Meetup in Charlottesville after the game? We could possibly try one of the places that Nittany_Ryan mentioned? I've never been to Charlottesville, so I don't...


Evening Open Thread

I don't know if our benevolent dictators are planning an evening open thread, but Auburn is on and I'm impatient. After watching their defense go downhill for two or three years, I'm afraid that...


UVA Ticket suggestions

It looks like I'm buying my UVA ticket on stubhub. My friends have tickets through family in the UVA section, so I'm sitting by myself (I decided to go at the last minute). I need to do this soon...


Lift for Life - John Urschel

I feel like Lift for Life sort of got lost in the leaked emails and Freeh report. But this year, BSD members came to a general consensus that we should sponsor John Urschel for his outstanding...


A Letter from Joe to Players - from FOS

[Ed.: Bumped, for discussion. -DE] For the last two months, at the request of the Attorney General's office, I have not discussed the specifics of my testimony regarding the pending cases. And...


It's Friday!! Open Thread

We're all waiting for the verdict and therefore waiting to get totally shitfaced by some point in the evening. The last thread is getting long, but it was very productive with some good and some...


Open thread for Thursday Afternoon

So we don't completely crash BSD, here's a new open thread. From Phil Knight: "I said I'm not asking your permission, I'm just telling you, i need someone to look up to. You're my new hero. His...


Open Thread Friday - All about the BBQ

Except it's not, really. I don't have a smoker and I don't have an old fashioned hickory pit like my grandfather made (that reminds me, I need to get those pictures from my aunt to scan and post of...


Open Thread 6-14

Since there's no open thread on the main page, here's one to discuss what you wish: trial, football, and various tangents, which are always the best part of BSD. Someone asked about the Success...


New Open Thread for Everything

Here's a new open thread since we hit 1000 comments and the mods are busy. I don't want to type 75 words. So, from Jay Paterno's Eulogy for Joe, because it's so sweet: Joe Paterno indeed had ...


Open Thread - By request from swiggy04

swiggy04 happened to mention on twitter that he wants a thread that doesn't devolve into a flaming bus shut down type of thing. I felt like I needed to bring some brightness to swiggy's day, so...


Suggestions for fun in Minneapolis?

It's time for my yearly conference trip, this time to the great (?) state of Minnesota - Minneapolis to be precise. Other than the Mall of America, is there anything to do in Minneapolis? Any...

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